Here are some food/cooking games that feature seriously mouth-watering, scrumptious food.

These Android Games Have the Best Looking Food

Here are some food/cooking games that feature seriously mouth-watering, scrumptious food.

Pretty much everyone loves playing a cooking game that makes their mouths water with good-looking food. And the mobile market has tons of food-based games to satisfy that craving — though some are better than others.

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Not all cooking games (or mobile games, for that matter) are created equal. Whether it’s because of addictive gameplay, intuitive controls, challenging levels, or enticing graphics, there are some games that stand out from the crowd.

That last element is especially important to food-based games. If the food doesn’t look good, then what’s even the point? With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most delicious-looking food games that are currently available on Android mobile devices. 

 1. Restaurant Sisters

In this game, the player helps two broke girls (not related to the canceled sitcom) build a burger joint into a successful brand through delicious, mouth-watering meals and satisfied patrons (including some celebrities). The food graphics alone make this game a great time-killer.

2. Food Street

This restaurant simulation and management game allows the player to create and grow their very own business by farming the food ingredients, cooking food, and learning new recipes.

Reminiscent of Facebook’s Cafe World, the food graphics are both appealing and appetizing in their presentation.

3. Cooking Fever

This restaurant game allows the player to try all sorts of dishes — from oriental to fast food to desserts — by managing various locations and upgrading the kitchen and appliances to attract clients. 

Looking at the screenshot above, the food looks as though you could just reach your hand through and sample a little bit of everything. Yum!

4.  Star Chef

Unlike some restaurant games, Star Chef allows the player to go from amateur to master chef by preparing a variety of foods, from soup to pizza.

The thing that makes this game stand out is its realistic, appetizing food with pristine restaurant presentation. We guarantee it’ll make you want want to call a swanky restaurant for reservations.

5. Rising Super Chef

This game manages to blend kitchen cooking and restaurant building into a frantic and challenging exercise in time management, food service, and cooking.

Like most food games, the most impressive part here is the food itself — which looks so good that you’ll want to visit this restaurant yourself.

That wraps up our list of the most delicious-looking food games on Android! Do these games satisfy your palette, or do you have even better suggestions? Let me know down in the comments!

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