Want to adventure across Westeros and make a few Lannister enemies along the way? These mods turn Skyrim into a full fledged episode of Game Of Thrones!

The 10 Best Game Of Thrones Mods For Skyrim

Want to adventure across Westeros and make a few Lannister enemies along the way? These mods turn Skyrim into a full fledged episode of Game Of Thrones!

Editor's note: Updated 4/14/19

The final season of the biggest television event in history has officially begun. And after years of waiting, Game of Thrones is almost over.

That makes it a perfect time to make the strongholds of Skyrim feel a little more like Winterfell with some killer mods! Here we look at 10 of the best current mods available to give Skyrim a proper Game Of Thrones feel, from adding in followers based off the show to new armor and weapons and even a direwolf mount.

Easily the biggest and most ambitious Song Of Ice And Fire universe mod that arrived for Skyrim was the "Game Of Thrones Adaptation," which you'll note is conspicuously absent. That's because the original version is no longer available while the modder puts together a new, updated edition that has been in the works for a good long time now. Fingers crossed it gets finished soon!

Oh, and if you're looking for all the incestuous opportunities offered up by Game Of Thrones mods, you're at the wrong list. Let your inner freak out with our Skyrim fetish mods list instead.

If you aren't caught up with the show, proceed at your own risk, as spoilers abound!

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Game Of Thrones Followers

There are a whole bunch of these new companions available based on book/TV show characters, and frankly a lot of them are awful. Most of them look nothing like the actors they are trying to emulate.

I've skipped all of those and only included the ones that obvious effort went into, and they look like the real deal. Ser Davos, Tormund, and Eddard in particular are pretty spot-on to their TV version counterparts.

Check each mod's description for the location where you'll find each of the individual new Game Of Thrones followers while adventuring across Skryim!

Game of Thrones Presets

Now you've got the show-worthy followers to look at, but what if you want the main character in Skyrim to be from the series as well? That's where these presets come in, automatically crafting your starting character to look like specific A Song Of Ice and Fire characters.

Take careful note of the descriptions before using these presets however, as many of them were achieved using other mods. You'll need to have those mods installed first, or you won't get a character who actually looks like Daenerys, Margaery, etc.

Armor Compilation

Get It Here

The costumes in the TV version of the series are incredibly distinctive -- and even if you couldn't see their faces, you'd immediately know who The Hound, Ser Loras, Brienne of Tarth, and any member of the Kings Guard were just based on what they wear.

Bringing that element of the show into Skyrim, this mod adds 20 different armor variations into the game -- from the Night's Watch black leather to the armor worn by (would-be) King Renly and The Mountain.

Update: If you've run into issues with the armor compilation mod, there seems to be a new version that fixes some of the textures. Download it here

Winter Is Coming - Cloaks

Get It Here

You can't be a proper man of the Night's Watch without a wolf skin cloak, now can you? Although not perfectly matching the aesthetics of the show, this one comes pretty close with a variety of new craftable cloaks added to match the feel of The Wall and all those freezing areas even further north.

House Crest Shields

Get It Here

From Arryn all the way through Tully, this mod painstakingly re-creates every single Game Of Thrones house crest on the game's various shields. Now you can stalk through the snow wearing a Stark crest or pacify the north wearing the regalia of house Bolton!

Direwolf Mount

Get It Here

Winter is coming, and that's why you need a massive direwolf mount to plow through the snowdrifts! He's the size of the game's regular horse, but has a much sharper bite...

Much like the direwolves given to the Stark children, however, he's his own wolf and doesn't care much for orders. While this mount will fight and let you ride him, if you dismount he'll head back wherever he wants to go and not follow you across the whole Skyrim landscape.

Lannister Guards

Get It Here

The city of Solitude already has a bit of a King's Landing feel, so it makes sense to further that by throwing a ton of Lannister guards in there. This mod replaces the normal guard outfits with the Lannister red and gold armor seen so often in the show. It's a small change, but somehow still manages to make Skyrim feel significantly more like Game Of Thrones.

Sounds Of Westeros

Get It Here

This one really immerses you in the feel of the TV show, offering up an additional element to accompany all those visual mods and new followers from A Song Of Ice and Fire. All 29 songs from the first season soundtrack are injected into the game, replacing the original music in a variety of locations and scenarios.

There's a big catch here though, the mod obviously doesn't include the music itself, as that's copyrighted and the legit mod sites would ban that sort of thing right away.

In order to make the mod work, you have to actually own the soundtrack to Season One, which you can easily buy online via various digital music outlets.

Weapons Mini-Pack

Get It Here

Although this mod includes several different weapons, the real reason to get it is for Ice. While the other weapons are fine, they don't particularly look like their GoT counterparts. But Ice nails the ludicrously oversized nature of Eddard's signature weapon before being melted down by the evil Tywin Lannister.

Dothraki Arakh

Get It Here Or Download the Alternate Version

Want to play through Skyrim as a Dothraki horse warrior who is really, really out of his element if the frozen peaks of the north? This mod gets you a little bit closer with the traditional Dothraki Arakh Blade seen in the first season of the show (and again later when Daenarys finally takes control of the hordes).

Pro Tip: if the Freys invite you for a wedding feast in a new quest after installing any of these mods, you should probably decline the offer.

As easily one of the most-modded games of all time, injecting some A Song Of Ice And Fire into Skyrim is just the tip of the modding iceberg. Have more fun changing the game in unexpected ways with these Skyrim mods:

What did you think of our Game Of Thrones picks, and which mods did we miss that should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments section!

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