Do you feel that your Fallout 4 experience needs a bit of a modification? Look no further. Here are my top 10 must have mods for Fallout 4.

Top 10 must have Fallout 4 mods

Do you feel that your Fallout 4 experience needs a bit of a modification? Look no further. Here are my top 10 must have mods for Fallout 4.

Have you ever wished that Fallout 4 would give you a more enhanced experience than it does? Do you feel that you need something new to improve your journey across the wasteland?

Perhaps you think settlements need more options? Well, look no further. Here are the top 10 must have mods to improve your Fallout 4 experience. These mods are presented in no particular order.


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1. True Storms

By fadingsignal

I don't know why, but I love the sound of a good old storm. The clap of thunder, the flashes of lightning...they always get the old adrenaline going. In video games, the realism of storms is something that has always been lacking. Fallout 4 is no different. 

The True Storms mod is here to fix this very issue. This mod enhances the weather conditions within the game, creating far more realistic rain, thunderstorms, and dust storms.

True Storms adds a whole array of new types of weather and sound effects for both outdoors and indoors. The new weather conditions include radiation rain, heavy dust storms, heavy and light rain, heavy fog and more. The mod increases the atmosphere of the wasteland and enhances the realism of your Fallout 4 experience.

You can download the mod here.

2. Improved Map with Visible Roads

By mm137 

If I have ever had a complaint about the Bethesda's Fallout games, it is the damn maps on the Pipboy. Sure, they do the job they are design to, but boy are they an eyesore. They're also extremely basic and could have a bit more detail to them. 

The Improved Map and Visible Roads gives the map on your Pipboy a nice overhaul. Not only does the mod significantly improve the map visually, but it also makes the road visible.

It also comes with some other options, including three levels of brightness, numbered grid lines and numbered regions. It is a must have mod for anyone who has issues with the map in Fallout 4.

You can download the mod here.

3. Homemaker - Expanded Settlements

By Novacoru

Ever feel that settlement construction is lacking or that your settlement needs that little bit of extra detail to make it what you envisioned? If that is the case, Homemaker - Expanded Settlements will be what you are looking for in Fallout 4.

This mod adds in a treasury of new things for settlements, boasting over 1000 new items. New items include cars, street lights, beds, chairs, trees, coffee machines and so much more. Homemaker also includes seven new building sets: urban brick buildings, coastal pier shacks, Institute houses, greenhouses, bunkers, diners, and warehouses.

Homemaker - Expanded Settlements is every settlement builders' dream come true. If you like building and decorating settlements, then this is a must have mod for you.

The mod can be downloaded here.

4. Crafting Workbenches

By drdanzel

I love a good old fashioned crafting system within an RPG. It gives even more reason for us to go out of our way to collect all the little bit and pieces that would otherwise be useless. Sadly, the Fallout games have never really touched on crafting in their games, at least not to any great degree.

With the Crafting Workbenches mod, you can now craft in Fallout 4. This mod introduces three new workbenches for you to place in your settlements.The three workbenches allow the player to craft a variety of items including melee and ranged weapons, ammunition, armor, all kinds of power armor, clothing and much more. If crafting is your thing and you feel it should be in Fallout 4, this mod has you sorted.

The mod can be downloaded here.

5. Unlimited Settlement Objects

By Spyder638

Ever wish that you could add more stuff to your settlement after reaching the limit? Now you can with the Unlimited Settlement Objects mod. It completely removes the object limit of settlements allowing you to place as many things as you like. Now you can pimp up your settlement the way you always dreamed.

Please, note that despite the removal of the settlement limit, you are limited to how powerful your computer is. Adding too much can cause slow downs or crash the game entirely due to memory overloads.

The mod can be downloaded here.

6. Functional Displays

By SecretAgent99

I love sprucing up a room with the many treasures that I have collected on my journeys throughout the wasteland. It has always a felt waste to just have them stuck in some form of storage. The Functional Displays mod allows you to put your finds on display.

The mod allows players convert items into a static mode for display purposes. You will be able to mount weapons on the walls, have complete armor set stands and much more. If you ever wanted to create your museum of treasures or showcase now, you can.

The mod can be downloaded here.

7. Enhanced Blood Textures

By dDefinder

My vision of the wasteland has always been one of brutality. There is no mercy within a land that has no law. I have always felt that the wasteland just isn't quite as gruesome as it could be. It could do with a bit more gore. The Enhanced Blood Textures mod is designed to fix this right up.

The mod adds in high-resolution blood decals along with new wounds such as blunt, blade, bites, claws, unarmed and energy weapons, as well as an increase of blood, and much more. If gore is your thing in video games, then this is must have mod for you.

The mod can be downloaded here.

8. Realistic Ragdoll Force

By dDefinder

Bethesda's games have always had wonky ragdoll effects. Fallout 4 is in no way any different. There is now a fix for this with the Realistic Ragdoll Force mod. The mod changes the force values of the ragdoll effect to make them more realistic. 

Changes include the explosion force within the game where it is only half of what it normally is. The decrease stops items and bodies from flying half way across the wasteland from the force of an explosive. If you would like more realistic ragdoll effects, this is the must have mod for you.

The mod can be downloaded here.


9. Arbitration

By JackArbiter

Do you feel that Fallout 4 needs a few gameplay tweaks? The Arbitration mod may be just what you are looking for. Arbitration makes some tweaks to the gameplay to improve Fallout 4's experience.

Changes include, better combat AI, reduced grenade spam, no automatic condition regeneration, increased grenade detection distance, increase stealth detection distance, Molotov cocktails burn people as oppose to exploding and more. All changes are optional.

The mod can be downloaded here.

10. Spring Cleaning

By Nverjos

There is nothing that annoys me more than having a messy home, office or base of operations. In Fallout 4, settlements are covered in various debris and clutter which cannot be removed...that is until the Spring Cleaning mod was created.

As the name suggests, it allows spring clean by clearing away all the unwanted debris that clutters your settlement. Time to spruce thing's up.

This mod can be downloaded here.


Those are my top 10 must have Fallout 4 mods that can be installed to help enhance your experience with the game. Please, always remember to backup save files before installing any mods. A mod's impact on files can be unpredictable and save file could become corrupt or incompatible.

What do you think of the list? What Fallout 4 mods, do you say are a must have? Let me know in the comments below.

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