Walking on helicopter blades, driving cars into the void... wait a minute, this isn't supposed to be GTA!

The Most Outrageous Ghost Recon Wildlands Glitches and Bugs

Walking on helicopter blades, driving cars into the void... wait a minute, this isn't supposed to be GTA!

Open world tactical shooter? Sign me up! While a little more on the serious side than something like Just Cause, there are some serious lulz to be had while blowing up the Bolivian countryside in Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

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There are a handful of amusing Easter eggs to be found across the game, but most of the hilarity on display is actually quite unintentional, stemming from a collection of bugs and glitches that haven’t quite been hammered out yet.

When dealing with large 3D worlds and tons of interacting objects, vehicles, and characters, it’s only natural that everything won’t fit together perfectly on launch. The odd glitching out body part (which seems to happen a good deal when standing on overturned vehicles) is just a fact of life with games of this style.

If you don’t want to miss the most outrageous glitches before they get patched out, check out our full roundup below.

Vehicular Existential Crisis

There’s only so far developers can go in mimicking real-life rules of the road, and cars that get stuck in odd places, crash through seemingly solid objects, and other glitches of the sort are just part and parcel to any game featuring a steering wheel.

One unlucky player got more than he bargained for, however, while driving down a dirt road. After getting stuck in the dirt for no apparent reason, his vehicle dropped through the ground into some unknowable netherrealm free of form or constant gravity. We can only hope he found inner peace or met God or something there before Hulk smashing his keyboard into his monitor.

While the image below showcases the mind-bending drop into the void, you can also check out a rage-inducing full video of the glitch here.

That’s definitely not the only odd car bug in Wildlands either, as you’ll see tires disappear into the road or the sides of vehicles miraculously turn intangible while driving through what should be solid objects.

 Um… where are we?

Fire Immunity

There are plenty of ways to die out in the Wildlands while undertaking missions and dismantling a cartel, but it seems like Ubisoft maybe forgot to program on or two in…

For some reason your squad members can stand on top of burning cars and suffer no ill effects, which seems like an odd oversight, but hey, I bet that player was happy!

     Anybody bring marshmallows?

Helicopter Transfer Mayhem

Jumping out of one helicopter onto another one seems like some serious GTA or Just Cause nonsense, so of course more than one player has attempted it in Wildlands already.

What was discovered was more than a little odd… apparently deadly helicopter blades count as a flat surface in this game! You can see the full absurd process in action over at Imgur here.

 Yes, that man is walking on spinning blades while getting into another chopper

Immovable People

Another fun vehicle-based glitch, as it turns out some dead bodies are hard as stone, and you can actually get stuck on them as though they were completely immovable objects. I don’t recommend trying it out, because it’s more frustrating than it sounds.

Well, looks like its time to get a new dirt bike

Stretch Armstrong

This one seems to have been fixed since the beta, but it was jaw-dropping (and immersion breaking) when it happened not too long ago. Friends and foes alike would suddenly grow insanely long, rubbery appendages that got stuck on other objects and continued lengthening as you ran away. These images will forever haunt my dreams.

 Kill it with fire!

What’s the most outrageous Ghost Recon: Wildlands bug you’ve discovered so far? Let us know in the comments!

We’re suckers for a good laugh-out-loud glitch, and there’s plenty of them found across the gaming universe. Need a good chuckle today? Check out our other outrageous glitch and bug roundups:

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