Change your survival world with the help of the best Minecraft resource packs for 2021.

Minecraft Resource Packs: The Best Packs for 2021

Change your survival world with the help of the best Minecraft resource packs for 2021.

Minecraft resource packs are so much more than just collections of textures. Modern resource packs include a vast number of additional add-ons, 3D models, and sounds to use in your survival gameplay.

This year you will have access to some amazing new resource packs that can both change your world completely or simply add a few small details that will make your gameplay feel fresh again.

All of the Minecraft resource packs here can be downloaded and copied to the "Resourcepacks" section in your Minecraft folder. Then you can select them in the game client.

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Conquest Resource Pack

Conquest is the resource pack based on the popular JohnSmith texture pack. Besides the gorgeous medieval textures, it includes a variety of sounds and an original soundtrack.

The pack also includes files with metadata that can be changed in case you want to customize portions of or the entire pack. Just remember that the pack requires at least an Optifine mod installed to work properly.

Download the resource pack here.

RTX Ray Tracing Resource Pack

If you are looking for the most realistic resource pack available currently, then there is no better option than RTX Ray Tracing. As the name of the pack suggests, the RTX Ray Tracing Resource Pack offers highly dynamic lighting, reflective textures, and organic shadows. Your Minecraft world will never look more real than this. At least for now. 

It also includes lots of shiny blocks that will make everything look super slick and modern.

Download the resource pack here.

Jehkoba's Fantasy Resource Pack

This Minecraft resource pack offers a complete graphical overhaul of the game with some amazing 3D models and original textures.

Jehkoba's Fantasy is influenced by classic JRPGs, tabletop games, and cartoons. The vivid style of the pack brings tons of vibrancy and color to a vast number of warm original textures.

Besides the normal world blocks and items, this pack also adds a whole new font.

Download the resource pack here.

Hafen Resource Pack

Hafen is very similar to Jehkoba's cartoony style but slightly toned down. The colors of the textures are just as vibrant, but all the items and blocks are still strongly reminiscent of vanilla Minecraft.

The Hafen pack also includes an original font, but you can easily remove it and leave the vanilla one if you want more of the same old Minecraft.

Download the resource pack here.

Soft Bits Resource Pack

Minecraft is famous for its square-ness, but this is a resource pack that makes it a little less sharp along the edges. You still get the same blocky design, but the special color palette makes these blocks look much softer.

It's a small change but one worthwhile for those that might have grown tired of Minecraft's base design. 

Download the resource pack here.

Firewolf HD 3D Resource Pack

The selling point of the Firewolf resource pack is its high definition textures. It offers over 300 original textures, 3D models, connecting textures that make everything look smoother, and enhanced colorization of the world.

Firewolf makes everything look like Minecraft Pixar, even if you go mining deep down underground. The lighting effects are so well done that you will never want to return to vanilla lighting ever again.

Download the resource pack here.

Mythic Resource Pack

If you like classic RPGs that have strong, adventurous atmospheres like Diablo and Baldur's Gate, then this pack is made for you.

It transforms the world of Minecraft into a dangerous plain full of mysteries, traps, and ugly monsters. 

Download the resource pack here.

Excalibur Resource Pack

The Excalibur Resource Pack uses the original 32x32 resolution of the textures, which makes it really easy to use, even on the low-end PCs.

On top of the medieval atmosphere of the pack, it adds a special flavor to the original world of Minecraft.

Download the resource pack here.

Wizardry World Resource Pack

This is a pack for all fans of the magical world of Harry Potter. It will send you straight to the world of wizards, magic wands, broomsticks, dementors, and other familiar items of this world-famous story.

Even the furniture inside the buildings and all the little items scattered around are inspired by the original movies, which is quite amazing when you see it all in Minecraft.

Download the resource pack here.

Those are the best resource packs for Minecraft. For more Minecraft guides, check out our dedicated hub page, and if you were looking for Minecraft seeds, head over here.

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