The 3 best Super Bowl video game ads (so far)

There aren't many video game ads that are played during the Super Bowl, here are the best!

Last year's Super Bowl XLIX drew in 114.4 million people and everyone watched the best part, the commercials. Finding these ads were actually hard because video game publishers did not think these were the demographic that they want. As time marched onward, ideas began to change. Last year, there was total of 3 game ads and all of them were for mobile games. 

I now present you the Top 3 Super Bowl Video Game ads!  

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Clash of Clans: Revenge

Super Bowl XLIX was interesting to begin with but now it had to compete with Liam Neeson and his smooth voice. Not the first mobile game to feature a celebrity but could be one of the best. This ad from 2015 made it to #17 on USA Today's Ad Meter Results. 

God of War: Ascension "From Ashes" Super Bowl 2013 Commercial

As the press release stated "Kratos swore an oath in blood to the gods, and ended up losing everything he ever loved." While some argue that God of War: Ascension might not be the best game all can agree this was a wonder ad. It showed the human side of Kratos and what he was fighting for. 

Dante's Inferno

It was not the best game nor the most fun, but you can't doubt the creativity of this ad. The only word you hear is "Stella!", after that "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers plays. You can identify with the protagonist with following your love to the depth of hell. There was a controversy with this ad. The ending originally said "Go to Hell" but CBS refused to air this. EA has had to change the final line of the clip to "Hell Awaits" instead. You can watch the original here!

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