Top 20 Minecraft Seeds for Minecraft 1.9 (December 2015)

A selection of all the great Minecraft seeds for this month!

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Winter is here and it’s time to present you with another batch of fresh seeds for Minecraft 1.9. Obviously, this one is going to have a lot of snowy seeds for developing your survival skills amidst the frosty landscapes. You will find a few villages, savannas and desert temples, as well as lots of valuable loot and tons of resources to build with.

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Seed: 2686973600511443818
Coordinates: -266 79 197
Biome: Ice Plains Spikes

Spawn in a seemingly typical taiga biome, but if you travel to the following coordinates: -124 89 196, you will see something extraordinary – an ultra rare Ice Plains Spikes biome. This exceedingly beautiful area could be a perfect home for Minecraft’s own Santa Claus. Of course, it’s just an idea, but if you find something as rare as this, wouldn’t it be great to build something unique here and share it with your friends?

Seed: -8649037459082707867
Coordinates: 142 69 260
Biome: Forest

Spawn right next to a huge crack in the ground surrounded by forest and swampland biomes. The ravine has many openings to a few interconnected caves and an abandoned mineshaft. In one of the caves you will find obsidian and iron ore right at the entrance. This is a great place for mining and exploring, just don’t forget your torch – it’s gonna be dark in there.

Seed: 290482260067070826
Coordinates: 154 91 227
Biome: Plains

You will spawn in a cool plains area with an abandoned mineshaft nearby, but the real value of this seed is the active 12 eyed end portal at these coordinates: -692 22 648. As you enter the portal, you will immediately encounter an Ender Dragon, the mob boss of The End biome. You can try to kill it, which will grant you a massive amount of experience points.

Seed: 562732938
Coordinates: 53 67 123
Biome: Savanna

Spawn at the border of three biomes: plains, savanna and desert. There’s a relatively large village nearby with many farms and animals. There is no blacksmith in the village, but you will find a cool ravine close by that has a few caves to pillage. Other than that, explore, survive and have fun!

Seed: -3830842913915544643
Coordinates: -134 75 259
Biome: Plains

This time you'll spawn right in the village with a blacksmith, though this village is not as big as the previous one. But this seed has a few unique features that should be interesting to you. First, there's the loot in the smithy’s chest that includes: 3 gold ingots, 2 iron pickaxes, bread, apples and an iron sword. Second, there is a dungeon right below the smithy’s shop, which is unusual to say the least.

Seed: 7604762526786970606
Coordinates: 81 72 259
Biome: Ice Plains

You will spawn in a forest right next to an ice plains biome, which is not very big. Further to the north you will see a spruce forest with a river flowing through all three biomes. It’s a very nice seed if you’re looking for a compact area that combines snowy plains and green trees.

Seed: -1294014704510664279
Coordinates: 13 64 16
Biome: Cold Taiga

Spawn in the middle of cold taiga biome with spruce trees everywhere and a frozen river running through it. This time it’s a huge snowy area that may fit the needs of those players who would like to build a winter cottage in a remote place. There is an extreme hills biome nearby, where you can start building a mine-shaft.

Seed: 474528482284465600
Coordinates: 16 69 -2
Biome: Ice Plains

Spawn in the wide open icy plains area with an almost flat land that is perfect for building a settlement. Close to the spawn there is a ravine that is about 30 blocks deep and it’s full of iron ore. You can see some extreme hills in the distance, but they’re pretty far away.

Seed: -4309709961597144836
Coordinates: 0 71 6
Biome: Frozen River

Spawn in the snowy area with hills and a small green forest nearby. Then, go to the following coordinates: -221 63 -49, where you will find a frozen river. This place is quite special, as it has an entrance into the dungeon and a mine-shaft with a lot of iron ore. On the bank of the river there’s a nice underpass that is perfect for building a house.

