The first Microsoft console had plenty of great games, and we'd like to see them come back on Mobile.

Top 11 Xbox Games We Want on Mobile Devices Right Now

The first Microsoft console had plenty of great games, and we'd like to see them come back on Mobile.
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While many decry the Xbox 360 and Xbox One as the worst consoles of their respective generations, it’s impossible to deny the impact that the impact that the original Xbox had.

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While many praise it simply for introducing Xbox Live and the Halo series, the truth is that the first Microsoft console brought in many gamers who’d stopping playing games after their childhood ended. And one way it did that was with an assortment of fantastic games.

While several of the console’s best games, such as Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic have already gotten Mobile ports, there are tons of games that still need one.

These are the Top 11 Xbox Games We Want on Mobile Devices Right Now.

11. MechAssault

One of the first games to utilize Xbox Live, MechAssault is actually a licensed game set in the BattleTech universe.

While most people usually dismiss licensed games as lazy cash-ins, this one clearly had a lot of time and care put into it. The lore from the dozens of books is integrated into the story, acting as a great environment to surround the player as they blow stuff up in their giant robot.

With the ease that now comes with downloading books, I could very well see the game giving Mobile players the ability to download certain books based on what parts of the game’s lore interest them.

MechAssault is a fantastic game… even if it isn’t the best licensed game on this list.

10. Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

Another game famous for its utilization of Xbox Live, the biggest reason this game should be ported to Mobile devices is just how unique it would be.

As far as arcade style flight games go, Crimson Skies is very fun. However, rather than being set in modern times, this game is set in the 1930’s, a setting usually ignored by game devs.

With pick up and play controls, an abundance of customization for your planes and weapons, and enjoyable single player and multiplayer modes, Crimson Skies would make a great addition to the Mobile market.

9. Shenmue II

The Shenmue series is beloved by many, and with Shenmue III finally becoming a reality, now is the perfect time to add the Shenmue games to the Mobile scene.

These games are cinematic adventures, with stories which resemble the classic genre of the “Revenge Epic,” which is especially popular in Chinese culture.

Something I’ve noticed that people ignore when talking about Shenmue is the gameplay itself. And having recently played the games for myself I can see why. There are no other games like them.

And while it may be hard to describe, millions of others and I, can assure you that the series provides a good time.

8. Panzer Dragoon Orta

The fourth and final game in what should have been a long running series, Panzer Dragoon Otra deserves another shot.

Despite the high quality of every Panzer Dragoon game, the series was thrown into anonymity by the fact that the first three games were released on the Sega Saturn. For those unaware, the Sega Saturn was absolutely destroyed in sales by both the Nintendo 64 and the original Playstation.

However, the series’s swan song was released on the Xbox. While it didn’t do much better in sales, Panzer Dragoon Otra was one of the best rail-shooters of all time.

Although unlikely, a Mobile port of the game could result in a revival of the series.

7. Phantasy Star Online, Episodes 1 & 2

Full Discretion: I’ve never played this game.

However, the sheer popularity and impact of this game cannot be ignored, and as such, its been placed on the list.

The history of the Phantasy Star series is a long and great one, going all the way back to 1987. However, at the turn of the century, the series went “Online” and the games under this label are some of the most popular things Sega has ever produced.

The plots are complicated, are on a massive scale, and if you’re a fan of other JRPG stories, you’ll likely enjoy these as well. Unlike other action RPGs, it is NOT an action game with RPG elements. Despite its real time, hack ‘n’ slash gameplay, this is most definitely a full RPG.

People love this game so much, that private servers were created, and lasted long after Sega shut the main servers down. I think it’s safe to say that fans would love a new way to experience this adventure.

6.Jet Set Radio: Future

Yes, this game is just a re-imagining of the Dreamcast classic. And yes, there is already a very cheap and accessible port of this game on Steam. Do you know why I don’t care?

Because Jet Set Radio: Future rocks!

