Monster Hunter: World’s Five Hardest Monsters to Slay

Monster Hunter World may not be as difficult as some of the previous entries in the series, but these guys won't make it easy.

I love Monster Hunter, so I love Monster Hunter: World. While it isn't my favorite entry in the franchise (that honor belongs to Portable 3rd), getting to play a fully realized Monster Hunter game on my PlayStation from the comfort of my couch as opposed to struggling with the PSP's crappy joy stick is reward enough.

Here's a list of five of the most difficult fights in the game.

#5: Anjanath

This entry is not so much for me, but in tribute of my friend who stayed up for an entire night on the beta and just couldn't get from A to B on this thing. For many new hunters, Anjanath is the first wall of the game.

The Anjanath has a ton of hit points, and does the damage to match, all while you're at a fairly early point in the game. This will be the first time in the game where utilizing traps will really come in handy, as well as a literal trial by fire to remember to always eat before you hunt.

#4: Kirin

One of the worst designed fights in the game, not because of difficulty, but for just how annoying it is. Kirin loves to run away all the live long day, throwing lightning around like that's its god damn job.

This is a fight of extremes, where it's either insanely easy with a ranged weapon or a complete waste of time with melee. If you have the Thunderproof Mantle, the fight is even easier. At least you can flash the Kushala to create an opening. The Kirin just runs and demands you chase it.

Though knocking it out with a hammer was incredibly satisfying, nothing can make up for the hassle of chasing this stupid unicorn around the world.

#3: Diablos

I love this guy. He defines Monster Hunter, up there with Rathalos as the face of the series. Diablos is another wall, and is far more infamous than the Anjanath. He's been around since the first Monster Hunter game and has even learned some new tricks in World.

The second you and Diablos are together it's like Tom and Jerry. He's in your face all day, and there really isn't any downtime. You can't out box him due to his massive horns, and if you thought about going behind him think again because you'll get tail whipped real good. Diablos is a monster you have to confront  up close and personal, which goes against all of your instincts as a monster hunter. Not to mention his infamous burrow attack can one-shot you.

Diablos has never been an easy fight, no matter what game he's in. In many ways, he reminds me of Mega Man's Yellow Demon. You know what he does if you're a mainstay of the franchise, but it's never something you can just walk through. Remember how I said he's got some new tools? In Monster Hunter World he can jump out of walls, so have fun.

#2: Teostra

If the Diablos is Mr. Sandman, a storied fighter who appears in every game as a "tough but fair" challenge, meet Mike Tyson. Teostra is the epitome of everything Western civilization has imagined a dragon to be. Ancient, wrinkly faced, a regal demeanor. He has that old school, end boss feeling, and definitely makes you work for it. Aggressive, insane strength, and with an incredibly devious suicide attack, Teostra takes no prisoners.

Finding an opening is a challenge in and of itself, as Teostra is constantly bombarding you with enormous pillars of flame in the vein of Kid Dynamite's uppercut assault. Fire is a fitting element for the beast as you truly have nowhere to hide, no secret to the fight. You have to mount an assault by throwing yourself into the flames, or you'll just get rubbed out by Teostra because he will eventually flush you out. Fire resistant armor does not make the fight easier, but rather gives you the opportunity to even engage in the fight. Without it, don't even bother.

What's even dirtier is Teostra's final blow, where he unleashes a giant explosion that instantly wipes anyone in range with no exceptions. Get clipped by that and it's game over for your whole party.

And to think that he's even harder in Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite.

#1: Kelbi

They're just deer. They aren't even magical deer. Their description in almost every game mentions how they're known for their gentle demeanor.

You tell me how you can go from killing a T. Rex with a sword that's made to knock over a building to one of these and I'll quit writing. What's even worse is the game basically forces you to kill them for certain items and it never gets any easier.