Here's another awesome selection of Minecraft seeds for you. This time it's all about diamonds.

Get quick and easy diamonds in these 10 Minecraft seeds

Here's another awesome selection of Minecraft seeds for you. This time it's all about diamonds.

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All Minecraft fans know that diamonds are some of the rarest and most valuable resources in the game. They can be found in two forms: as a diamond ore, which can be mined using an iron or diamond pickaxe, and ready diamonds, which can be simply found in the chests of a blacksmith or in structures like jungle and desert temples, strongholds, fortresses, etc.

Here we give you a selection the top 10 Minecraft seeds filled with both ready diamonds and the diamond ore that can give a serious boost to your survival game from the get go. Also consider, if you decide to mine for diamond ore, enchant your pickaxe with Fortune, which increases block drops. You will be able to obtain extra diamonds per each level of Fortune applied.

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Seed: -6819388132141644314
Version: 1.8.3

Spawn in the plains biome near a village with the blacksmith. You can check out his chest for some gold and iron ingots, iron chestplate, saplings, a horse saddle and some apples. This is a pretty standard set you can find at the smithy, but that’s not the real value of this huge seed. Follow the coordinates we give you and dig up over 40 diamonds:

280 72 218 – 5 diamonds
294 87 246 – 8 diamonds
395 66 191 – 19 diamonds
457 71 294 – 5 diamonds
457 66 377 – 5 diamonds and a chest with some wheat, iron ingots and bread.

Seed: -4100875858698083715
Version: 1.9 (15w33c)

Spawn near a big village, although without a smithy this time. However, if you go to these coordinates 256 75 133, you will find a jungle temple. There you can loot two chests with 9 golden ingots, 6 diamonds, 9 iron ingots and an emerald. This is a really cool seed, as you have a nice settlement and a jungle very close to each other. With all the resources available here, you can immediately start your new survival adventure.

Seed: -8485413719939812681
Version: 1.7.1

Spawn in the forest biome that is located right next to the snowy extreme hills. Unfortunately, there is no village nearby, only some huge ravines and caves to explore. But you will be able to find 8 diamonds at the following coordinates -226 80 132; teleport there and start digging straight into the ground. At first, you will encounter some iron, but you should go deeper until you reach the area with diamond ore.

Seed: 4506230852520519186
Version: 1.8.2

Spawn in one of the most unusual locations in Minecraft – two villages in a plains biome very close to each other. One has a stronghold and the other a blacksmith. The blacksmith village is on the surface of the water.

You definitely need to check out the water village by teleporting to these coordinates: 552 63 268. Go straight to the smithy’s chest and loot 3 diamonds, iron pants and boots, and some apples.

In addition, just north of the spawn location you will find a sunflower plains biome. Another short distance away, north of the village with a stronghold there is a flower forest. Both of these are extremely rare finds in Minecraft!

Seed: 3748799038097035291
Version: 1.8.3

Spawn in a swampy area next to a desert biome, which is where we want to go. Teleport to these coordinates: 184 72 -332. You'll be in a village with a few nice farms, although without a blacksmith. But we still want some loot, right? So, go to 295 69 -256 where you will find a desert temple with chests, they include: 3 diamonds, 16 gold ingots and 5 iron ingots. At 128 72 1326 there is another desert temple; check its chests for 4 diamonds, 5 emeralds and 2 gold ingots.

Care for another temple with diamonds? Then, head to 517 72 1303 where you will find another 5 diamonds, 2 emeralds and 6 gold ingots. If you’re still looking for that village with blacksmith, then go to 316 69 43. The smithy’s chest has some more gold and iron for you to loot.

Seed: -551371853099993348
Version: 1.8.7

You will spawn close to a desert biome and at 303 64 99 you will find a nice village and a cave nearby. Another village, this time in the savanna biome, can be found at 288 64 -486 with lots of NPCs to trade with.

But what about diamonds, you ask? Teleport to 31 70 -675 and start digging straight into the ground, you will end up at the diamond ore with 5 diamonds available for you to mine.

Seed: 5887144077778543628
Version: 1.8.3

Spawn near a village with NPCs and go to these coordinates 608 63 -424. Dig deep and soon you will arrive at an abandoned mine-shaft. You will find a hatch that you need to open and there are 6 diamonds right there ready to be mined.

Now, you can go back up to the village and check out the blacksmith’s chest. It includes: 5 iron ingots, a golden ingot, a saddle, iron chest-plate, iron boots, and an iron sword with +6 attack damage. It’s a great seed, check it out.

Seed: 8678942899319966093
Version: 1.8

Spawn at the border of the desert biome with a village and temple nearby. There is a blacksmith with some amazing loot in his chest: diamond horse armor, obsidian (very rare), leggings and boots. Then, head straight to the desert temple. The chests in the temple include 14 gold ingots, 4 diamonds and another diamond horse armor!

Seed: 8948094513784174111
Version: 1.8

Spawn in the plains biome with a desert surrounding it. Right on the edge of two biomes there is a nice village with blacksmith. The smithy’s chest contains stuff that we’re looking for and some other useful things to be looted as well; such as 3 diamonds, a gold ingot, horse armor, saplings and apples. So, if you don’t want to dig up the ground and roam endless mineshafts, just hop in here and take the diamonds ready to be used.

Seed: 8948094513784174111
Version: 1.8.8

And, to finish things off we give you one last massive diamond seed for Minecraft. You will spawn in a seemingly boring forest hills biome. Don’t be deceived, as there are over 30 diamonds under the ground. You can also check out the end portal at -3354 25 -4895, and a zombie spawner at 120 15 283. Now, follow these coordinates to dig up all that precious diamond ore:

110 10 242 – 5 diamonds
102 8 239 – 5 diamonds
116 8 280 – 9 diamonds
121 8 280 – 6 diamonds
120 5 275 – 7 diamonds

Share your favorite diamond seeds with your friends and let us know which ones you liked the most in the comments section below!

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