Top 20 Hearthstone Cards from the Whispers of the Old Gods

Out of 134 new Hearthstone cards in the "Whispers of the Old Gods" expansion these 20 are the very best,

Every Hearthstone expansion includes over 100 new cards, and the latest one, titled “Whispers of the Old Gods”, is no different. However, only a handful of these cards are really valuable and will be seen in competitive decks.

If you can’t decide which new cards to craft, then take a look at these top 20 choices from “Whispers of the Old Gods” that will definitely establish themselves as a part of the top tier decks, and will be worth of your hard-earned dust.

The cards in this selection are presented in the order of their rarities:

  • 3 common cards (slides 2-4)
  • 8 rare cards (slides 5-12)
  • 4 epic cards (slides 13-16)
  • 5 legendary cards (slides 17-21)

Best Common Cards in Whispers of the Old Gods

Dark Arakkoa

Druid receives a class-specific Taunt minion that has great stats and relatively low cost. On top of that, it significantly buffs your C’Thun legendary minion, whether it’s in your deck, hand, or battlefield. All this value in a common card makes Dark Arakkoa one of the best cards in the set.

It will cost you only 40 dust to craft (or 80 for two copies), and if you plan on playing the C’Thun-based Druid deck, then it is a must.

Faceless Summoner

Many Hearthstone players have expressed their dissatisfaction with this card’s rarity. This Mage minion summons another random minion that costs 3 mana, which is a big deal -- especially on Arena. But maybe this is exactly what Blizzard was going for -- to help new players progress faster with the help of strong and cheap cards.

It is obvious that this common minion is a tad overpowered, and imagine the combo with Brann Bronzebeard that triggers the Battlecry twice. In any case, you will see this card played everywhere -- in Standard, Wild, and Arena -- that’s for sure.

Here is the spreadsheet of all possible minions that can be summoned by Faceless Summoner.

Flamewreathed Faceless

Aggro Shaman loses a couple of important cards with the rotation of the sets, but gains this massive 7/7 minion for mere 4 mana that overloads for 2. It is already frustrating for your opponent when you play 3/4 Totem Golem on turn 2, and now you can put an even bigger threat out there on turn four, and there isn’t much that they can do about it.

Fireguard Destroyer is a good alternative, but the RNG element doesn’t guarantee a 7/6 minion on board every time, while Flamewreathed Faceless is a solid 7/7 every time you play it. Also, overload buffs up your Tunnel Trogg, so this card is definitely a keeper in your Shaman decks.

Best Rare Cards in Whispers of the Old Gods

Ancient Shieldbearer

This Warrior minion is cool on so many levels. First of all, it interacts with C’Thun -- but instead of buffing it, Ancient Shieldbearer gives your hero 10 points of armor. Secondly, it fills the hole in Warrior decks that was occupied by Shieldmaiden, which is no longer viable for Standard format. And lastly, it puts a solid 6/6 minion on board.

This card will be played in mostly Control Warrior decks, and with the help of Brann Bronzebeard it can be combined to gain 20 points of armor at once. So it's no wonder that it has been already proclaimed by the community as the “Shieldmaiden on steroids”.

Disciple of C'Thun

The first really valuable neutral minion in this compilation is perfect for any type of tempo-based decks that also utilize C’Thun. It is super cheap and deals 2 damage when played, although the body itself is pretty weak with only 1 point of health.

Anyway, everyone can now play their own SI7 Agent in any deck and it doesn’t require Combo activation to trigger its Battlecry.


Doomcaller is undeniably the most important minion to have in your C’Thun decks. The reason is simple – it will resurrect your dead C’Thun and put it back in your deck. Of course, you can just play the Resurrect spell in Priest, but its random effect doesn’t guarantee that C’Thun will be summoned, and it is limited to one class only.


This Shaman spell must be the most overpowered spell ever in Hearthstone. It replaces all your minions on board with more powerful versions, and it costs only 1 mana without any overload. Now, imagine playing Onyxia on turn 10 as you combo it with Evolve – you get full board of 2 mana minions and one giant 10 mana minion.

Another great way to use this spell is possible when your minions are damaged but still survive, you can then evolve them into minions with full health, so it almost works like a Circle of Healing… but better.

Klaxxi Amber-Weaver

The stats on this minion are already very good in its initial form, but if you manage to buff your C’Thun to at least 10/10, you will get a 4/10 minion for 4 mana, which is very strong. The only other card that is capable of doing the same is Twilight Drake.

This one and a few other minions already make Druid one of the most favorable classes to play in the new meta, especially after its overplayed Force of Nature/Savage Roar combo got nerfed.

Master of Evolution

A companion to Evolve spell, this minion puts a solid body on the board in combination with the same transformative effect. It’s like a better version of Recombobulator and it will work great when you don’t have a full board of minions, but for example, only one totem created by the Shaman’s hero power.

Many players now consider this the best 4 drop in the entire game alongside Savage Combatant since Piloted Shredder is no longer viable for Standard format.

