Cosmic Eclipse, the latest Pokemon TCG set, will storm the card market with these 11 most expensive GX and Tag Team cards.

Pokemon TCG: 11 Most Expensive Cosmic Eclipse Cards

Cosmic Eclipse, the latest Pokemon TCG set, will storm the card market with these 11 most expensive GX and Tag Team cards.

The Pokemon Sun & Moon cycle had 11 successful expansions in Pokemon TCG. Now it's the time to conclude the series with the brand-new Cosmic Eclipse set, which was released on November 1.

The series has introduced lots of new card types to the game, such as GX and Tag Team. Cosmic Eclipse includes 236 base cards and another 50 specialty rare cards with altered artwork. 

Some combinations of the latest Tag Team cards include such famous characters as Charizard & Braixen and Reshiram & Zekrom. These are already considered the strongest combinations among all the new designs.

This means only one thing: the market will get a healthy dose of supply and demand this season, which is an integral part of the Pokemon TCG. So take a look at these 11 most expensive cards from Cosmic Eclipse, and make sure that you invest with a reason.

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Charizard & Braixen GX (Hyper Rare)

  • Current price: $95.98

Nobody expects to find this hyper rare card, or as they are known "rainbow" rare, in a booster box, because it is definitely extremely rare. That's why if you want to own this either for collectible purposes or for further trading, then you just ought to buy this card separately from a vendor you trust.

Charizard is undoubtedly one of the most popular Pokemon in the world, and this new GX version with Braixen is so much fun to play. It's got the Tag Team, which can be easily exploited with the Tag Call card from Cosmic Eclipse, so keep an eye out on this little monster.

Reshiram & Zekrom GX (Hyper Rare)

  • Current price: $55.54

Reshiram & Zekrom GX card is illustrated by the one and only Naoki Saito. It also synergizes with Welder and has Tag Team, which could turn out to be a rather formidable new archetype.

Try to combine its attack power in combination with Naganadel or Blazikan, and you wil have a very serious threat against your opponents.

This is also the reason why the ordinary version of the card is so expensive, but this hyper rare version topples that due to the highly vibrant rainbow finish.

Great Catcher (Secret Rare)

  • Current price: $35.09

Here is one of the best cards in the Cosmic Eclipse set. Great Catcher will provide consistent wins in the new meta and become a great addition to many old and new top-tier decks.

This secret rare version has a slightly altered art and a golden finish, which may not look as fancy as rainbow rare cards, but still keeps those prices high.

Giant Hearth (Secret Rare)

  • $32.98

Giant Hearth is a great way to get rid of cards that you don't want to play right away by discarding them, and instead search your deck for Fire Energy 2. This is also a Stadium card, which may force your opponent to discard their own Stadium card if needed be.

It's a really strong Item card that will benefit players with a flexible game plan. Besides that it has a fantastic new art that has been designed specifically for this secret rare version.

Rosa (Full Art)

  • Current price: $32.45

The condition that your Pokemon needs to be knocked out before doing anything, which is the case with Rosa, is not the most popular option in Pokemon TCG among players.

But it also offers a complete recovery that goes from being knocked out to grabbing a Pokemon and energy for a counter attack, and then using Reset Stamp as the trainer card to punish your opponent immediately after.

Plus, this absolutely cute full art print deserves to be in the hall of fame of full art Pokemon cards. It alone can justify the current market price tag.

Power Plant (Secret Rare)

  • Current price: $28.77

GX and EX archetypes will have a wild run this season, which is why Power Plant is such a valuable card. It's basically an insurance policy against any abilities your opponent's Pokemon GX or EX might have.

Obviously, you can't use GX or EX cards in your own deck, if you want to run Power Plant, as it effects both sides of the table. Fortunately, there are plenty other great archetypes that don't require them.

Many players won't expect to see Power Plant on the table, so when it drops, watch them squirm. It's literally a dead end for them.

Cynthia & Caitlin (Full Art)

  • Current price: $23.49

There is a deep lore connected to the story how Cynthia and Caitlin have come to be on one card. More than that, it's a Tag Team that draws you three more cards after you discard a card.

This is such a strong Supporter that many have been wondering if it isn't too strong. In any case the price hasn't gone up too much lately, but there is a big chance that pretty soon this will be one of the most expensive full art cards in Cosmic Eclipse.

Silvally GX (Hyper Rare)

  • Current price: $21.22

This GX card basically has the Octillery ability, which has always been very strong. Now it has a great enemy in the face of Power Plant, but that is a small price to pay for generally a very powerful card.

The main attack may seem a bit expensive, but when you're taking a one-hit knock out with Reshiram and Charizard GX, which scores you three Prizes, then it becomes clear why it's got such high price.

On top of that you got a rainbow polish, which looks dazzling, and hyper rarity that seems to be the coolest thing this season. So pick it up right now, as soon this card will definitely go up in price.

Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX

  • Current price: $20.69

This Tag Team card consists of three characters: Arceys, Dialga, and Palkia. This means that Water and Steel support is now a fully viable option and seems really strong.

If you can get any good acceleration for Water and Metal energy in your deck, then you could build your whole deck around this card.

Many attack abilities wane in comparison to Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX's attack ability. Also, this card can be searched by Treasure, which is a huge plus.

Altered Creation GX ability means that you can potentially snipe Dedenne with Venom Shot and go on to win the game. So this looks really strong no matter how you look at it, which should definitely settle the price somewhat higher.

Mega Lopunny & Jigglypuff GX (Hyper Rare)

  • Current price: $20.05

Here is the most exciting low key Tag Team card in Cosmic Eclipse. It could work in Archie's Blastoise deck, but that is not the only archetype, where it can show all of its potential.

With the help of Welder the attack ability of Mega Lopunny & Jigglypuff GX is totally worth it. It also synergizes with Mewtwo decks and could be easily fetched with the help of Tag Call in Reshizard deck, which automatically keeps red decks on top tier shelf for another three months.

As you see, the flexibility is written all over this Tag Team card, which explains the great demand for it on the market.

Solgaleo & Lunala GX (Hyper Rare)

  • Current price: $19.00

If you can get a good Psychic acceleration, then you can easily use the attack ability for those devastating 230 points of damage. The GX ability makes all your Pokemon immune for a turn, which can help you set up some exciting win conditions.

You can also use Switch effects to nullify the Cosmic Burn restriction that doesn't let you attack every turn. So switch Solgaleo & Lunala GX from active to bench, and then bring it back for another devastating attack.

Lastly, the price doesn't bite too hard for such a fabulous rainbow rare, and may even go down a little bit in the next month or so.


These were the most expensive cards in the latest Pokemon TCG expansion Cosmic Eclipse, and be sure to check out other Pokemon articles right here.

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