With the recent release of the desert map and the upcoming snow map for PUBG, the room for other concept maps is now wide open.

The 5 Best New Maps That Should Be Added to PUBG

With the recent release of the desert map and the upcoming snow map for PUBG, the room for other concept maps is now wide open.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has recently added a new desert map, called Miramar, to its roster. Also, there are rumors circulating about the upcoming snow map for PUBG. All this indicates that the developers are really trying to bring new challenges to the game and make it more fun than ever before.

Of course, adding new maps is also a great tool to withstand the competition coming from other Battle Royale games; no other game in this genre adds new environments so actively. For this reason, we offer you a few brave ideas on what other cool maps should be added to PUBG in the future.

Please remember that this is just speculation, and it is currently unknown if any of these ideas will ever see the light of day.

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Space Map

Space is one of the most intriguing environments for any shooter, and Bluehole Studio should try and build a map based on something like the International Space Station. In this case, players could be delivered to the orbital space station either via a spaceship or a space elevator. The orbital station should be huge and have a complicated structure.

Surely, this could turn PUBG into a Dead Space-like adventure, but without the monsters. For example, the walls of the station could be breached, and unaware players would all be thrown into space, leaving only the survivors behind.

The circle could narrow down on one of the sections on the station, and players would simply have to make their way through an array of corridors and other compact spaces. The lack of freedom of movement would quickly raise the stakes, but that's why we play PUBG in the first place.

Tropical Map

This could be another island, in the vein of Erangel, but set in a tropical climate instead of the mild Mediterranean one. This means lots of jungles and sand beaches -- a nasty combination for Battle Royale scenarios.

It would be fitting for this map to deliver players via helicopters, which would make it look like Vietnam-era combat. Although this type of map wouldn't have too many open spaces, many players would definitely appreciate all the stealth opportunities.

The tropics would also serve as a contrast to the upcoming snow map, so it is very much possible that we will actually see such a map one day.

Factory Map

There are some great facility locations on the new Miramar map in PUBG. But what about an entire map that is just one huge factory or a giant plant with intricate infrastructure?

Trains could deliver players inside the different parts of such a facility, and they would eventually try to figure out ways to get inside the circle. This also opens a few opportunities for new game mechanics, such as traps or death chambers.

Regardless, this type of map would be much more challenging than any other open-world map. One thing is for sure -- not that many players would dare choose this map, but that's exactly what makes it such an exciting concept.

Underground Map

Recently, Epic Games added a new underground mine location to the Fortnite Battle Royale map, which is really popular among players. So how about a similar map for PUBG?

It wouldn't be just a series of tunnels with loot, but an entire underground city, different parts of which would be connected by a series of interweaving mineshafts. They would also serve as the entry point for the players into this new underground map.

Another option is to create a map that would have playable spaces both under and over the ground, with gutters and tunnels all around it. This would prompt players to develop new strategies and make the game more versatile.

Skyscraper Map

If a couple of previous maps gave you claustrophobia, then what will you say about the fear of heights? The skyscraper map would definitely be an unusual choice, with many different floors offering harsher environments the higher you go.

The circle would narrow down on the upper floors, so all players would be forced to go there and face ever more dangerous challenges. The ascension would be possible through a series of elevators or by outside means, such as ropes or even helicopters.

The danger of falling down would be a constant concern, but Battle Royale has always been about finding the best means of survival, and that's why this would be such a neat map for PUBG players to explore.


If you find any of these concept maps interesting, then leave your feedback in the comments below. Otherwise, let us know what ideas of your own you would like to see appear in PUBG.

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