Top 20 Minecraft 1.16.5 Seeds for April 2021

Before Mojang releases Minecraft 1.17, use your time to go deeper into the nether with our monthly draft of the best Minecraft 1.16.5 seeds.

Before Mojang releases Minecraft 1.17, use your time to go deeper into the nether with our monthly draft of the best Minecraft 1.16.5 seeds.
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Minecraft 1.17 update has been in development since November last year, and it still needs some work before all the elements will be ready for the official launch.

In the meantime, Nether Update has been doing really well in terms of reviving the good old nether world, which has been almost forgotten prior to the release of Minecraft 1.16.

The 1.16.5 version, although overstaying its welcome a bit too long, does still have a few exciting areas to explore, especially within the nether realm.

This month's draft of the best Minecraft seeds will show you where to find all the finest locations.

Seed: 1673084316808196417

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Plains, Forest

You will spawn at the entrance to an unusually long village, which consists of 20 buildings and occupies over 300 blocks.

To the northwest of spawn you will also discover a jungle biome with temple at coordinates -700, -750.

And, in the southwest there is a desert and savanna biomes with an acacia village at coordinates -750, 150.

Seed: -4514910935906246725

Coordinates: -50, 50
Biomes: Plains, Mushroom Island

Spawn on a huge survival island that is connected with the mushroom biome and accommodates a village with a resurfaced shipwreck.

There is a skeleton dungeon under the mushroom island at coordinates -13, 56, 131. Also, there is a zombie dungeon right under the village at coordinates -219, 26, 96.

Seed: -7865616449849762231

Coordinates: 150, 200
Biomes: Plains, Jungle

Right after you spawn, travel in the southeastern direction to coordinates 1300, 600 for a village standing next to a jungle temple at coordinates 1250, 850.

The temple has a secret of its own - a complete stronghold right underneath it at coordinates 1200, 750.

The stronghold can be seen exposed in the underground ravine, which makes it easily accessible from above.

Seed: -5355361032005128509

Coordinates: -100, 50
Biomes: Taiga, Forest

There is a double spider dungeon right under the spawn, although quite deep, at coordinates -150, 11, 80. Still, this is so rare that you definitely need to take your chances.

Also, at coordinates 50, -300, there is a taiga village to help you with tools and other equipment. It's very close to spawn, so you shouldn't miss it.

Seed: 5149497532123199246

Coordinates: -200, -50
Biomes: Plains, Ice Spikes

You will spawn in a village that stands very close to another one that occupies a rather big chunk of ice spikes biome at coordinates -200, -200.

The closest igloo with basement is up north from the icy village at coordinates -750, -450. You will encounter a few more on your way there, but without the basement.

Seed: -5208358476057223905

Coordinates: 150, 50
Biomes: Desert

This seed is for those who like difficult nether spawns.

The ruined portal near spawn will take you to a block that is hanging in the air right above the lava pool.

There is a bastion remnant right next to it, if you find a way to get there.

This can be a great challenging seed for all hardcore players!

Seed: -689331058265012895

Coordinates: 50, -50
Biomes: Desert, Savanna

Spawn in a shattered savanna stranded in the desert amidst a surprisingly big number of villages. Here are their coordinates:

  1. 50, 50
  2. -300, 100
  3. 50, -200
  4. -450, -400

Each village except the first one has its own desert temple, which equals at least 12 treasure chests in total. Now, that's a lot of loot!

Seed: -8869075918072220932

Coordinates: 100, -50
Biomes: Various

Three villages at spawn, all on different biomes!

This seed has a highly variable biome generation that provides you with an access to a huge number of different resources.

The spawn is also located right in between three villages: savanna, desert, and forest, at the following coordinates:

  1. 100, 50
  2. -100, -250
  3. 150, -250

Seed: 2820300547915392669

Coordinates: 250, 250
Biomes: Jungle, Desert

Everything in this seed is doubled, when it comes to villages, desert pyramids, and jungle temples. You will find two of each at the following coordinates:

  • Villages: 200, 150 and 50, -350
  • Desert pyramids: 50, 50 and 50, -150
  • Jungle temples: 250, 300 and 600, 150

All these structures can be easily accessed around the spawn.

