Locate all the best and funniest easter eggs in Agents of Mayhem with the help of this quick guide.

The 7 Best Easter Eggs in Agents of Mayhem

Locate all the best and funniest easter eggs in Agents of Mayhem with the help of this quick guide.
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Agents of Mayhem, a spin-off game of the Saints Row universe from Volition Studios, is packed with easter eggs and all sorts of puns. Its setting of Seoul, Korea -- the technological capital of Asia -- is a perfect location for all of this game's explosive action. And there's plenty of fun hiding places for its many easter eggs.

Here's the rundown on all the references this game makes -- including nods toward other video games, Saints Row, popular music videos, and even early 20th century cartoons (as weird as that may sound). 

So make yourself comfortable and enjoy the ride!

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As you walk up to the main desk at the R&D Lab, you will notice a stickied piece of paper on its front side. After a close inspection, you can read the message: “Gordon, please, return my crowbar!” The only famous character named Gordon, who also happens to have a crowbar, is Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series of games.

The crowbar is actually the signature weapon of all Half-Life games, being the first melee weapon obtained in the original game and the only melee weapon in all of Half-Life 2.

Gangnam Style

When wandering around the city of Seoul, you may notice random NPCs doing a little dance for your character. For those who aren’t familiar, this jig is a direct reference to the most popular YouTube video by Korean singer Psy -- Gangnam Style.

Currently, the video has nearly two billion views and features a performance of the so-called "The Horse Dance" (or simply Gangnam), which is carefully recreated in Agents of Mayhem.

Red Dead Redemption

Another cool easter egg is hidden in one of the character's menu screens. Check Braddock's passive gadgets, and you will see that one of them is called "Dead Med Redemption" -- which is a clever pun on the title of Rockstar Games' iconic Red Dead Redemption.

This is a very fitting title for an ability that gives you extra health drops from dead enemies, so kudos to Volition for that.

Street Fighter

In addition to the Red Dead easter egg, Braddock is also featured in a special quest called Operation: Street Fight. In this mission, Braddock must chase and take down a dangerous turncoat named Hauser. The cool thing is that the start of the mission is represented by an old-school versus screen in the style of the early Street Fighter games.

The quest itself is relatively straightforward, where you first need to take down hordes of Hauser's shocktroopers and bodyguards, and finally defeat the main villain.

Gat Out of Hell

If you played the stand-alone expansion of Saints Row IV, titled "Gat Out of Hell", then you will immediately recognize the main antagonist of the game -- the Lord Satan himself.

In Agents of Mayhem Johnny Gat's special quest, titled "Good Cop, Bot Cop," requires him to check the van parked in the restricted area, which carries the painting of Satan.

Isn't it a neat way for players to reintroduce Johnny to his old foe?

Steamboat Willie

Now, here's a weird little reference to an old Walt Disney cartoon from the early 1920s -- Steamboat Willie. Your character needs to turn one of the valves in the R&D lab. But suddenly the entire screen will turn black and white, and all NPCs will start dancing in a funny way, just like Mickey Mouse from the mentioned cartoon.

The background music also makes for a great effect, and will put a smile on your face even on a bad day.

Saints Row

Unsurprisingly, there are many hints to the original Saints Row series in Agents of Mayhem. The most remarkable one is the "Saint of all Saints" statue that can be found in the back of the requisitions room.

This statue first appeared in Saints Row 2, and was later seen in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV. The statue is wielding two VICE 9 pistols that were also available as real weapons in the game.


What other cool easter eggs in Agents of Mayhem do you know of? Share them with the rest of us in the comments below!

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