Learn about the real impact of Throne of Eldraine on the new Standard meta with the help of this list of the most powerful cards from MtG's new expansion.

MtG: 15 Best Throne of Eldraine Cards for Standard

Learn about the real impact of Throne of Eldraine on the new Standard meta with the help of this list of the most powerful cards from MtG's new expansion.

This is the time of the year when Magic: The Gathering rotates some of the earlier sets out in favor of the new one: Throne of Eldraine.

Dominaria, Ixalan block, and Core Set 2019 will be illegal in Standard starting September 26. Mighty cards like Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, Settle the Wreckage, Carnage Tyrant, and Nexus of Fate will be out.

This opens up huge possibilities for deckbuilders to create a whole slew of new and improved lists for the next season. With all 269 new cards in Throne of Eldraine, it will be easy to do, as the power level of this set is massive.

Here are 15 of the most promising Throne of Eldraine cards for Standard that will end up in many maindecks and sideboards.

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Questing Beast

This is undoubtedly the most powerful green card in the new set. It has nothing but upside. Well, maybe except the legendary part, which does not allow you to play more than one copy at once.

But every other ruling on this card will make any opponent shiver. First of all, it's biggest advantage is an ability to hit through Fog spells that prevent damage. This concerns not only Questing Beast but also the rest of your creatures.

Second, it doesn't need to attack players and planeswalkers separately, which makes things so much easier. Lastly, it has all the most aggressive keywords, such as Vigilance, Deathtouch, and Haste present, and that only further confirms the extremely high power level of this card.

Once Upon a Time

If you're not happy with you initial mulligan, but you have this card in your opening hand, you can always fix things for yourself. The first copy will almost always be played for free, which is exactly what you want on turn one.

The London mulligan rule also allows you to search specifically for this card. This is a great move in any combo deck that is looking for certain cards early on.

It could be compared to Ancient Stirrings, but it's probably even better in some cases.

Garruk, Cursed Huntsman

Garruk's zero ability is a very interesting way to gain more loyalty counters. But in all honesty, just take note of the fact that you can already ultimate Garruk on your next turn after playing him. And that ultimate is really, really strong.

The first ability also synergizes with the Priest of Forgotten Gods as a sacrifice outlet, in case your opponent doesn't kill your wolves. It can be an excellent counter to any control archetype.

Fabled Passage

Fetchlands are some of the most valuable types of lands in any format in MtG. Although Fabled Passage has a certain condition which needs to be met, it still can carry any multicolored decks a long way.

It can be an excellent addition to a Field of the Dead land, which can start summoning zombie tokens with the help of Fabled Passage.

But it is most likely that you will see this land being played in three-colored control decks that strongly rely on a set of good fetchlands.

The Great Henge

Although the casting cost of this legendary artifact seems pretty steep, it's actually really easy to discount. Also consider that right after you play it, you can immediately tap it for two free green mana and two points of health, which is always welcome.

The Great Henge will see play in Mono-Green Stompy and Golgari decks with Rotting Regisaur and Cauldron of Eternity. When you start returning creatures from the dead, they will get additional counters and you will draw an additional card - all with the help of this one artifact, which is impressive.


Here's a contender for the best sideboard choice in Throne of Eldraine. This little Faerie has the potential to completely disrupt the gameplan of Elemental and Judith decks that strongly rely on ETB triggers.

White decks, especially Ajani Lifelink archetype, will definitely play this card even in maindeck. But any other deck, including Jeskai and Azorius Control, will have it in sideboard.

While artwork may not be Magic's best, the game design of the card itself is superb.

Seven Dwarves

Sometimes simple design is the best design.

Seven Dwarves is a very elegant aggro card. It is not on par with the Relentless Rats, which had no limit to how many copies you could have in your deck. But even with seven copies, you could build a very menacing board.

It could find its home in the current White-Red Aggro or pure Mono-Red Aggro decks. In either case, you can make huge swings even with just several copies on board since the card is really cheap to cast.

Clackbridge Troll

Every Magic set these days needs to have a huge black creature that can be played early on. Clackbridge Troll continues this tradition in a very interesting way.

There is a downside though: Your opponent can tap it. On the bright side, if you play it you can immediately attack for eight points of damage with Trample, which is hard to stop.

But even if you never attack with it again, because of your opponent tapping it, the Troll will still draw you cards and heal each turn. That is always a good deal!

Lucky Clover

Since the reveal of the adventure card subtype, many players have been brewing new decks exclusively around this type of card. If at least one of these decks becomes top-tier in this season, it means that it will have Lucky Clover in it.

You can also play several copies of Lucky Clover for stacking effect, which will surely trigger some devastating spell avalanches.

Consider such adventure cards like Bonecrusher Giant, Order of Midnight, Beanstalk Giant, and Flaxen Intruder for some incredible combos.

Murderous Rider

First of all, this card has a very relevant creature subtype: Zombie Knight. This means that Murderous Rider can be easily included into any of the two corresponding tribal decks.

Secondly, its instant spell side is super powerful when it comes to removing either an enemy creature or a planeswalker. It doesn't matter that you lose two points of life in the process, because after the adventure resolves you can cast the creature from your exile zone and regain your life due to Lifelink ability.

Happily Ever After

This is a win-condition card that can actually be executed in a well-built deck without too much hassle.

For example, playing it with Planewide Celebration would already guarantee you an all-color token on board. Then, getting six types of cards into your graveyard wouldn't be a problem either in any control-oriented deck, such as one with Niv-Mizzet Reborn.

Finally, keeping up with your health would be possible using white creatures or spells with Lifelink or Lifegain.

All this may sound a bit complicated at first, but it definitely is fun.

Giant Opportunity

Here is another very straightforward and potentially very powerful card. If you can put two Food tokens onto the battlefield by turn three, and you hold this in your hand, then for three mana, you can summon a huge 7/7 creature.

A new Gilded Goose card can help you create those necessary two Food tokens very early in the game, and fortunately, it's also in green color. This means that you don't have to build an entirely separate deck around this card, but rather include it in the Mono-Green Stompy shell.

Realm-Cloaked Giant

The adventure side of this card is reminiscent of Cleansing Nova, a staple AOE spell in Standard. But Realm-Cloaked Giant also has a big creature attached to it in case you need to play something impressive after clearing the board.

This will be really good in Green-White Stompy, a deck that usually doesn't have that many ways to remove enemy creatures. Now it will be so much more effective with the help of this card.

Oko, Thief of Crowns

The most powerful ability on this new planeswalker is the plus one ability, that can turn all your Food tokens into 3/3 Elk creatures, albeit without any of their abilities. On the other hand, you can remove any threat on the opponent's side in the same manner.

As you see, Oko is self sufficient and doesn't require any other creatures on board to become very threatening. But of course, you still need to protect it with counterspells.

A card like this would be very effective in both midrange and control lists, such as Temur Superfriends.

Robber of the Rich

Lastly, here's an excellent choice for any Mono-Red player who tends to quickly empty their hand.

You will always be able to exile your opponent's cards and play them wasting no mana of your own.

Note that this isn't a legendary creature, which means that you can play a whole set at once, which may be fatal for any deck that tries to go against it.


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