Don't want to waste tons of money on Hearthstone cards? Here are nine low budget decks for each class that are competitive enough to take you to rank 10 or higher.

The 9 Best Budget Hearthstone Decks for the Un’Goro Meta

Don't want to waste tons of money on Hearthstone cards? Here are nine low budget decks for each class that are competitive enough to take you to rank 10 or higher.
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If you are one of the many F2P players that find it harder and harder to keep up with the ever more expensive game like Hearthstone, then it can be difficult to stay competitive without emptying your wallet. But if you know what to look for, you can build some great decks on a budget. So let's look at some decks that may not be pro-level competitive, but they will be able to take you to ranks 15 or even 10.

These nine decks -- one for each of the Hearthstone classes -- do not include any legendaries or epics. So you don’t have to worry about spending too much dust if you’re a completely new player. And if you’ve been playing for some time, then you should already have most of them anyway.

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Aggro Druid

Recently, Aggro Druid has been performing extremely well on the ladder -- especially against the infamous Quest Rogue that has no tools for dealing with fast aggro decks.

The strategy is simple: try to set up as many minions on board as you can, and then buff them up with the help of Mark of the Lotus and Power of the Wild. If you play against other aggro decks, then you can use Feral Rage either for gaining armor or for dealing with your opponent’s minions.

Here you also have some tech cards, such as Golakka Crawler, that should help you deal with Pirate Warrior. When playing this deck, try to utilize Vicious Fledgling, which adapts every time you hit an enemy hero. And under special circumstances it can gain some massive presence on the board.

If you still feel that this version is a bit slow, then consider cutting two Feral Rage spells and replacing them with two Savage Roars.

Beast Hunter

This is another highly effective deck that all players can afford, since it’s extremely cheap to craft. It's great against both aggro and control decks.

Try to make your Scavenging Hyena as big as possible by trading your smaller beasts into your opponent’s minions at the early stages of the game, and then go face, face, face… Your final touch should be two Kill Command spells that can deal up to 10 damage, if you have a beast on board.

An Un’Goro card  calledNesting Roc can be a great defensive mechanism when you have some other smaller beasts on board. And, if you can play Tundra Rhino before Savanna Highmane, then the match is definitely in your pocket.

If you feel that you can extract even more value from your weapon, then consider adding one or two secrets -- such as Freezing Trap and Explosive Trap.

Elemental Mage

Undoubtedly, Elemental tribe is now one of the strongest in Hearthstone. So it would be wise to utilize all of the available Elemental synergies in a powerful class like the Mage.

This deck plays like a typical Tempo Mage, but with all the Elemental value. For example, Tol’Vir Stoneshaper gives you a taunt with divine shield for a mere 4 mana, while Servant of Kalimos discovers another powerful Elemental.

Since most Elementals are really strong, you could get some expensive cards out of this interaction -- like Blazecaller, or even Kalimos himself, if you’re really lucky. In this case, the rest of the match will go smoothly, and victory will be yours.

Divine Paladin

Midrange Paladin (with Murlocs and Sunkeeper Tarim) is currently crushing all the Taunt Warriors and Quest Rogues, but the deck is so expensive that few of us can afford it.

This iteration of Paladin offers a different strategy -- based on Steward of Darkshire’s ability to grant all 1-health minions a divine shield. Other key cards in this deck are Lost in the Jungle, Bilefin Tidehunter, and Stand Against Darkness -- all of which produce multiple 1-health minions. Then, you can buff them with the help of Rallying Blade, Spikeridged Steed, or even Stormwind Champion in the latter parts of the match-up.

If you face an aggro deck that deals more damage to your face than minions, then use Ivory Knight for healing and Grimestreet Protector as a taunt.

Silence Priest

A good thing about Silence Priest is that it doesn’t require any expensive cards to be good on ladder. All you need is to put those huge minions on board and use your silence cards to activate them.

Obviously, two of the most effective minions for this deck are Ancient Watcher and Humongous Razorleaf, but there is another cool minion that you may want to try -- Frozen Crusher. It costs 6 mana and has 8/8 stats that make it an invaluable choice.

You can also use Auchenai Soulpriest and Darkshire Alchemist synergy to push even more damage to your opponent. And if you can’t finish the game because of too many taunts, then you have two Mind Blasts that ignore any such obstacles.

Jade Rogue

Jade mechanic was always hard to execute in the Rogue class. However, with a bit of practice this deck may become one of the most effective ones in the Un’Goro meta.

It also utilizes the same mechanics as Miracle Rogue, but without the value of Edwin van Cleef. However, you still have two Quest Adventurers, so you can always buff them instead.

Thistle Tea may serve you well here, if it multiplies your Jade cards that will increase the chance of summoning an even larger army of Jade Golems. Together these mechanics make up a fine (and cheap) deck.

Jade Shaman

You can either play Shaman with Elementals or with Jades. Both are doing well on the ladder, but Jade Shaman has a slightly higher winrate.

There are two Bloodlust spells in this deck -- one for a solid board clear, and another for finishing the match-up with a lethal blow to your opponent’s face.

If card draw is more important to you than extra damage, then consider replacing one Bloodlust with the second Mana Tide Totem. It really depends on your playstyle and what you want to achieve with this deck.

Discard Warlock

Now, here’s the deck that some of the players managed to pilot to legendary rank . It works like Zoolock, but with a larger number of discard cards.

One of the most interesting and powerful interactions in this deck are Devilsaur Egg and Ravenous Pterrordax. You can play the Egg on turn 3, and then follow it up with the Pterrordax on turn four to gain two adaptations in a row and releasing a 5/5 minion from the Egg.

The rest of this deck plays exactly like Zoo, which requires you to take control of the board and push the rest of the damage to the opponent’s face.

Taunt Warrior

Of course, this is not the Quest Taunt Warrior that people play on ladder right now. But it does include some of the characteristic cards of that deck and adds a few others that are slightly cheaper.

Nonetheless, this deck is highly effective against any aggro deck -- whether it’s a Pirate Warrior or Aggro Druid. The strategy is as simple as it gets, and all you need is to play one Taunt after the other. You also have two Oozes here that will prevent all attempts of weapon classes from using them.

The Discover cards such as I Know a Guy and Stonehill Defender add even more value to your deck with more powerful and expensive Taunt minions. If your meta is filled with aggressive opponents, then play this and chill to your next rank on ladder.


You really only need one good deck to rank up with, but what if you're not sure which one to choose? You'll probably want to consider Discard Warlock, which is definitely the best of all 9 decks represented in this list. Not a fan of the Warlock class? In that case, we encourage you to take a look at the rest of them.

Which of these nine Hearthstone decks do you find to be the most exciting one? What changes would you like to see in them? Leave your feedback in the comments section.

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