Thing from Below

Another overpowered minion for Shaman? Yeah, looks like this class is going places in the new meta. Here’s how you play it for the best effect: turn 2 – Totem Golem, turn 3 – Tuskarr Totemic, turn 4 - Thing from Below with Taunt and no overload.

This is seriously one of the best cards in the new set and every Shaman player should consider it in their midrange class decks.

Twilight Darkmender

Finally, a new Priest minion with decent effect. Its healing power is obviously cool, but imagine the combo with Brann Bronzebeard for 20 health points on Battlecry. This one will see much play in decks that don’t want to run Reno Jackson and would rather include two copies of really good minions, while having no worries about their hero’s overall state of health.

Best Epic Cards in Whispers of the Old Gods

Blade of C'Thun

At first, when you look at the mana cost and the stats of this minion, it doesn’t really look that good. You don’t usually pay 9 mana for 4/4 body. However, the effects on this card are quite persuasive, as you get to assassinate whatever minion your opponent plays and transfer its stats to your C’Thun.

Now, imagine you play against another C’Thun deck and they decide to put out their C’Thun first, obviously significantly buffed. So, if it doesn’t kill you, Blade of C'Thun destroys the opponent’s C’Thun and buffs your own C’Thun to freaking infinity. Also, consider Shadowstep on this card and you will get insane amounts of value.

Call of the Wild

This Hunter’s spell rarity is very fitting one, as it truly is epic. For 8 mana you can summon all three Animal Companions immediately, thus leaving almost no chances for your opponent to win. The minions appear in alphabetical order – Huffer, Leokk, and Misha. This means that if you have five or six other minions on board and you decide to play Call of the Wild, the companions will appear in this exact order.

Eternal Sentinel

Many people have argued what is the point of another card that unlocks your overloaded mana crystals besides Lava Shock. However, it looks like having 4 cards in your deck that release your hero from overload is exactly what the Shaman needed.

There are many effective cards that utilize overload, but it’s hard to play anything else when you have nothing to pay with on your next turn. So, the more ways you have to keep pressure and keep your mana crystals fill up again will easily turn Shaman into a tier 1 class.


When you see this Rogue card you can think of only other two cards: Malygos and Emperor Thaurissian. You can also consider Ragnaros and Blade of C’Thun, but no matter what card you decide to make a second copy of, Shadowcaster seals the deal here.

The amount of combos possible with this minion is just mindblowing. Also, if you feel that two copies of Shadowcaster aren’t enough, then consider playing Gang Up and rake in all the value.

Best Legendary Cards in Whispers of the Old Gods


A lot has been said about this unique legendary minion. This is that one card that gets the title of “meta-defining” by the community. Expect to see it in almost every class and deck on both the Standard and Wild ladders.

Probaby the best thing about this card is that it is free for everyone and the only drawback is that you won’t see it (or any other related minions) in the Arena drafts – it has been intentionally excluded by the development team. They know too well just how strong it is.

Fandral Staghelm

Besides an obvious value that players can receive from playing Fandral Staghelm with Ancient of Lore, Ancient of War and Druid of the Claw, another new card from ”Whispers of the Old Gods” -- Mire Keeper -- also deserves a lot of attention. It gives you an empty mana crystal and summons a 2/2 Slime.

Another valuable card worth mentioning here is Nourish – just imagine drawing three cards and gaining two mana crystals for mere 5 mana. And, that’s how you play Hearthstone – you simply outvalue your opponent.

Hallazeal the Ascended

Shaman is just packing some punch in this new expansion. No other class has so many good cards like Shaman this time around.

Hallazeal is a legendary that seals the status of top tier Shaman decks in combination with AOE (Area Of Effect) board clears, such as Elemental Destruction and Lightning Storm. Even if you restore only a few points of health by dealing damage with Lightning Bolt or Stormcrack, it already makes the card so worth it.

N'Zoth, the Corruptor

This is an excellent game finisher (although not as good as C’Thun) that summons your deathrattle minions. Obviously, you need to play really good cards with deathrattle effect to gain as much value as possible, such as Tirion Fordring, Anub’arak or Sylvanas Windrunner.

However, N'Zoth will be more useful in Wild format due to availability of many good deathrattle minions from “Curse of Naxxramas” adventure that had to leave the standard format due to rotation.

Twin Emperor Vek'lor

As you may have heard the famed Dr. Boom left the house of standard format, instead Blizzard gave us Twin Emperor Vek'lor – a minion that is way too overpowered. If you play this with Brann Bronzebeard, you get a third copy of Emperor, thus putting three 4/6 minions with Taunt on board for 7 mana.

The C’Thun meta is real and strong, so no wonder that other types of decks will be played less and less. On the other hand, the new Deathwing card will probably spawn a few interesting dragon-based decks, but the community has declared this iteration to be too slow, so don’t hold your breath.

What is your favorite new card from the “Whispers of the Old Gods” expansion? Do you think C’Thun will be as strong as everybody says? Share your opinions in the comments section.