Seed: -4309709961597144836
Coordinates: -123 64 253
Biome: Mushroom Forest

Spawn at the border of the plains area and head straight to these coordinates: -369 75 91. There you will find a lush mushroom forest that shares space with a few swamps. If you travel to -247 75 -113, you will arrive at a small flower forest with a few caves to explore nearby.

Seed: 2136323399
Coordinates: 819 88 -257
Biome: Savanna Island

Here’s one truly unusual survival island! Spawn on top of the sole hill located on a small island with Savanna biome. The shoreline stretches a bit, creating a lagoon of clear blue water and the pool that has some clay on the bottom. The hill on the island has an entrance to a cave system full of coal.

Seed: -4456731941810876400
Coordinates: -255 67 243
Biome: Plains

Spawn right next to a large village surrounded by extreme hills. There is a blacksmith with a fantastic loot in his chest, it includes: 6 pieces of obsidian, 2 gold ingots, iron helmet, chestplate and boots, 10 iron ingots and some apples. If you travel to the following coordinates: -198 20 218, you will arrive at a dungeon, and at -722 29 303 you will also find a stronghold.

Seed: -4100875858698083715
Coordinates: 76 66 252
Biome: Plains

Spawn close to a large village and a jungle temple. There is no blacksmith in this settlement, but you will find 11 gold ingots in the chest inside the temple. If you want to quickly teleport to these locations, then use the following coordinates: 97 68 150 for the village and 256 75 133 for the temple. There is another smaller village at 21 72 654, which is also worth checking out.

Seed: 85490543201
Coordinates: 25 62 103
Biome: Ice Plains Spikes

Spawn in the thick of a massive ice plains biome with giant ice spikes everywhere and tall extreme hills. This is a perfect Christmas world, where you can start the most ambitious building project in Minecraft. You can go on top of the highest spike and set up an ice tower or go underground and explore the dungeon system below.

Seed: -2788760844838102142
Coordinates: 30 67 49
Biome: Ice Plains

Spawn very close to the naturally generated igloo house amidst the gorgeous ice plains. As you enter the igloo, you'll need to slam the floor in order to find a hatch. Open it and go downstairs into a secret underground room. There is a chest inside with some excellent loot: 4 gold nuggets, a golden apple, some coal and wheat.

Seed: -5266416014843159109
Coordinates: 237 63 160
Biome: Plains

Spawn near a village with a blacksmith and a chest with some nice loot: gold horse armor, iron leggings, 5 iron ingots, an iron sword and a couple of oak saplings. The village is positioned in the most unusual way, as its buildings are inside the ravine and stretch up high to the very top. There’s also another ravine close by with lots of iron and coal.

Seed: 8678942899319966093
Coordinates: -211 70 268
Biome: Plains

Welcome to the animal farm! You will spawn at the village with lots of animals around: pigs, sheep, horses and donkeys, all scattered around the plains biome. There is a blacksmith with a chest full of iron ingots, a few gold ingots and a horse saddle. Teleport to -160 71 285, where you will find a desert temple with a lot of excellent things to grab, such as diamonds and emeralds.

Seed: 3736255817155530355
Coordinates: 36 235 90
Biome: Savanna Plateau M

Spawn in an area where everything is huge. The ravines are deep and permeated with caves and dungeons, while mountains and hills are so tall that they go way beyond the level of clouds in the sky. The highest point has over 200 blocks and opens to an incredible view from atop to many biomes including desert, savanna and plains.

Seed: -648470061395487076
Coordinates: -237 66 81
Biome: Plains

Spawn in a lush area with waterfalls and ravines. If you want to see a village located at the very edge of the desert biome, then travel to -199 75 160. There you will find a blacksmith with a chest. Inside you will find a chestplate, leggings and helmet with +2 armor, and a gold horse armor.

Seed: -1931359330
Coordinates: -265 63 88
Biome: Taiga

Here’s another frosty seed that is perfect for setting up a Christmas party. You will spawn in a beautiful location with icy spikes everywhere surrounded by spruce forest and a frozen river. This can be an excellent survival seed for beginners.

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