What are you expecting from Nintendo Direct tomorrow. Your guess is as good as mine but here are a few possible topics to be covered.

Nintendo Direct predictions

What are you expecting from Nintendo Direct tomorrow. Your guess is as good as mine but here are a few possible topics to be covered.

What news will Nintendo give today?

Later today (2 pm Pacific), Nintendo is hosting one of their Nintendo Direct streams. Historically these streams have been used to release big or exciting news to Nintendo fans. The hype surrounding this event is great due to it being the first since the CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata Passed earlier this year. Here are some of the internet's predictions and wishes for the event.

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New Smash Bros. DLC.

The Super Smash Bros community has been well catered to since the game's release last fall. There have been three sets of DLC released that include characters, levels, and costumes. While there are some complaints about pricing, players typically enjoy the quality of the released items. In addition, Nintendo recently closed the most recent round voting for which character fans would like to see next, making this an excellent time to release announce new content.

New amiibos

You're running out of characters to "amiibize," Nintendo.

That being said, there are plenty of little collectibles left to release. Hardcore collectors are just waiting to click checkout on some fresh new artifacts. Nintendo has done a great job keeping up with customer demand  for amibo's recently. Hopefully one more release is planned before the holidays.

A Brand New IP

The next great nintendo IP could be announced today. Who will stand with heroes, bounty hunters, and plumbers as the next huge Nintendo franchise? There is a lot to gain from releasing a new character with a original game world. Nintendo has become stale recently and a brand new series bringing in fresh fans would help the company move in a new direction.

Pikmin 4

Miyamoto himself confirmed that the game was in its final stages of development. While there was some speculation as to which console the tittle would release on, my bet is that this is a Wii U title -- not NX -- and we'll get some info or at least a mention.

Zelda Wii U

Ok Nintendo, enough is enough; This is all the reason I bought a Wii U. Where is my open world Zelda game? Fans have been teased with Wii U Zelda footage since before the console's release. The release is set for sometime next year, but some info would be appreciated. At least tell us now if this will become a NX exclusive tittle.

Ace Attorney 6

There is a good chance for an announcement for this cult franchise. The game had a demo appearance at the Tokyo Game Show this year. The game will likely release in Japan ahead of the U.S.,  so we should get a heads up before the game releases.

Pokemon Z or GO

While it is strange that we haven't had any news; there has not been any promise or mention of a new Pokemon game being in development. We know Go will release late next year and should not expect much news on it before January.

All of our anxiety and stressing is bred from our expectation to be handed a mediocre Pokemon game yearly. Perhaps Nintendo is taking time to revolutionize the franchise. Personally I'm thinking the last few games have been experimental and hoping they announce something different with new game mechanics when the announcement is made.

Zelda Twilight Princess HD

Fans have been spreading the rumor that Nintendo is gearing to release an HD remake of Link's Twilight Princess adventure. Considering several of the series past games have been remade in HD there is a good chance of this coming true. 

64 Virtual Console

Nintendo virtual consoles are quite popular. There are plenty of the games from the company's classic consoles available for players on the Wii U . Unfortunately, at this time, the Nintendo 64 isn't included. Adding a load of classic 64 games to the classic console right before the holidays would be in both the fans and Nintendo's interest.

Your predictions?

What else could happen. I'm sure you all have your own predictions; post them in the comments!

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