Find the best cards to invest in with the help of our guide to the most expensive MtG cards from Streets of New Capenna.

MtG: 11 Most Expensive Streets of New Capenna Cards

Find the best cards to invest in with the help of our guide to the most expensive MtG cards from Streets of New Capenna.

There is a lot to unpack in the latest Magic: The Gathering set Streets of New Capenna.

It has a whole new tri-color lands cycle, which is quite intriguing and gains traction across all formats. There are plenty of new commanders, planeswalkers, and artifacts that need to be addressed as well.

While most of these will eventually drop in prices, some of the more expensive cards will surely stay on top of the MtG market game. If you would like to know which cards are really worth looking at from the Streets of New Capenna set, then read our guide for all the prices and analysis.

Note that the listed prices correspond to the date of this article's publishing: April 28, 2022.

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Jetmir, Nexus of Revels

  • Regular art price: $5.57
  • Showcase art price: $8.63

A new Jetmir commander has been steadily declining in price for the last month, since the moment it was released.

The starting price was at $15 mark, and now it has fallen to just $5. Although it does look like a fun new lord commander to brew around, the Naya archetype isn't particularly popular amongst the competitive MtG crowd.

Jetmir, Nexus of Revels may stumble at the current price for a long time, but don't expect it to go anywhere near its original asking price.

Ziatora, the Incinerator

  • Regular art price: $6.07
  • Showcase art price: $6.41

The new dragon commander from Streets of New Cepenna follows a similar pattern to Jetmir. Ziatora's initial price was also $15 per card, and now it silently and steadily holds onto a $6 price tag.

Some EDH players find it to be a slightly more powerful card than Jetmir. Taking into account the steep 6 mana cost and three colors in the casting cost, it becomes clear that Ziatora, the Incinerator will not be a big hit on the market.

Urabrask, Heretic Praetor

  • Regular art price: $7.47
  • Phyrexian art price: $17.22

Here is the first card that could actually find some followers in the MtG community.

The first market evaluation of Urabrask gave it a $40 price tag! People really believed in the power of the new Phyrexian Praetor. It also has a significant impact in the Prosper, Tome Bound commander deck, and may be even in consideration for its own Mono Red aggro archetype.

There is a chance for this card to get to a certain market milestone, but only time will tell if it can stay there.

Vivien on the Hunt

  • Regular art price: $8.18
  • Borderless art price: $20.76

The first new planeswalker on our list is a divisive card.

It has a terrific first ability that allows players to enable their combos in many formats, but the high cost of 6 mana is keeping its price at bay.

The first reactions to Vivien on the Hunt were lukewarm, and the price went down from $25 to $8 in just a couple of weeks. This trend may continue but in a much slower pace.

Once again, it looks like Vivien on the Hunt is meant just for commander, as that's the only format where players can afford to churn out 6 mana for a combo ability.

Elspeth Resplendent

  • Regular art price: $8.65
  • Showcase art price: $20.51

Angel tribe is one of the main sources of power in the Streets of New Capenna set. The new angel-focused planeswalker has been getting a little bit more love than the new Vivien for sure.

It can be well paired with another big white card of the set, Giada, Font of Hope, for some synergistic plays. But this is no indication of any significant market movement.

Elspeth Resplendent will most likely stay where it's at right now, as there have already been two major price corrections in the past month.

Halo Fountain

  • Regular art price: $9.63
  • Borderless art price: $18.72

Halo Fountain is definitely a very interesting winning condition card, albeit the the condition itself would be rather difficult to execute.

Players would need to create a vast amount of tokens, attack with them, and then use Halo Fountain to untap them and win the game. It asks a lot, but there may be some hope for it in specialized token decks.

It is very much possible that Halo Fountain will jump in price once a bulletproof combo is found in the meta.

Tri-Color Lands Cycle

  • Regular art prices: $8.38 - $9.63
  • Borderless art prices: $14.19 - $16.45

There are five tri-color rare lands in Streets of New Capenna: Esper, Bant, Jund, Naya, and Grixis.

All five lands are gaining traction across all competitive formats, and the current price tags on all five lands are pretty much stable at this point.

If we're talking about bullish movement here, then it may happen only in a span of a year and extremely gradually.

However, investing in rare lands has almost always been a good deal, regardless of the set they were printed in.

Lord Xander, the Collector

  • Regular art price: $11.10
  • Showcase art price: $13.99

Lord Xander is by far the most interesting and powerful new commander in Streets of New Capenna.

It has also been gaining a lot of attention from the pioneer and modern MtG players, who can put this card on the board much earlier than turn seven.

At one point, Lord Xander, the Collector was evaluated at $60 per card, which is certainly unreasonable. The current price is much more real and it may even go further down, if players find it difficult to perform well in the EDH format.

Luxior, Giada's Gift

  • Regular art price: $18.66
  • Extended art price: $29.79

The synergy with Devoted Druid has made Luxior, Giada's Gift very popular amongst modern and commander crowds. That's why the price correction has been so smooth on the market.

There is also a great interest in this card from the White Blue Stoneforge players, who happen to run a lot of planeswalkers that could benefit greatly from this tiny artifact.

It looks like there is a potential for growth here, but not a huge one. So it's better to wait and see if all this hype gets justified or not.

Bootleggers' Stash

  • Regular art price: $28.06
  • Borderless art price: $32.75

Commander players are more than happy to get a new toy that generates even more Treasure tokens off of their lands.

Bootleggers' Stash is getting a ridiculous amount of hype in EDH community, and it may probably be the safest bet of all the new cards in Streets of New Capenna.

Although the physical market hasn't seen much growth in price lately, the digital market has been literally exploding in the past few days. Right now Bootleggers' Stash price has grown by 1200% in the last few days on MTGO, from 2 tix to 25 tix.

Ob Nixilis, the Adversary

  • Regular art price: $35.34
  • Showcase art price: $38.94

The new Ob Nixilis planeswalker is the only card from Streets of New Capenna that has seen almost no decline in price since the moment it was revealed.

The card's Connive ability is really powerful, and players across all competitive formats want to play it in their Rakdos Sacrifice lists.

The price on MTGO has been exploding as well, since the launch of the new set, so it looks like Ob Nixilis, the Adversary is another highly stable choice for investment.

Those are the most expensive cards in Streets of New Capenna. For more Magic: The Gathering content, card lists, and guides, head over to our MtG hub page here.

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