isn't that unique. Here's a few other games exactly like it.

The Best Clones On Android isn't that unique. Here's a few other games exactly like it.

If you’ve never played, you’ve probably at least heard of it. This massive multiplayer browser game is full of snakes chomping on food pellets to become a larger snake. You try to stay alive for longer and grow big enough to consume other player’s snakes to win.  If your snake’s head smashes against another’s then…you’re out! 

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Remind you of any other games? Probably so. From to, there are lots of similar games. But most of those have to be played in a browser. So what can you do if you want to play on your smartphone? Check out some of the games below!

Here are a few of the best clones out there, all of which are available on Android: 

1. Snake

Best for the Retro fan

Yes, you can still play this online. It is still the same fun as ever before: control your ever lengthening snake and try not to curl in on itself. And best of all, its online and looks like the original mobile phone game. It is fun, addictive and best of all, the genius is in its simplicity and the rewarding nature of beating your own highest score.

Snake Available on Google Play


Best for playing with bacteria

Play as a cell in a petri dish, eat smaller cells whilst avoid being eaten by larger cells.  You can even split your cell, just to be more competitive. Interestingly enough, with leading the way, there can be direct game play comparisons with  I agree, is not the prettiest game either, compared to all the other examples in this article. Available on Google Play

3) Supersnake

Best for 2 games into 1


If Snake merged with then that would be Watch out for the walls, don’t hit them and don’t chase after your tail either and pay attention to obstacles. To maximise the snake experience, you can spit venom at opponents by hitting the head of smaller snakes to kill them, or create explosions to demote larger snakes, as larger snakes can eat you.

Supersnake Available on Google Play

4) Nebulous

Best Space theme

Its about blobs, blobs in space. Gobble smaller blobs to aim to become the biggest blob in the Nebula. This game does not pretend to be anything but an evolution based game, thus reiterating its casual gamer style. There is an endless variety of outcomes, as each game is different and dependent upon other players success. There is also a clan based system, but this can lead to clan wars! There is a number of different modes too, such as ‘survival’ or ‘time trial’ which suits both the multiplayer and single player options.

Nebulous Available on Google Play

5) Last Star

Best for a less simplistic game


Play a star floating through space, expanding your star, consume other planets and win battles. This certainly has a little more to it, as I feel the game mechanics is although inspired by Its game play and concepts are quite different. Ultimately, this game is about space survival where the aim is to be the last star standing and the battle game play concept certainly is more effective in this game than others.

Last Star Available on Google Play

Although all the games are pretty much a re-skin on the same theme, it is nice to know there is some variation out there. For me, I would be more likely to choose a game in this genre based upon the aesthetic theme. There are so many clones due to several reasons; the popularity of the theme, the entry level nature of these games, and the fact that YouTubers are playing these games. This all made social media interest spike — “go share your score on Twitter” for example. The games are also not time consuming, 5 minutes here and there. All in all, a great introductory game type for everyone.

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