The 15 best Hearthstone cards from the Descent of Dragons expansion rule this meta.

Hearthstone Descent of Dragons: 15 Best Cards for Standard

The 15 best Hearthstone cards from the Descent of Dragons expansion rule this meta.

The Year of the Dragon event comes to a close in Hearthstone with the Descent of Dragons expansion. Including 140 new cards, this expansion set will release on December 10. 

Descent of Dragons introduces five new Galakrond dragon heroes for five class. The new Invoke mechanic is used to buff Galakrond heroes.

Besides Galakrond, players will find a number of neutral legendaries fitting the dragon theme of the expansion. These legendaries will also provide support for exisiting archetypes.

Below, we go over the most promising Hearthstone cards from Descent of Dragons, which includes:

  • 2 common cards
  • 3 rare cards
  • 4 epic cards
  • 6 legendary cards
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Sky Raider

Although Descent of Dragons is all about dragons, this pirate is a real treat for all Pirate Warrior players. It's a simple and effective draw minion that can put any type of pirate into your hand.

Who said you can't combine pirates with dragons? Maybe that's exactly what Blizzard was aiming for when they designed this card. In any case, it's an excellent common card that should do really well.


Usually, overload for two mana on Squallhunter is a negative. But in the case of an Overload Shaman deck, it's actually a blessing.

On top of Squallhunter's incredibly high stats for four mana, this dragon also gives your spells with +2 spell damage.

Shaman has been a top-tier class for a very long time, and it looks like its positions are getting stronger and stronger with each new expansion.

Arcane Breath

Mage players typically love cheap removal spells, but Arcane Breath also uncovers another spell. Potentially, Arcane Breath could replace itself with copy, or allow you to find a finisher, such as an extra Fireball.

Arcane Breath similar to Babbling Book, one of the most infamous Mage cards. However, Arcane Breath is even better because you can choose the spell it returns, while Babbling Book gives you a random spell.

Breath of Dreams

Breath of Dreams, a Druid spell, has several layers of awesome. First of all, it draws you a card. Second, it works exactly like the pre-nerf Wild Growth if you're holding a dragon. Lastly, it ushers in the Ysera legendary card for Druid in its artwork.

Breath of Dreams is definitely a card every Druid player should look after. Since it's a rare card, you can craft it for measly 100 dust.

Crazed Netherwing

Cards like Infernal Enforcer, Hellfire, and Duskbreaker come to mind when looking at Crazed Netherwing. Since all three cards were exceptionally good in Warlock, Crazed Netherwing will have the same impact on Descent of Dragons meta.

You won't see Crazed Netherwing in a Zoolock archetype, but any other dragon-based midrange or control type of Warlock will definitely snatch a copy or two of this menacing purple dragon.

Scion of Ruin

On its own, Scion of Ruin is a playable card without battlecry. But if you get to play an invoked Galakrond and give this card +4/+4, then you get three copies of 7/6 dragons with Rush, which is ridiculously strong.

Obviously, you can't play Scion of Ruin on turn three, especially if you want to invoke Galakrond twice. But even so, Scion of Ruin will be super powerful regardless.


Hunter already has a fantastic way of keeping its weapon charges with the help of secrets and an Eaglehorn Bow. But Stormhammer is designed specifically for a Dragon Hunter archetype.

If you can run this on turn three and then provide a dragon for each consecutive turn, then you can easily deal over 20 damage with this weapon alone by turn 10.

That is a lot of damage, and that kind of opportunity should never be ignored.

Veiled Worshipper

This Worshipper goes straight into the new Zoo Warlock archetype. Since Warlock's Galakrond hero is clearly made for Zoo  taking into account the hero power that generates two imps each turn  it will be easy to invoke twice for this card.

But Zoo isn't the only option. Veiled Worshipper could work in a high-value control deck, too. Veiled Worshipper is an especially good companion card for Valdris Felgorge, a new legendary card that increases your hand size by two cards.


Cumuo-Maximus is simple and straightforward. It goes straight into an Overload Shaman deck.

Cumulo-Maximus can deal damage to an enemy hero, which is exactly what you want for your aggro gameplan.

Also, if you take into account all of the ways Shaman players can trigger dual battlecries, then this elemental will deal 10 damage. That's nothing less than a Pyroblast for five mana.

Frizz Kindleroost

Any midrange dragon deck would want to have Frizz Kindleroost. This card could be played as early as turn three  or two in case of Druid with Innervate. 

Frizz Kindleroost's battlecry is super powerful and has no condition, which shows how hard Blizzard wants to push dragon-based decks into the top ranks of the Descent of Dragons meta.

If your deck has nothing but dragons, then Frizz Kindleroost will serve as the most OP ramp card ever printed.

Malygos, Aspect of Magic

Blizzard have offered players upgraded cards for some time now. But the new Malygos legendary card establishes nine new upgraded spells that will be of great value to all Mage players.

These cards include all of the basic Mage spells, such as Fireball, Frostbolt, Flamestrike, and others  but in a new form.

For example, Fireball now hits for eight points of damage instead of six, and Flamestrike deals eight points of damage to all enemy minions instead of four.

Malygos, Aspect of Magic is not as powerful as Zephrys, but it has a similar design and a lot of potential.

Flik Skyshiv

Flik Skyshiv isn't just good removal card. It's also a terrific combo breaker. The first card you want to target with Flik Skyshiv is the Shudderwock, which can be almost impossible to kill otherwise. Flik solves the problem posed by Shudderwock with one battlecry.

Aside from that, you can create all kinds of combo situations with the help of Flik Skyshiv, too. For example, use Togwaggle's Scheme to add 15 copies of Leper Gnome to your deck, then kill it with Flik and watch your opponent lose after being hit with 30 points of damage.

Kronx Dragonhoof

If you decide to play any of the Galakrond heroes in the Descent of Dragons meta, then you simply need to own Kronx Dragonhoof.

Kronx Dragonhoof makes things easy by drawing Galakrond from your deck. If you've already played your Galakrond hero, then Dragonhoof will let you cast one of four very strong spells:

  • Decimation: Deal 5 damage to the enemy hero. Restore 5 health to your hero.
  • Reanimation: Summon an 8/8 Dragon with Taunt.
  • Domination: Give your other minions +2/+2.
  • Annihilation: Deal 5 damage to all other minions.

Galakrond, the Unbreakable

Five classes have received its own Galakrond hero card, but Warrior has the best one yet.

Each invoking of Galakrond allows you to draw two or three minions and give them +4/+4. Imagine drawing Tomb Warden and playing it with 7/10 stats.

On top of that, Galakrond's hero power gives your hero three points of attack, which is not only perfect for aggro plan, but also a perfect fit for any control archetype.

Valdris Felgorge

Every Warlock player knows how valuable an increased hand size is. Valdris Felgorge offers that kind of increase by two cards, which is not a huge deal. But that's not it: Valdris Felgorge also draws four more cards when played. 

Players who run Mountain Giants can now play them for only one mana, which is totally broken. This means only one thing: Handlock is back in the menu!


That's it for the best cards from Descent of the Dragons expansion. For more Hearthstone guides, check out the list below:

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