VR is the next big thing, but what can we really do with it? Apparently quite a lot.

The VR Gaming Experiences You Can’t Miss Out On

VR is the next big thing, but what can we really do with it? Apparently quite a lot.

VR (virtual reality) gaming is going to be the next big thing when the big-name companies release their headsets for PC and the PlayStation 4, respectively. While many people still question wearing a massive headset while trying to game, others are infinitely more excited to strap in and experience everything new there is on offer.

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Of course, being so trendy and future-forward, VR gaming will include a lot of new features and experiences for you to enjoy. 

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VR Drawing

If you’re an artist or an aspiring artist, virtual reality will allow you to take your studio to the next level. Experiences like Tilt Brush from Google will literally draw users into the blackened world to create brand new pieces of artwork in a 3D space. Your entire bedroom can be a canvas for whatever your mind may create.

Some features include:

  • Dynamic BrushesTilt Brush features ink, smoke, snow, fire, and plenty more to satisfy the budding artist.
  • Intuitive Interface – Whether you’re a notebook doodler or an experienced artist, this VR program allows anyone to unleash their creativity with relative ease.
  • Sharing – Anyone can share their 3D artwork – whether it be a room-sized piece of artwork or a bite-sized animation created using the brushes.
  • Totally 3D – Seeing as your bedroom is the entire canvas, the player can walk around their piece of art and paint intricate details into every single side, not just a flat representation of their idea.
VR Dodging

Evade VR (Pictured Above)

Of course, combat-oriented video games — including shooters and fighting games — are going to be immensely popular on almost any virtual reality system. The headset will allow the player to truly enter the fray and fight one-on-one with an opponent — especially in games like Evade VR. As we can see in the screenshot above, the player can actively dodge their opponent’s strikes by ducking or side-stepping away from the fight.

These experiences are only the tip of a revolutionary gaming iceberg.

This type of intuitive controls are unparalleled within the video game world – until now.

We can only imagine what it will be like to physically dodge an incoming attack or roll away from an incoming rocket – in a safe environment, of course. 


Interaction is basically the entire point of virtual reality. The headset offers everyone the chance to enter into a video game world and interact to their heart’s content. Some games will allow more interaction, though — such as the ability to grab onto items in the world, swipe away incoming attacks, or push buttons within the game’s environments to unlock new doors or activate a piece of technology.

Hitting the keys on a keyboard or a single button on a game controller is one thing, but actually performing these actions with your own hands and in front of your very eyes will absolutely change everything.

I was once quite skeptical about VR gaming, but after witnessing everything new and all the experiences to be had, I could not be more excited, personally. While the cost is quite a setback, the games and software will be more than enticing. These experiences are only the tip of a revolutionary gaming iceberg.

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