Seed: -566892635798499783

Coordinates: 50, -150
Biomes: Ice Spikes, Forest

You will spawn in the ice cold biome near a snow village at coordinates -350, 100.

Then, travel a bit further to the west for a woodland mansion that overlooks the magnificent ice spikes biome at coordinates -650, 300.

The mobs in the mansion aren't very friendly, but the loot is all worth the trip.

Seed: 7136985008119621098

Coordinates: -50, 50
Biomes: Plains, Icebergs

Island village with blacksmith at spawn!

Being secluded on an island is already a hard task, but when it's surrounded by icebergs like in this case, then it gets really strenuous.

But just across the field of icebergs to the south, there is a warm swampland, and further down, there is a mainland that can give you the necessary resources for survival.

Seed: 3130814206415723290

Coordinates: -50, 50
Biomes: Soul Sand Valley, Basalt Deltas

You will spawn in a rather large flower forest biome with a unique surrounding, which consists of jungle and wooded hills.

There is a jungle temple nearby at coordinates -150, -300, and a village with ruined portal at coordinates -350, -200.

The portal can be seen right on top of the hill at coordinates -550, -250. It will teleport you straight to the walls of the nether fortress.

Seed: 1559046889430352282

Coordinates: -150, 50
Biomes: Plains, Desert

If you dig right at spawn, you will soon arrive at a very rare double dungeon. One spawns skeletons and the other one zombies at coordinates -209, 24, 78.

South of spawn you will find a village with a desert temple resting against a fantastic shattered savanna at coordinates -350, 250.

Seed: 9028011435663759868

Coordinates: 200, -250
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

This survival Minecraft seed gives you two villages right at spawn in the taiga biome at coordinates 350, -150 and 550, 50.

But that's not even the best part, as you will find a fully exposed stronghold under a survival island at coordinates -1200, -800.

You can easily cover this distance and finish the game by beating the ender dragon.

Seed: 28794881985340363

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Shattered Savanna

Spawn in a shattered savanna with village that has its buildings generate on the very top of the hills reaching over a hundred blocks up in the air.

There is enough natural laddering to get you to the top, so you could oversee some of the most gorgeous views in Minecraft.

Seed: -4578576346587762249

Coordinates: 50, 100
Biomes: Various

Mesa can be a tough ground for survival, but this seed puts you right in between the two villages, where you can find all the tools for the game.

There is also a desert temple hidden in the desert hills at coordinates -200, 150. That should be more than enough to give you a solid start.

Seed: 7493216963743402483

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Plains, Forest

If you've been dreaming about getting a diamond armor set, then this seed will grant you your wish.

After you spawn, travel to coordinates 50, 300 for a taiga village, and then to coordinates 100, 50 for a ruined portal that will take you right to the walls of a bastion remnant.

On the bottom of the nether structure you will find two chests with diamond armor.

Seed: -987521553946311450

Coordinates: 200, -20
Biomes: Plains, Desert

Spawn on an oasis in the middle of the desert that just happens to have a village nearby and a temple at coordinates 100, -100.

There aren't that many trees, but you have access to several sources of water, which is super convenient.

To the south of spawn you can find jungle and some mountains, if you get tired of the yellow sand.

Seed: 4758850522969686141

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Taiga

Double taiga village at spawn!

This rare structure generation can be seen at coordinates 50, 150. Together both villages contain over 20 buildings.

In the eastern direction you will also find a stronghold under a village at coordinates 1350, 450.

Seed: -407960423879759120

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Ocean, Taiga

You will spawn near a tall birch forest just south of the cute little island with taiga village that occupies the most beautiful part of the ocean filled with coral reef.

You can find the island village by going to coordinates -300, -400. There is also an abandoned mineshaft under the reef at coordinates -300, -500.

That's it for this month's best Minecraft seeds for 1.16.5. Check out more Minecraft articles right here, including a huge catalog of awesome seeds for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!