Here are all the great Minecraft seeds for the month of February.

Top 20 Minecraft seeds for Minecraft 1.9 (February 2016)

Here are all the great Minecraft seeds for the month of February.

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Jungle seeds are some of the most favorite among Minecraft fans, thus we present you some of the best jungle seeds in this new selection for the latest Minecraft 1.9 snapshot (slides 10, 12, 16-20). This batch also includes some cool villages, desert temples and survival islands, both large and small. You will be able to locate some excellent loot inside many chests with diamonds, gold and enchantments.

If you missed it, then also check out the previous top 20 seeds for Minecraft 1.9 in this selection for January 2016.

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Seed: -1851775796
Coordinates: -228 71 234
Biome: Desert

Spawn at the border of two biomes: desert and plains. There is a water well on the desert part, which indicates that you can start building a settlement in this desert seed. If you need resources, then teleport to these coordinates -262 70 -198. There you will find a desert temple with the following loot: Enchanted Book – Flame, 3 iron horse armors, 2 golden apples and a lot of gunpowder.

Seed: -4806653002380752798
Coordinates: -218 64 283
Biome: Taiga

Spawn on a huge island with a massive ravine that can be mined for plenty of coal and iron ore. If you travel beyond the forest area, you will encounter another island – this time with lots of giant mushrooms. There is also an undiscovered desert area that probably contains a few small villages that are worth checking out.

Seed: 2945749724104359467
Coordinates: -247 70 166
Biome: Plains

You will spawn at the intersection of plains, savanna and desert biomes. If you teleport to the following coordinates -344 63 215, you will find a cool village with a blacksmith and a butcher. The chest at the smithy’s shop includes 3 golden horse saddles! The area around this plains biome seed is filled with pigs and farms.

Seed: -1979321542
Coordinates: -219 74 255
Biome: Desert

Spawn at the edge of the plains biome. If you travel to these coordinates 151 66 538, you will encounter a desert temple with some pumpkins lying outside and a village nearby. The chests in the temple include one golden apple, 2 emeralds, one gold horse armor, 7 gold ingots and some gunpowder. The village is located at 310 67 702 and has a blacksmith with a couple of iron ingots and bread in his chest.

Seed: 8448303940134690853
Coordinates: 72 66 261
Biome: Plains

Spawn right next to a relatively large village with a lot of pigs and horses around. Not far from the village there is an entrance into the zombie dungeon that leads to an abandoned mineshaft. If you don’t wish to look for it, then just teleport to the following coordinates 115 40 219. But beware – zombies are right behind the corner.

Seed: -4157621350538891120
Coordinates: -204 64 196
Biome: Forest

Spawn amidst a lush flower forest seed with some unusual underpass close to the spawn point. If you want to quickly find the underpass, then teleport to these coordinates -267 101 314. This could be a great place for building something of your own, but first you need to do some work, as there is a huge hole right under the hanging patch of land.

Seed: -2239149216955588282
Coordinates: -232 71 208
Biome: Savanna

Spawn in the savanna biome with an interesting formation in the ground – an f-shaped ravine. This area is full of animals such as sheep and pigs, which may be a good starting point for your own little village. The ravine has all the necessary resources, such as coal and iron ore and it is located at these coordinates -192 67 322.

Seed: -4654988020280910661
Coordinates: 131 86 236
Biome: Taiga Hills

Spawn in the taiga biome with some amazing extreme hills surrounding the area. There is a small, but really cute village at the foot of the mountain. It has a blacksmith and a huge potential for growth. The chest of the smithy includes emeralds, apples and iron armor. If you travel to 160 76 739, you will find a skeleton spawner at this taiga biome seed.

Seed: -5729242796930217720
Coordinates: -254 74 -63
Biome: Mesa

Spawn at the intersection of three biomes: mesa, jungle and plains. The Bryce Mesa biome is a pretty sizeable one and the jungle forest beyond contains a temple with some nice loot inside. The coordinates of the temple are -409 80 354. The chests include 3 diamonds, Fortune II and Protection III enchantments, 8 iron ingots, 6 gold ingots and some rotten flesh.

