Here are 5 Dota streamers that are definitely worth watching.

The 5 Best Dota 2 streamers you should be watching

Here are 5 Dota streamers that are definitely worth watching. is currently the most famous and probably the best streaming platform to date. Due to the fact that streamers with more views and subscriptions get paid by Twitch, this has established a new full-time career for streamers in the gaming industry. Dota is always fun, especially when you get to watch some of the pro players’ gameplay. Here are five of the most famous Dota streamers of all time.

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#5 Arteezy 

Arteezy is regarded as the world’s best mid-player currently playing for Team Secret. His flawless skills and understanding of the game mechanics launched him to the top of the MMR leaderboard. He is also famous for raging and flaming (salt) teammates in his streams.

 #4 Dendi

Dendi has been the mid-player for team Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) since the end of 2010. He is the only original player left from the main squad that won the first prize of $1 million in The International hosted by Valve in 2011. His performance with his team dominated the scene from 2011 until the end of 2013.

During the earlier days of his streaming, he usually shared some of the tips and tricks on how to play a particular hero against the enemy team and some game mechanics that will change your gameplay. 

Although the video above is from DOTA WC3, the mechanics are still applicable in DOTA 2.

#3 Wagamama

Wagamama is considered one of the veterans in the Dota scene. He is well known for his stream, as well as his insightful, analytical commentary. Waga also has a list of the top 60 donations he received during his stream.

Besides doing full-time streaming, he also co-casts some professional tournaments such as The International (TI) 3 and 5. This year, Waga is back to cast together with the other casters in TI6.


He has also has compiled a guide (for noobs) for better gameplay in Dota

#2 AdmiralBulldog

AdmiralBulldog made his debut as a famous pub player playing his signature hero: Lone Druid. He was then brought into the competitive scene by Dendi who asked him to stand-in for Na’Vi. Then, he ended up playing competitively with his first team, No Tidehunter, which later became Alliance who won TI3. “Rat Doto” was the strategy introduced by Alliance to push lanes to their advantage with Bulldog pushing strategy heroes such as Natures Prophet and Broodmother.

Bulldog usually interacts with viewers’ messages from the Donation Alert system which makes viewing so much more interesting and funny. Despite trolling so much in his games, he still manages to pull it off and win.

#1 SingSing

SingSing started Dota in beta mode and has been streaming since. His trolling play style in his streams gained a lot of attention from the community, and he is now one of the most-watched streamers on with more than 39 million views and over 280,000 followers. He occasionally plays with Gorgc, YapzOr, and Babushka. Trash talking with his teammates is the best part of his stream.

He often uses certain catchphrases such as “yellow rune for yellow people”, “never scare”, “give him the D” and swearing fluently in Russian that has enraptured the Dota community. 

Similar to Bulldog, he will interact with viewers using the Donation Alert system. The catchy song that pops up when SingSing receives a donation goes as follows:

Watching some of these streams will be fun and helpful if you are trying to improve your game mechanics and skill/item build of a particular hero.

Different players have different play styles and it is up to viewers to watch their preferable Dota streamers on any streaming platform. Have fun watching GLHF!

The 5 Best Dota 2 streamers you should be watching
Here are 5 Dota streamers that are definitely worth watching.

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