The gameplay is simple but addictive, as you skate around levels, performing tricks and tagging areas with graffiti. The plot is also much grander than the original, and while I think a simple story works best for this series, it’s well told.

However, the best thing about this game is the style. From the art-style to the soundtrack, everything is just so vibrant and colorful. Some have even compared the game’s style to that of the 2007 DS exclusive, The World Ends with You.

And anything which reminds me of my favorite game of all time must be great.

5. Ninja Gaiden Black

I’m proud to say that along with other notoriously challenging games such as Battletoads and Mega Man, I have beaten the original NES Ninja Gaiden.

What I have NOT beaten is the 2004 reboot of the series, specifically the game’s remake Ninja Gaiden Black.

Like the original, this game follows the ninja Ryu Hayabusa as he goes on a quest, this time to recover a stolen sword, and avenge his slaughtered clan. While the original was a tough as nails platformer, this game is an even tougher hack ‘n’ slash.

However, despite the difficulty, it’s still a boat load of fun, and the satisfaction you get from finally conquering a level is a real high. With the rebooted series still going, Ninja Gaiden Black has a rather strong chance of getting a Mobile port, at least compared to the other games on the list.

4. The Simpsons: Hit & Run

While many praise the arcade game based off The Simpsons, and for good reason, this is what I believe to be the greatest game ever made with the Simpsons label on it.

While essentially a kid friendly Grand Theft Auto clone with a Simpsons paint job, that’s far from a bad thing. With the ability to play as Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and, for reasons only known to the creators, Apu, to drive around in an abundance of vehicles seen in the TV show, and to explore all of Springfield, this game has both solid gameplay and TONS of fan service.

Most importantly, this game is funny. If you’re like me and you think the TV show hasn’t been good since season nine, you’ll be delighted to find that this game provides humor reminiscent of those early seasons.

If any licensed game from the Xbox were to get a Mobile port, I’d want it to be this one.

3. Psychonauts

Like Jet Set Radio: Future, this game is very cheap and accessible on Steam. However, also like JSR: F, I don’t care because the idea of being able to play Psychonauts on the go is a very pleasant one.

From Grim Fandango to Brutal Legend, Tim Schafer’s games are all masterpieces, and Psychonauts is no exception.

While the gameplay alone provides a fun experience, the setting, characters, and challenges you face are all unmatched in weirdness and imagination. And those who’ve read my articles before know my love for the strange and surreal.

Psychonauts 2 is coming in 2018, and it’d be great to see a Mobile port of the original before that happens.

2. Beyond Good and Evil

Ah, Beyond Good and Evil.

Much like Psychonauts, this game is a cult classic from the early 2000’s which is only now getting a continuation thanks to fan demand. Also like the previously discussed game, Beyond Good and Evil is a masterpiece.

This action-adventure title follows photographer and orphanage owner Jade, and her “uncle,” a pig/human hybrid named Pey’j.

The story is fantastic, to the point of warranting critical analysis from some, and the focus on investigation in the gameplay over combat provides a very interesting experience.

1. Soul Calibur II

The greatest fighting game of all time!

Super Smash Bros? Please. Street Fighter? Literally a dimension away from being of this game’s level. Tekken? Ha!

Clearly, these are the opinions of a journalist with a professional mindset, and not someone who played Soul Calibur II competitively for several years, beating people all across New York as Talim and Cassandra, and can’t accept that his time has past.

In all seriousness, Soul Calibur II really is a marvel of the 3D fighting genre. Many fans still even think of this as the peak of the Soul Calibur series’ greatness.

While it’s original gameplay may not translate well to Mobile, at least for players who want to perform combos, Mobile versions of games such as Injustice: Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat X have shown alternate ways for fighting games to appear on portable devices.

These have been my Top 11 Xbox Games We Want on Mobile Devices Right Now. Do you agree with this list? What classic Xbox games do you want on Mobile devices? And most importantly, who’s your main in Soul Calibur II? Let me know in the comments!

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