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9 of the Best Hunger Games Minecraft Servers

Hunger Games is one of the more interesting game modes in Minecraft. Here are 9 of the best servers you should try out.

If you're a teenager - or even a grown adult who happens to love the movies and books - then you probably know what The Hunger Games are. And, if you're anything like me, then you've wondered why someone never created a video game based on the world. The premise is wide open for it, obviously.

Thankfully, Minecraft is the type of game that ensures almost anything can be accomplished, including a new game mode, such as Hunger Games.

Within this mode, players begin with absolutely nothing in their inventory. They can either race towards the center of the spawn area - where there is anywhere from 1 to 10 chests full of goods - or they can take off into the wilderness and survive a bit longer against the other, more chaotic players.

Since its inception, thousands - not hundreds - of Minecraft servers have popped up, all of them focusing on the Hunger Games mode. Of course, choosing the best can be difficult. Thankfully, the community takes a vote in almost every server they enter, so we know which ones stand apart from the crowd.

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Happy Hunger Games Network


Happy Hunger Games Network is one of the largest, most well known Minecraft servers within the game mode. Since its arrival on the server lists, Happy HG has received over 8300 votes from its community, which is rather impressive.

The server boasts 15 unique game modes, but it is the Hunger Games that people come for. Unfortunately, only 24 players can enter into the arena at one time, which means the other 225 players are left waiting in other game modes. Still, there is plenty to accomplish.

This is also a great place to learn PvP skills, as they have game modes to help teach you everything you need to know.



If you thought having eight-thousand votes from the player community was a lot, then you won't believe your hours when you learn that BrutalFactions has over 100,700 votes since it first arrived on the scene.

The server has a large focus on the PvP world, but they tend to opt more towards Hunger Games when someone needs to be cut down.

It may not have the most players active at one time - just 59 at the time of this writing - but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. As previously mentioned, Hunger Games can only hold around 24 players at once. More is not always merrier.



FearPVP is yet another PvP-focused server that has managed to acquire over 100,000 votes from its community for the best server. They focus solely on PvP, so you can bet their Hunger Games mode is going to be immensely popular. And the server is almost always live, so it's a great place to enjoy your time, especially late at night after work.

The server also boasts a team of staff members - admins - that really know the game and the server they are managing. These people are there to help guide new players and ensure the environment is fun to play in.



Mineplex boasts that they are world's largest Minecraft server ever, and have over 40 games going at any given time. Well, that may very well be true. As of this writing, the server has a capacity of 12,776 players in-game right now.

With the massive community comes 3,552,382 votes for this being the best server in the world, so that has to mean something, right?

Well, their Hunger Games is the reason we're here, and it stands out amongst their selection of game modes.

With a community of this size, Mineplex really needs to have multiple Hunger Games going at any given time. That, or the team has figured out a way to balance out having more players involved at once.

Hypixel Network


Hypixel, much like MinePlex, has a lot of game modes to choose from - 35, in this case. Instead of being focused solely around competition and PvP, though, Hypixel wants everyone joining them to make new friends and interact with their fun, awesome community.

Now, their Hunger Games mode is certainly PvP, competitive oriented, but that doesn't mean tight bonds won't be formed at some point during the match. Just be wary of someone stabbing you in the back.

And, if you're wondering, Hypixel currently has 15,280 players online and over 725,000 votes for the best MC server.



Do you consider yourself a hero within the world of Minecraft? Do you save the damsel after slicing another player in half? How about surviving the Hunger Games multiple times in a row? If you answered 'yes' to any of these, then you may be a good fit for MineHeroes.

This server focused on PvP, and they absolutely love it. That's not to say they don't know how to have fun, though.

The community is small, with only 120 players online at the time of this writing, but, again, that's not a bad thing whatsoever. Their Hunger Games has become well known, even though other modes dwarf it in comparison on occasion.



Minetime is an incredibly organized server, especially for Minecraft. They have already figured out exactly what a new player is searching for in a game world, so they have balanced it perfectly to ensure you find them easily enough.

For example, Minetime has all of the favorite game modes, including Hunger Games, plus custom server games, a lag-free environment, over 1000 players in their community, and a team of admins that work hard to fix any problems that may arise.

Entertaining gameplay is the heart of this server, even though Hunger Games is violent and highly competitive.

MythCraft Network


Along with having a really cool, perfectly colored banner, MythCraft also boasts a nice sized community, most of whom enjoy playing in their Hunger Games modes.

This is a pretty straightforward server, with over 280 players in-game on average, and over 349,000 votes for the best server.

They boast custom plugins, Creative, Survival, Hunger Games, and plenty more. The majority of what they do is PvP, though, so they surely know how to make a fun environment for those trying to become the next champion.

PhanaticMC Network


PhanaticMC is easily one of the more personal game servers I have come across in my thousands of hours playing Minecraft. The community is ultra-friendly, the admins are welcoming and helpful, and the server itself has plenty of fun stuff to do.

While playing Hunger Games here, I found myself losing hours of my time as I attempted to keep myself alive against the throngs of worthy opponents. 

This, as recommended by me, personally, is a great starter server for anyone looking to get into Hunger Games for the first time.

SquadCraft Network


With only 68 players online at the time of writing, it is easy to say Squadcraft Network is a smaller, but fun server to enjoy. Generally, they do boast well over 100 players at any given time, and their server can hold up to 3000 total. Could you imagine 3000 players participating in a world-wide Hunger Games? Nuts!

Anyway, their Hunger Games is straightforward. You kill other players, upgrade your gear, and eat as much food as possible to survive the dreadful nights. It's the players that make it so wonderful, as they are all loyal to SquadCraft.

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