Need a great otome game to pass the time and spice up your love life? These five Steam games have you covered.

The Best Otome Games on Steam in 2017

Need a great otome game to pass the time and spice up your love life? These five Steam games have you covered.

Otome games are Japanese dating simulations, usually made for young females. You are typically given many dating options and must pick the correct dialogue options in order to get the best option possible with that character. There are usually multiple endings for each character you romance, and these endings are affected by the choices you make as you play the game.

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There are many types of these dating sims, to the point where almost no two are alike. Whether you want to be a disgraced princess who must break a curse or a human girl who needs to romance birds, there’s an otome game out there for you.

But with so many of them to choose from in the Steam marketplace, it can be hard to find the best of the best. That’s why we’ve curated this list of the five best otome games to be released this year on Steam. 

Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds

Price: $29.99
Rating: Mixed

Possible romance options

Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds is from an old otome game series. The first game in the series was originally created for PlayStation 2, but then later ported to PlayStation 3, PSP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, and just released for PC earlier in August.

In this otome adventure, you play as a young girl who is looking for her father. You can romance 12 different samurais over the course of 80+ hours of gameplay.

Get Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds on Steam.


Amnesia™: Memories

Price: $29.99
Rating: Overwhelmingly Positive

Sample choice from the game

In Amnesia™: Memories, you play as girl who is admitted to the hospital after an accident. Due to the accident, she has amnesia and must gain her memories back as she tries to reconnect with her friends.

This game features five possible characters to romance — and with multiple choices to make with each character, there are 20+ possible endings. As you play the game, you will unlock voiced images in the gallery where the characters will be able to say things that they were not able to say during the actual events of the game.

Get Amnesia™: Memories on Steam.


Cinderella Phenomenon

Price: Free to Play
Rating: Overwhelmingly Positive

The start screen.

Cinderella Phenomenon is a spin of the classic Cinderella story. Instead of starting off poor, the main character starts off rich but becomes poor after a witch places a curse on her. In order to break the curse, she must perform three good deeds. As the story progresses, you will come across other characters that have their own curses.

In order to get the most out of the game, the creator made a play order for the romances in the game. This order is Rod, Karma, Rumpel, Fritz, then Waltz. 

Get Cinderella Phenomenon on Steam.


Hatoful Boyfriend

Price: $9.99
Rating: Overwhelmingly Positive

A conversation with a bird.

The game Hatoful Boyfriend is strange in that while the main character is a human, all of the other characters are birds. You play as a human that goes to an otherwise all-birds school. Each bird has a human form that you see once when you are first introduced to the character, and from then on you only see their bird forms. (Though one character, Okosan, is an exception to this).

Get Hatoful Boyfriend on Steam.


Hunie Pop
Price: $9.99
Rating: Overwhelmingly Positive

The Hunie Pop header.

Unlike the other games on this list, Hunie Pop is an otome game as well as a puzzle game. When you go on a date with a character,you have to match traits in order to earn date points. Each character you can romance has a specific trait they like and don’t like. If you match a character’s liked traits, you will gain more points than the regular traits would give.

Small warning, this game is Mature, and can only be accessed by those that are 18+.

Get Hunie Pop on Steam.

Have you played any good otome games on Steam? Got any others that you think deserve a spot on this list? Let us know down in the comments!

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