Clicker games have run amuck in mobile app stores and make it difficult to pick out some of the best games on the market. These seven games make this oversaturation worth it.

These 7 Clicker/Tap Games are the Best You’ll Find on Android

Clicker games have run amuck in mobile app stores and make it difficult to pick out some of the best games on the market. These seven games make this oversaturation worth it.

Clicker games, also known as increment games, have dominated Google Play since the success of Cookie Clicker. They set habits by creating simple, repetitive tasks that give small rewards over a period of time. The very short game sessions allow these clicker games to fit into any period of boredom. With simple progression systems, developers can easily monetize the game through advertisements and micro-transactions.

With clicker games being easier to develop than other mobile titles, the mobile market is oversaturated with these games. This has overwhelmed players with shovelware that is not worth the time of everyone. Luckily, there are few great clicker games that are fantastic on Android.

Here are the seven best clicker games you'll find on Android.

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Number 7: Epic Party Clicker

Clicker games, even with their simple premises, can have a variety of themes. Epic Party Clicker, for example, keeps a beat to create an awesome party. Gain items like disco balls, balloons, and even the red carpet to create the coolest mobile party. Creating a silly party is a quick way to relax in a short amount of time.

The tracks do become repetitive, leading to the game staying comfortably at seventh place. While it is fun, it does not provide interesting additions from other clickers. Epic Party Clicker is for all digital party lovers.

Number 6: Adventure Capitalist

Managing multiple businesses is incredibly easy in Adventure Capitalist. Start in a little lemonade stand until you are the billionaire you are meant to be. While the act of being a cutthroat businessman is ironic considering this is a free-to-play mobile game, it is still entertaining. The biggest source challenge is optimizing each business to create the largest profit.

Granted this game isn't flashy like the others on this list. While it may have some depth in terms of business optimization, it doesn't have the color and style that other clicker games possess. For those who want a little strategy in their time wasters, Adventure Capitalist is for you.

Number 5: Doomsday Clicker

With an evil monkey by your side, destroy society as you know it and rule the survivors. With a visual style similar to Fallout Shelter, Doomsday Clicker provides an eccentric aid as you try to rule the post-apocalyptic world one room at a time. Increase your influence by building a larger shelter to house more inhabitants.

Doomsday Clicker does have a few technical problems. In later stages, lag and updates can mess with individual devices. This instability keeps the game at number 5. Ruling the world is relaxing in Doomsday Clicker.

Number 4: PolitiCats

Politics and cats seem like an unlikely combination, but PolitiCats creates a cute clicker game as you win the hearts of the public. Unlike Doomsday Clicker, PolitiCats allows you to rule the world without mass chaos. Start as a high school kitty trying to become class president to the supreme overlord of the world. The concept itself turns the game into a much more entertaining game.

PolitiCats also has some technical issues that can turn off players. My first time opening the game caused it to crash. While this kills first impressions, the game is so entertaining that the technical hassle is worth it. Politicians have never been so cuddly.

Number 3: Cookie Clicker 2

Cookie Clicker popularized the idle game genre and Cookie Clicker 2 shows how redBit games changed the mobile market. Cookie Clicker 2, while simpler than other games, is so polished that the game is incredibly enjoyable. It shows the true form of clicker games as simple time wasters that give bite-sized entertainment through progression.

To maintain a player base, Cookie Clicker 2 has a set of challenges to complete. They unlock in a matter similar to levels in a standard game and provide another sense of progression to engage the player. By maintaining simplicity, Cookie Clicker 2 is a fantastic idle game.

Number 2: Food Evolution

A more substantial Cookie Clicker, Food Evolution combines the food theme with a sense of discovery, with each food combining into a new one. This progression encourages the player to explore what each fruit combines into and in turn, keeps the player coming back for more.

Food Evolution is well paced in regards to its monetization mechanics. It tests a player's patience without turning the game into a complete grind. This hooks players and keeps them seeking the next food to combine. Food Evolution shows how clicker games should be paced.


Number 1: Clicker Heroes

The most entertaining clicker on the market, Clicker Heroes shows how to take a common setting and make it suitable for mobile players. The actions feel similar to grinding in RPGs, but instead provide a constant stream of little upgrades, like improving damage and abilities.

Clicker Heroes continues the goal in creating an engaging clicker game for console or PC gamers. The RPG elements of Clicker Heroes fit well into small play sessions that slowly create progress. Clicker Heroes shows exactly how to make a proper clicker game.


Clicker games have flooded the Android market and the abundance of them does harm the progress of mobile game development. These games, even the best ones, are Skinner-boxes created to make playing these games a habit.

While these games can be enjoyed for their time-wasting potential, it is important to be aware of what this genre can do if abused. Like all genres, clickers are suited to certain situations and developers must learn what time is right for them.

What clicker games do find incredible? Let us know in the comments!

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