An all new artisan Plumbus, the most real reality ever, retro VHS reboots, and a ragequit bot that does the dirty work for you... gaming is on a roll this year!

The best of gaming April Fool’s pranks 2016

An all new artisan Plumbus, the most real reality ever, retro VHS reboots, and a ragequit bot that does the dirty work for you... gaming is on a roll this year!

Forget Christmas or Halloween or Mass Effect 3’s release date: April Fools is the best day of the year!

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You can’t trust anything you see today, and there have been some amazing zingers already from across the world of gaming on this much-loved holiday (OK, not everybody is a fan…but frankly seeing the rage of those who fall for the pranks is a significant portion of the fun.).

If you’ve been hiding underneath the digital covers to avoid getting trolled, we’ve rounded up the best of the best in today’s bout of tomfoolery.

The Hearthstone MMO

Blizzard has a long and hallowed tradition of pissing people off by announcing MMOs that aren’t actually happening on April 1st (remember that Starcraft one that had the world enraged?).

This year we’ve hit some sort of universe-shattering recursive paradigm, however. Hearthstone – a CCG based on the World Of Warcraft MMO – is apparently getting its own MMO, so would that just be World Of Warcraft or did a whole new dimension just pop into existence? Like, woah.


Google’s Cardboard Plastic

Forget the Oculus Rift, because Google just gave us the most completely immersive headset experience you can possibly get. Amazing 360 degree view field, perfect audio, and it works with ALL apps!

What’s more real than actual reality? (Probably the Hearthstone MMO, which I’m convinced is now seeping into our universe and overtaking this reality).

Dark Souls III The Movie

If you thought that animated short from Eli Roth was all the Dark Souls movie action you were getting this week, boy were you wrong. As it turns out, Far Cry isn’t the only franchise that can go VHS retro. We can only hope that, much like Blood Dragon, this actually ends up being a real thing one day.

The Rage Quit Bot

Are you tired of having to actually rage quit a match by yourself? I mean, you’ve already thrown your controller across the room or bashed your keyboard into your monitor, so why should you then have to go through all the trouble of actually clicking a button to leave the match?

Rocket League has got you covered, with a patented new Rage Quit Bot that does all the work for you!

Project Bread Winner

Known for crafting high quality peripherals, Razer is finally giving gamers a tool they really want: the first gaming-grade kitchen appliance, so you can spend more time at your computer! Have a slice of ownage in the morning with this desperately long-overdue piece of hardware.

Wubba-Lubba Dub Dub!

Can’t get enough Pocket Mortys? It’s time to upgrade the Plumbus in your home! Everybody’s got a Plumbus, but I bet you bought ’em low quality by the dozen at the local big box store.

Thankfully, Think Geek has decided to craft only the highest quality artistan Plumbuses (Plumusi?), made only using extra-virgin schleem. Pick yours up right here today.

Eau De Combat

A new fragrance exclusively for you hardcore Arma players has finally arrived! A press release about this already sold-out new perfume proclaims:

“Offering an unapologetic blend of florals, with a touch of soft gunpowder aroma, topped off with fresh notes of wood, mosses, and dirt, Arma Eau De Combat captures the heat of the moment and boosts your chances of victory in the trenches of seduction.”


Black Desert Online Adds Butt Poses

Angry soccer moms on the Internet might make Blizzard back down, but developer Pearl Abyss is made of stronger stuff. All new “butt pose” victory animations are being added into Black Desert Online’s Crimson Battlefield PvP mode this week.

This is exactly what gaming needs more of these days

The Witcher 3 – Roach

In an interview with CD Projekt Red’s head of the Bug Creation department, we finally discover why Roach behaved as she did in The Witcher 3 – and what’s in store for her in future expansions.

Smite’s New-ish God, Manticore

Long thought deleted from the practice match, the Manticore returns to offer nothing of real value, except for this hilarious video featuring dueling announcers:

Chocogo App

This would seriously make a lot of dreams come true. Which chocobo would you ride to work, and how many greens would you tip it?

Corn Hub

We all know what you pervs do the second you’re done reading GameSkinny, so we thought this minor change to the PornHub website would interest you…

Well, my weekend’s ruined…

What was your favorite April Fool’s gaming prank this year that should have made our list?

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