Seed: 5844741356051613512
Coordinates: 176 72 252
Biome: Plains

Spawn at the border of savanna and plains biome with a nice village for starters. There is a blacksmith with a handful of excellent loot in this village seed, such as 2 diamonds, 2 iron pickaxes, 7 obsidian stones and apples. Behind the village there is a massive extreme hills biome – a perfect place for adventurous players to explore.

Seed: -7153343154220220136
Coordinates: 62 64 247
Biome: Jungle

Spawn at the redwood taiga biome that is adjacent to a massive jungle area. Travel to these coordinates -1000 80 -200 in order to find a jungle temple that doesn’t have much, but if you’re interested in a saddle and a golden horse armor, then it’s totally worth checking out this jungle biome seed.

Seed: -4223267218539501001
Coordinates: -61 64 -111
Biome: Forest

You will spawn on one of many islands scattered around this ocean area. The islands have one distinct feature – flower forest biome. This is definitely one of the most beautiful gatherings of islands in Minecraft 1.9. A bit further to the east you will find a mushroom island with lots of cows and sheep.

Seed: -4675159666879034910
Coordinates: -233 67 227
Biome: Plains

Spawn near a really small village with only a few houses and no farms. However, there is still a blacksmith and a great chest. It contains one gold horse armor, one diamond horse armor and one full iron armor set for your character. This means that you can fearlessly raid zombie and skeleton dungeons in this plains biome seed.

Seed: -1668632384991461208
Coordinates: 240 72 173
Biome: Ice Plains

Spawn at the edge of the ice plains biome with an interesting combination – a village with NPCs and an igloo that stands right next to it. Unfortunately, there is no smithy in the village, but you can always check the secret room below the igloo. The secret chest contains a golden apple and some wheat.

Seed: -9065479248748140566
Coordinates: -226 70 241
Biome: Plains

Spawn close to a pretty big village with a library, but no blacksmith. If you trade with the librarian you can get a Fire Aspect II enchantment, which is really good to have in your stash. The desert located next to this settlement contains another village, which you might also want to check out at the following coordinates 628 70 -385.

Seed: -5629845427744059835
Coordinates: 154 71 244
Biome: Jungle Hills

Spawn in the middle of a lush jungle area that contains a temple at these coordinates 166 93 263. There are two chests in the temple, one of them is hidden behind the wall with the levers. One of the chests contains 6 gold ingots and some bones. The second one has a diamond horse armor, which is a pretty cool find for this Minecraft jungle seed.

Seed: -9089409167323528152
Coordinates: -185 66 -72
Biome: Jungle

This one is a jungle island for those who like to survive in an exotic way. There’s also enough place for a beach house and a lagoon nearby. If you dig deep underground you will find a dungeon with plenty of coal. In the case you don’t want to explore and immediately start mining, then use these coordinates instead -281 53 -96.

Seed: -4586432859068680581
Coordinates: -50 73 260
Biome: Jungle

Spawn amidst a jungle biome with a hidden ravine very close to the spawn point. But there are so many trees around that you may not even see it, so just teleport to these coordinates -53 53 242 and check it out for yourself. There is more than enough coal, iron and obsidian, if you are interested in these resources.

Seed: -2893528817827962191
Coordinates: -148 67 250
Biome: Jungle

How about a ravine and a temple? Spawn near a jungle temple with two treasure chests that include 9 gold ingots and a horse saddle. Right next to this temple there is a decent sized ravine, although not as big as the one in the previous jungle biome seed. If you can’t find the location of the temple, here are the coordinates -134 72 42.

Seed: -4100875858698083715
Coordinates: 71 72 254
Biome: Plains

Spawn close to a village located near a small pond and a jungle biome. Not far away from the settlement there is a temple at the following coordinates 262 83 134. The chests inside the temple contain 15 gold ingots, plus some flesh and bones.

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