Some are cheesy, some are smooth, but all of them are some of the best pick-up lines from video games these days.

The Best Pick-Up Lines From Video Games

Some are cheesy, some are smooth, but all of them are some of the best pick-up lines from video games these days.

Okay, chances are no one is actually going to use the cheesy pick-up line they heard in a video game while trying to woo their potential significant other. Honestly, if you said some of this stuff on a first date the other person may just laugh you out of the restaurant, so be wary of what escapes your open mouth.

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With that general warning aside, if you do have a significant other who is deeply into video games or is as cheesy as you, then by all means start tossing out some video game pick-up lines. Hey, maybe one of them will work tonight!

The Smoothest, Cheesiest, and the very Best Pick-Up Lines:

“Maybe I’ll let you do a strip search on me.”

Okay, this one seriously goes against everything a doctor would stand for in real life. In Metal Gear Solid, Snake is offered the chance to receive a very sensual striptease from a certain long-haired doctor – Naomi – with a few proclivities on her mind.

Snake, being the total player that he is, responds, “I’ll hold you to that, doctor.” The rest is history, as some would say.

“I already checked you out, Commander.”

This one could be taken as a harmless comment, but come on! Being the commander of a massive army in StarCraft: Brood War is supposed to be an attractive concept. The sultry medic within the game often spurts out lines like this one in her smooth, jazzy voice. 

If you take it too far, though, she will mock you and inquire into your need for yet another full physical.

“I would gladly cut my belly for you.”

Sure, this one is a tad bit creepy and unsettling, but back in the ancient times of Way of the Samurai 4, this pick-up line probably worked on all of the dangerous women who carry large swords.

When it comes to wooing a female character in the game, your options are almost limitless. Basically, you can go as far as telling her to “open her borders” for you. It’s a bit creepy, a tad bit raunchy, and totally worthy of mention.

“I see a strong, passionate man. With a great ass.”

The relationship between Commander Shephard and Ashley in Mass Effect 3 is one worthy of an entire romance novel. There are plenty of romantic gestures and lines used throughout the game, but this one stands out the most.

In this particular scene, Shephard asks Ashley, “Is my rank all you see when you look at me?” Ashley, being the smooth criminal she truly is, responds, “No, I see a strong, passionate man. With a great ass.” She couldn’t make things any clearer for the Commander.

“The only music I’m interested in is creakin’ bed-springs while I take you for a magic ride on my purple submarine.”

Leisure Suit Larry is packed to near explosion with cheesy, horrible pick-up lines that are hilarious, but should never be used in the wild. Read the above if you think we’re joking whatsoever. This particular gem of a line hails from the Box Office Bust title, which contains even more raunchy lines that come across as cringe-inducing.

Larry is a dirty bird, for sure.

“Is there a thief in the Vault? ‘Cause you stole my heart”

Simple, straight to the point, and beyond cheesy. Fallout Shelter is just a pure wonderland for pick-up lines if you keep an eye on the residence room. Whenever two dwellers come together, the lines just flow with such ease. This one is just a sample, but it is actually quite elegant once you really read it. It’s a bit sweet, too!

These are just a few of the odd pick-up lines hailing from various video games. It is up to you whether or not to make use of them in the real world.

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