Want to get into the kitchen and create awesome meals no matter where you are? These iOS cooking games will let you do just that!

The 5 Most Delicious Cooking Games on iOS

Want to get into the kitchen and create awesome meals no matter where you are? These iOS cooking games will let you do just that!
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Love them or hate them, mobile devices are one of the most popular platforms for gaming right now, with tons of games for pretty much any genre you can think of. While many of the top-rated mobile games you find are puzzle or strategy games, you'll find there's a lot more to mobile gaming if you dig just a little deeper.

One particularly popular mobile genre is cooking/restaurant games, of which there is an absolute abundance on the iOS App Store. It's not hard to see why the games are so popular either -- they're kid-friendly, they're easy to get into, and everyone loves food.

If you're looking to give some cooking games a shot (or simply looking to expand your cooking game repertoire), here are 5 of the best games the genre has to offer on iOS devices.

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For fans of the Cooking Mama series, this game provides the same core gameplay loop you know and love with that same cute, cartoony art style.

For newcomers, COOKING MAMA Let's Cook! is probably the truest-to-life cooking simulator you'll find on iOS. While most cooking simulators automate (or skip) most of the "menial" parts of the cooking process, you'll be manually cracking your own eggs, greasing your skillets, and grinding meat in this game.

COOKING MAMA Let's Cook! has quite a few other features (almost overwhelmingly so), but at its core is a game that really makes your Apple device seem like a handheld kitchen.

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Restaurant DASH with Gordon Ramsay

Technically speaking, Gordon Ramsay's cooking game is just a Diner Dash clone -- and you'd think that Restaurant DASH with Gordon Ramsay is just Diner Dash, but Hell's Kitchen-ified. That might be true, but there's a little more to it as well.

However, what really sets Restaurant DASH apart from all the other Diner Dash clones is how readily and effectively it embraces the Gordon Ramsay brand. Everything about it is integrated so perfectly with Diner Dash that it almost feels like a proper sequel that's been endorsed by Gordon Ramsay himself.

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Cookbook Master - Kitchen Chef & Food Maker Game

Cookbook Master takes a page out of Cooking Mama's book -- employing the same focus on actually preparing and cooking the food yourself, without worrying the player about the logistics of restaurant management.

However, Cookbook Master is, in many ways, a simpler game. While I personally love Cooking Mama's approach, I know a lot of people will prefer Cookbook Master's cleaner, more elegant style of gameplay. This is also reflected in the game's very professional-looking aesthetic.

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Chef Town

Chef Town is all about building your own restaurant. While you will do a lot of cooking in this game, it's a very simple mechanic that isn't really the main focus of the game -- rather, it's your restaurant's primary source of income.

By spending your hard-earned cash, you'll be able to expand your restaurant, unlock recipes, and purchase all sorts of restaurant cosmetics (ranging from floor tiles to aquariums) to make your restaurant look the way you want it to.

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Order Up!! To Go

Order Up!! is a very robust cooking simulator that places you in the kitchen of a busy restaurant rather than in the comfort of your own home. By forcing you to juggle multiple orders for various dishes at once, Order Up!! will put your timing and multi-tasking skills to the test if you want to maximize your profits and customer ratings (just like a real kitchen).

This neat little game package is also wrapped up in a very cool Saturday-morning-cartoon style of art that gives Order Up!! a ton of personality.

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What are your favorite cooking games to play on your iOS device? Let us know down in the comments and share it with the rest of our readers. 

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