The 10 Best Loot Locations in Fortnite Battle Royale (Updated)

Follow the tips and strategies in this guide to find the very best loot locations in Fortnite Battle Royale -- and put yourself above the competition.

Every Fortnite Battle Royale player knows that getting the best loot as early as possible in any match is one of the most important conditions for surviving. But how do you prepare yourself for such a task?

All you need is to know the exact locations where the finest loot regularly spawns in the game. It is important to note that most of these locations occupy the upper part of the island. So if you have the chance to jump off in the northern locales, then you can be sure that you will find a decent number of chests for your plundering pleasure.

Sometimes the airbus can start from the bottom of the map, so there is at least one location in the south that you need to be aware of, as well. And, in order to have the full picture of the loot distribution on the map, just follow our guidelines over the next several slides.

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Wailing Wood #1

The first location you want to explore when hunting for the best loot in Fortnite Battle Royale is the spot right above Wailing Wood at the G2 block of the map. There is a tall wooden tower with several floors. Some of the best chests you will ever see can be found here.

The first chest is hidden behind the wall on the second floor -- you'll see it glowing through the wooden planks. The other one is located at the very top of the tower with other random loot lying around it.

You will need to build an additional set of stairs to be able to get there, so have some wood material in your inventory before pillaging area.

Wailing Wood #2

The next location you definitely need to check out is the ice-cream truck that spawns just a notch above the wooden tower  (the previous loot location). It spawns in the upper part of the F2 block on the map.

Usually, there is always one chest full of goodies right near the truck. But at times, an additional chest will appear on top of the truck, so don't forget to check for that one as well.

After that, go down the hill and raid the two houses for some additional ammo that is hidden under the stairs.

Anarchy Acres

Moving further to the northern central part of the map from the Wailing Wood, you will stumble upon a river and a bridge that connects a farming area to the Anarchy Acres location node.

This is another great place to loot chests and ammo boxes that are hidden in the farmer's basement and the area around the bridge. Check out all the trucks in this particular Battle Royale area, as this is where weapons and other items tend to spawn.

But also beware: since Anarchy Acres is also much better known for looting, make sure to chug one of your shield potions and be ready to get confronted by other players.

Pleasant Park

The last best looting spot in the northern part of the Battle Royale map is Pleasant Park. This location has a lot of houses, but really, there is only one building in the area worth mentioning -- a modern three-story house that is located in the south-eastern part of the park.

The chest is hidden inside the garage, so use your pickaxe to bash the doors and loot that chest. But don't leave just yet! Check the house itself, especially the upper floors. There are no chests spawning inside the house, but you will find some random single items scattered here and there.

Dusty Depot

The spot is not exactly at the Dusty Depot, but it is the factory located a bit to the south of Dusty Depot. It's a great location for two reasons.

One is that it's not nearly as hot of a spot as Dusty Depot or Salty Springs, so you won't encounter too many players here. This means that you can safely gather your loot, and then you can go explore more dangerous territiories.

Second is that besides the guaranteed 3-4 loot chests inside the building, you will find tons of ammo and weapons spawning on the ground around it.

Tomato Town

Once again, the spot isn't exactly at Tomato Town, but a bit to the south at the dockstation. Quite often you will find yourself here all alone, which makes it one of the safest spots to land and gather loot.

Most of the chests are hidden behind the walls inside the building, so break them open and loot them all. But the chests aren't your only source of valuables here. Be sure to break down the stacks of wood and other materials that are literally everywhere.

Moisty Mire

This is a brand new place located near a green screen movie set at the Moisty Mire. Not that many people know about it yet, so you have the chance to be one of the first players to claim it.

You will land on a building that has chests literally standing on top of the tables waiting for you to open them up. But also be sure to check outside the building, as you will find a lot more chests with weapons near the entrance and at the truck.


If you go all up to the edge of the map near the Junk Junction, you will find a spot with a crater. There are some vehicles all around it with several excellent chests.

This place is unknown to most players, so be sure to check it out, as nobody will claim the loot before you. Try to check every truck and every trunk for a loot, and also the crater itself.

Superhero Mansion

The mansion is located to the south of the Lonely Lodge on the shore. It's a massive building with a secret underground room, to which you can get by breaking the floor.

Inside the secret room you will find lots of chests and other loot spawning on the ground. But be sure to check the rest of the house as well and especially the backyard.

Flush Factory

The other only place for looting located in the bottom part of the map that is worth mentioning is Flush Factory.

Pay special attention to the southern building of the factory, where you will see a large platform -- there is always a chest spawning on top of it. But don't neglect the periphery of the factory either, so go and check for the loot outside. You might find something that you really need.


What other cool, secret loot locations have you found in Fortnite's Battle Royale mode? Leave a message or two in the comments section.

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