Throne of Eldraine has an incredibly high number of powerful spells. These are 15 most expensive MtG cards in the expansion.

MtG: 15 Most Expensive Throne of Eldraine Cards

Throne of Eldraine has an incredibly high number of powerful spells. These are 15 most expensive MtG cards in the expansion.

Besides the normal booster packs and your standard 269 cards, Throne of Eldraine, the new Magic: The Gathering expansion, delivers new pre-constructed Brawl decks with a number of unique, expensive cards.

Here is a list of the current top 15 most expensive MtG cards in Throne of Eldraine and some thoughts on how they will affect the market.

Because of popularity, prices constantly shift, so some prices may be a tad different when you check them. But don't get hung up on a few cards too much, as there are always more products in the future. 

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Arcane Signet

  • Current price: $30.06

This common artifact cannot be found in normal Throne of Eldraine packs. It is only found in pre-constructed supplemental products, which will have a strong print run.

Since Arcane Signet is exclusively a Commander format card, it will mainly be sought out by EDH players, who will be able to include it in every deck as an additional source of mana.

And that is the main reason why it's so expensive.

Having said that, due to Brawl decks' high print run, it will probably go down in price and will settle somewhere around $10. After all, it's just a common card.

Chulane, Teller of Tales

  • Current price: $29.99

Chulane is another example of a card with exclusive demand from the EDH crowd. This is, of course, a fantastic commander card that synergizes with Overburden.

If this happens to drive other eternal formats, then the price will keep rising. The indication for that is the initial pricing, which originally stood at $8, and has risen drastically in the last month.

It's hard to tell how high this card will go in price, but expect at least another $10 on top.

Syr Gwyn, Hero of Ashvale

  • Current price: $29.99

Syr Gwyn, similar to Chulane, is an EDH sweetheart that will be more than welcome in a Commander format. It's six mana with three different colors is generous, but with the ability to reduce an equip cost of zero, it's totally worth it.

Since everyone in the Magic community recognizes the value of this legendary creature, it should keep going up in price.

It's also viable in Modern after the unbanning of Stoneforge Mystic, which will only make its market value rise even further.

Oko, Thief of Crowns

  • Current price: $24.81

When Oko was first revealed, there was no doubt the new planeswalker would demand a high price at release.

Oko has all the hallmarks of a very good planeswalker, such as low cost, a generous number of loyalty counters, and most of all, powerful abilities.

It is a good fit for almost any format, including Commander. This card will create a steady demand, which will hold the price at $20 for the foreseeable future.

Alela, Artful Provocateur

  • Current price: $22.49

Unlike other commanders in Throne of Eldraine, Alela can only be opened in special pre-constructed decks designed for Brawl format.

Obviously, when these decks enter the market, the price for this card will drop, since the whole deck can be acquired for around $30. This means that Alela will settle somewhere around $10.

EDH player pre-orders drive the market price of the card as of now, which is why the current price is so high.

Knights' Charge

  • Current price: $20.09

This glorious enchantment can make any Knight-based deck viable in any format, and it's another exclusive from the pre-constructed decks. Since each deck will only have one copy, it is naturally high-priced.

Just like History of Benalia, this card can has the potential to be huge in Standard, which is more than enough to keep its steep price.

But this pricing should last only for a year or two before the next rotation comes around, and after that, demand will dwindle.

Questing Beast

  • Current price: $18.14

Surely the new legendary beast from Throne of Eldraine is a bit overpriced, since you can't play more than one copy at a time, and it has no protection of its own against removal spells.

If it had Hexproof instead of Deathtouch, or any other present keyword, then this would be a solid $20 card.

But it's still incredibly strong and will definitely see play in Standard and other formats. Don't expect it to go higher, though; it will most likely settle in the $10 to $15 range.

Brazen Borrower

  • Current price: $16.62

Many Magic: The Gathering players see the strong resemblance to Vendilion Clique, a Modern staple, in this card. However, such an outlook seems a bit hasty and doesn't really reflect the needs of the format.

In Standard, on the other hand, this card could be a real winner in a certain type of deck. It may not be in a maindeck but instead, fill a sideboard role.

If that's the case, then the price of Brazen Borrower will go down to about $10 in the next couple of months — or maybe even sooner.

Once Upon a Time

  • Current price: $14.69

Cards like Once Upon a Time often end up in one specific archetype and format. For example, the first deck that everyone talked about after the reveal of Once Upon a Time was Mono-Green Tron, which can replace Sylvan Scrying or even Ancient Stirrings.

Others say that this is a perfect addition to Neoform decks in Standard. But it's really hard to say for sure.

In either case, it won't stay at this price point. Most likely, it will go down and settle at around $7 to $8, or even less.

The Royal Scions

  • Current price: $13.97

Wizards of the Coast just keep pushing new planeswalkers to new heights. Royal Scions marks a new wave of such planeswalkers that start at five loyalty counters and cost only three mana.

It can be played in both Aggro and Control decks, although it can hardly protect itself.

This means that Royal Scions will not go too high in price, but settle at around $10. However, there is no indication that it will go anywhere lower than that.

Murderous Rider

  • Current price: $13.25

Murderous Rider will probably become a staple Standard card for the next two years. It is clearly a very powerful adventure card that will find a home in many decks that use black mana.

The current price for this card is just right; it's not too high or too low. But this doesn't mean that it won't experience fluctuations in the future.

It all depends on the performance of Murderous Rider during tournaments, which will either bring it all the way to $20 and higher or let it fall to about $7 to $8.

Garruk, Cursed Huntsman

  • Current price: $12.96

Just like Murderous Rider, the new Garruk planeswalker is meant to be another Standard staple. It carries the same vibe as Vraska, Relic Seeker from Ixalan, which had an incredibly strong run when it was released.

Garruk will become a favorite for many MtG players, not only because of its fantastic design but also because it will hold its market price for a long period of time.

The current price may be a bit low, so expect to see a slight increase by the end of the year to around $15.

Mace of the Valiant

  • Current price: $12.40

Colored equipment has started to appear in Magic: The Gathering once again. It creates certain restrictions, but in this case, it's a special weapon designed for white token-based decks in EDH.

Use this card on a creature with Trample, and you can win a game in one hit. But that's not the reason why this card got so expensive early on. This is yet another Brawl exclusive.

Expect the price to go down as soon as the market gets its first share of pre-constructed decks.

Shimmer Dragon

  • Current price: $11.69

Here is one of the most pre-ordered cards in the new set. It doesn't look like much to Standard and Modern players, but the EDH crowd loves its free card draw, even if they have to pay six mana to get the creature on board first.

It's a very strong combo piece that has no competition outside Throne of Eldraine right now. Hence the price point, which will diminish soon.

If you want to play this in your Brawl deck, then just wait for one of the upcoming supplemental products and grab it from there.

The Great Henge

  • Current price: $11.59

Evidently, Throne of Eldraine has an unusually high number of extremely powerful spells. The Great Henge is one of them.

This artifact will shine in both Standard alongside Rotting Regisaur, which will allow you to play it on turn four, and in EDH formats alike.

The price is definitely a bit too high for a legendary artifact, so be ready for a price drop to around $5.


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