Whether you're looking for frozen rivers or ice plains, igloos or snow-covered ravines, these top 10 ice plains seeds for December 2017 have you covered -- and provide some of the most challenging Minecraft has to offer.

Top 10 Minecraft 1.12.2 Ice Plain Seeds

Whether you're looking for frozen rivers or ice plains, igloos or snow-covered ravines, these top 10 ice plains seeds for December 2017 have you covered -- and provide some of the most challenging Minecraft has to offer.

Unlike many of Minecraft's biomes, the ice plains is one of the harshest to survive in. From limited resources to powerful mobs, progressing in this environment is anything but easy. 

We've collected some of the best -- and most challenging -- ice plains seeds Minecraft has to offer. Whether you brave the cold with friends or enter the ice plains alone, opportunity in this biome is boundless. 

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Spawn near Ravine

Seed: -5193415052696974067
Biomes: Ice Plains, Ice Mountains

The ice plains biome is filled with massive ravines; however, getting to the bottom of one safely is another story. Head east from the spawn point to locate the closest one (coordinates: 85, 25). Be sure to grab some coal and wood along the way. 

You can create a safe and easy travel route by placing torches near the frozen lake to melt the ice. Then, remove the dirt to allow the water to flow into the ravine. Voila! 

Ravine environments are not without their challenges. Enemies swarm the dark tunnel networks, but defeating them leads to high payoffs. Coal, iron, gold, lapis lazuli, and redstone are all in abundance -- be sure to mine them before leaving.

You'll probably want to bring spare torches along for the journey, too (and some friends who haven't discovered the sprint function).

Spawn near Igloo

Seed: -2122768189342854656
Biomes: Ice Plains

Like ravines, igloos are a staple of the ice plains biome; however, it is not common to find one built into the side of a hill. For players with a more reclusive disposition, this seed will allow you to dig out the igloo's doorway, which is otherwise openly accessible from the surface.

This igloo does not contain a secret entrance to a basement, though it does come equipped with a bed, crafting table, redstone torch, and furnace. (Prolonged use of the furnace will cause the ice window to melt.)

If you're up for a challenge, the closest igloo with a basement can be found at coordinates: -187, -259. The basement abuts a cave system, so many of the nearby zombies will be drawn to the villager -- or potential bait.

Seed with Survival Island

Seed: -1960777819588849485
Biomes: Ice Plains, Frozen River

If you've ever seen Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of The Shining, you'll be reminded of Jack Torrance frozen in the hedge maze with this seed. 

Isolated with virtually no resources, you will spawn on a tiny island surrounded by frozen ocean as far as the eye can see (or at least as far as your blocks will generate). Team up with your friends or fend against the cold alone as you trek across the ice in search of food, tools, and shelter. 

Take advantage of the night by dispatching spiders to craft a fishing rod in order to maintain a steady food supply. You'll want to locate an igloo and use the bed to create a proper spawn point.

Seed with Dungeon and Abandoned Mineshaft

Seed: -846503012736196725
Biomes: Ice Plains, Ice Mountains

If you've ever wanted to reach the Nether by staying in one place, look no further. This seed contains a ravine filled with riches that rival even Tolkien's dwarven strongholds.

From the spawn point, head south until you reach the dungeon (coordinates: -180, 360) containing stacks of gunpowder, string, iron, redstone, and iron horse armor. Yes, it's not much, but the enemies serve as a precursor to the mobs that await.

When you're ready, enter the tunnel network five blocks above the dungeon, which includes not one but two monster spawners in the massive abandoned mineshaft (coordinates: -191, 388; -197, 416).

Be sure to forge plenty of iron pickaxes, as coal, iron, gold, lapis lazuli, redstone, and diamond are conveniently located along tunnel pathways. 

Treasure chests are located at the following coordinates:

  • -207, 415
  • -153, 436

Seed with Lava Lakes

Seed: -1088994652276334139
Biomes: Ice Plains, Frozen River

Want to exacerbate your survivability? Play through this lava lakes-ice plains biome to experience a more challenging Minecraft environment -- no Goron Tunics sold here!

From the spawn point, head north to locate an igloo (coordinates: 12, 20) precariously built on top of a lava lake. Inside, you can find a secret entrance to a basement that contains gold nuggets, wheat, rotten flesh, and a stone ax. (Mining through the wall left of the cell will reveal a small cluster of iron ore.)

Seed with Archipelago

Seed: -3486616015103899833
Biomes: Ice Plains, Frozen River

With a seed that hearkens back to real-time strategy games, this "archipelago"-style ice plains map offers condensed biomes with quicker access to resources. Food remains scarce; however, players can take advantage of rivers' missing ice blocks to fish. Try catching one of the rabbits scurrying about, too.

Conserving resources in this biome is essential. Consider taking up residence in the igloo located north of the spawn point (coordinates: -172, -443). 

Tip: Defend your home by placing a pumpkin on top of two snow blocks to create a Snow Golem!

Seed with Ice Plains Spikes

Seed: -6744454415386568031
Biomes: Ice Plains, Ice Plains Spikes

It's no secret Minecraft is a gateway to many realms. With careful planning and a little magic, Arendelle can be one of them. 

Enjoy the majesty this seed brings by crafting an ice palace among the spikes, or carve out dwellings from larger spike formations. You can also try increasing your speed by placing water source blocks on top of packed ice blocks. 

Note that packed ice blocks will only drop from tools with Silk Touch enchantments.

Spawn near Hanging Rock Formation

Seed: 8451790960073775391
Biomes: Ice Plains, Ice Mountains, Ice River

From the spawn point, players can head east to locate this massive hanging rock formation (coordinates: 150, -100). With a touch of creative mode, consider building a snow-covered globe dwelling that hangs like a cocoon from the formation's arm. 

Need supplies? The nearby islands serve as good terrain to farm in large quantities. You can also take advantage of the tunnel network at the formation's base to mine coal, iron, and gold. 

Note: Adult polar bears, while normally docile, will become aggressive if guarding a polar bear cub.

Seed with Dirt Overhang

Seed: 7758824923999580525
Biomes: Ice Plains

This ice plains biome is just that: ice plains. With reduced access to water, players may find it challenging to advance in this harsh environment, placing a stronger focus on conserving health, resources, and time. 

From the spawn point, you can head southwest to locate the igloo (coordinates: -236, 85) positioned on top of a dirt overhang, which contains a secret entrance to a basement and chest with limited supplies. 

You may also find the area underneath the overhang useful, as it provides access to a water source block, a sizeable plot to farm, and an entrance to a tunnel network.

Spawn near Igloo with Ice Plains Spikes

Seed: -1223988102151433043
Biomes: Ice Plains, Ice Plains Spikes

Enjoy all the ice plains has to offer.

From the spawn point, head northwest until you discover an igloo (coordinates: -323, -221) hiding in the shadow of an ice plains spikes cityscape. While the igloo does not offer access to a basement, it does come equipped with the standard bed, redstone torch, crafting table, and furnace composition.

You can locate another igloo with basement access (coordinates: -227, -700) to loot the chest containing coal, wheat, apples, rotten flesh, and materials to cure the zombie villager.


Once you've had a chance to check out all these Minecraft ice plains seeds, let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite. Do you have a favorite seed not listed here?

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