The Best Minecraft Seeds With Villages (1.10 Update)

Looking for that perfect Minecraft start? Check out our list of Minecraft seeds with villages to see the best ones that we've found -- all of them working with the latest update!

With the Frostburn update, we've seen a whole new style of villages crop up in Minecraft, and the types and variety of settlements you can find have been wildly improved. Here's a quick list of some of the best Minecraft seeds with villages that we've found. All of them have been tested on Mac/PC for 1.10.2, and unless stated otherwise, you'll spawn right next to at least one village (if you can't find it, try looking from above in Creative).


Seed: -7955155822622757578

This awesome seed spawns you right next to a village that also has a desert temple inside of it  it looks more like a city than just a village! There's also a river and a ravine nearby, giving you plenty to work with, no matter what you're hoping to do.

Seed: -6702711125178129264

This seed spawns you right next to an acacia wood village, one of the cool new additions from the Frostburn update. It's got a lot going on, including a blacksmith with some decent loot and a mushroom forest nearby. 


Seed: 49932804040221341

This is a really neat seed that spawns you close to a village that's both on a hillside and has a river running through it. Cross a small bridge to visit the main village, which overlooks a larger body of water. 


Seed: 8245016306813229535

This is another great seed that spawns you near a village on a river. There's also a lot of livestock nearby and several caves to plunder. A great place for any kind of survival start!


Seed: -7389700788110479052

This is another awesome addition from the Frostburn update, a really cool mountain village with lots of caves and resources nearby. A great place to set up a mountain fortress!


Seed: 9149844421339432344

This is a really cool desert village with a river running through. It's right behind you when you spawn, and you're close to savannah and grassland biomes as well.


Seed: 3846030009345941159

This is another cool acacia wood village, this time on a bay if you want to venture out in a boat. There are also desert and savannah biomes nearby for additional exploring.


Seed: 2052930197336800526

This seed starts you right on top of a great grassland village with lots to see and plunder. If you explore out into the world, there are several other villages nearby, and lots of different biomes to see. Great for wandering!


Seed: -4529706471992690765

The village in this seed is especially cool, a taiga village on the side of a mountain with a river running through. Head due west from spawn along the side of the hills to find it it's just a short trek, and totally worth it!


Seed: -5665764817150036511

This seed spawns you in a forest with a hidden village just behind you. It's on the border of the fest and a grassland, and there's lots more to see! Explore north to find a witch hut and a dungeon, and seek out the desert to find lots of temples.

What are some of your favorite Minecraft village seeds following the new update. Leave a link in the comments!

If you're looking for more, be sure to head over to our seeds master list, which has every seed we've ever written about. We add new seeds to it monthly.  

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