Let's get schwifty on the search for some Mulan szechuan mcnugget sauce with these killer Rick And Morty mods!

The Best Rick and Morty Mods For All Your Favorite Games

Let's get schwifty on the search for some Mulan szechuan mcnugget sauce with these killer Rick And Morty mods!

When it seemed like season 3 would never arrive and was lost somewhere out in the multiverse, the fires of Rick And Morty mania were re-stoked on April Fools.

The crazy folks from Adult Swim decided to play the upcoming first episode on loop for 24 hours with the message "there, you can now stop bugging us" prominently displayed at the bottom. As I predicted back when the Pocket Mortys winter update arrived, we saw several new Mortys from the game appear on the show (did everybody catch Hammer Morty meeting his demise?).

The rest of the season won't arrive until this summer, but you don't have to wait that long for a super schwifty fix of new darkly humorous sci-fi shenanigans. 

Various characters and voices from the show have collided with a wide range of games thanks to the glorious modding community, and today we're rounding up the best of 'em currently available. And awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay we go...

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Grand Theft Auto V

Rick Sanchez Add-On

Get It Here!

I'm going to confess something that may not endear me to the GTA fanbase: I didn't actually really like part V.

The heist system was interesting, and of course there's the absurd online experience that's filled to the brim with ludicrously amazing nonsense you won't see anywhere else. But I actively hated the characters this time around. A rich suburban white dude who turns to crime because he's bored with his perfect life and has annoying kids doesn't quite match the Eastern European whirlwind of destruction that was Nico Bellic.

That being said, GTA V has seen some killer mods that give the game extended life and take it in new directions -- from a stunningly beautiful fan graphics upgrade to this crazy mod that lets you fly around in Rick Sanchez's spaceship and fills the game world with a whole council full of Ricks and their attendant Mortys.

Yep, there's catch phrases galore, as well a rendition of "Get Schwifty." Just um, don't go to the strip club when you've got everything changed to a Rick. You don't want to have to scrub your eyes.


Scary Terry and Mr. Meeseeks

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Who knew you needed Scary Terry in your Skyrim playthrough? This modder, that's who. As expected, he says one particular word more often than any other. As a bonus, gold coins are now renamed to shmeckles, as they should be.

The same modder has had videos up for going on three years now, showing off a Mr. Meeseeks box that spawns tons of Meeseeks out to help you (check one out below). But unfortunately that mod isn't actually available yet.

Fallout 4

Overhaul Mod

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This nifty little mod swaps out the intro menu screen with the Rick And Morty show intro and gets rid of one aspect of Fallout 4 that added absolutely nothing: the voiced main character.

Rather than hearing "blah, blah, blah" for the millionth time while skipping text, the mod replaces everything the Sole Survivor says with random Rick Sanchez lines...and most of it hilariously fits whatever the situation at hand happens to be.

And those ones that don't fit...well, those ones are even more hilarious. Who doesn't want to hear "Rubber baby buggy bumpers!!!!" at random times while playing Fallout 4?

Fallout 4

Rick's Portal Gun

Get It Here!

Before anybody gets too excited -- no, this one doesn't let you teleport from location to location or add in some Portal-style physics system. That would have been rad, but alas, its not to be (yet).

What this mod does do is re-skin an alien blaster to look just like Rick Sanchez's portal gun, and that's pretty cool. I know what I'll be vaporizing robots and raiders with this week.

No Man's Sky

Icons And Sounds

Get It Here!

This one doesn't radically change the game -- just adds a new loading screen and changes a few icons and sound effects to match the show -- but expect a lot more to come in the months ahead. I'd bet we'll see a planet where everything is on the cob before too long...

Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2

Rick And Morty Announcer Packs

Considering half the draw of the show is just listening to Rick's insanity and Morty's not-so-sure-about-this responses, it was only a matter of time before somebody made announcer packs for various online games. 

Justin Roiland, the voice of both characters, apparently actually did these lines originally for Dota 2, and someone then imported them all over to Team Fortress.

With Season 3 coming soon, I wouldn't be surprised to see more games doing this. Adult Swim Games is also currently working on a Mr. Meeseeks courier for the Dota 2 Steam Workshop.

Garry's Mod

Rick, Morty, and Meeseeks Models

Get It Here!

This physics sandbox game now has some new model additions, including Rick Sanchez, Morty, and even Mr. Meeseeks.

If you scroll through the other Steam Workshop content available from the same user, you'll even find some giant "show me what you got" heads to populate the sky!

What did you think of these fun Rick And Morty mods, and have you discovered any we missed that should be added? Let us known in the comments section below!

For a little extra fun, check out some amazing scenes from the show re-created in Fallout 4, including the poignant exodus of the many Mortys, with one evil Morty amongst them.

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