Top 20 Minecraft seeds for Minecraft 1.9 (January 2016)

All the latest and greatest seeds for Minecraft 1.9

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In the new year of 2016 we share another excellent collection of freshly discovered seeds for the latest Minecraft snapshot. This time you will find many big villages located at unexpected places, lots of desert temples full of loot, a couple of survival islands and a bunch of flat lands that are great for building houses for your own settlements.

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Seed: 546868080
Coordinates: 162 90 -521
Biome: Desert, Savanna

Spawn at the desert biome near one of the six villages presented in this seed. From there go north to reach the second village and a desert temple. Teleport to these coordinates -387 102 229 for another desert village with a temple blocking the river. The fourth one can be found at -190 92 628, which is very close to a savanna biome. Village number five is located at 3 86 662. And, the last one brings you back to the desert at 690 96 616.

Some villages have blacksmiths with chests and others don’t, but desert temples definitely have lots of great loot.

Seed: 8381534087673555544
Coordinates: 208 65 57
Biome: Forest

You will spawn on one of many small survival islands that are included in a sort of an ocean archipelago. Some of these small islands have trees, while others consist of sand alone. You can also encounter a few pigs and cows. This is a relatively easy survival island seed, so it will be a perfect starting point for beginners.

Seed: -1214234845461953835
Coordinates: -182 64 503
Biome: Plains

Spawn in an incredibly picturesque plains area right near a huge ravine. This deep crack in the ground is full of underground dungeons and resources; such as gold, iron and coal. The cave system is rich and leads to all sorts of places, some will bring you to the bottom of the lake and others send you right down to the bedrock level.

Seed: 3520399816656339015
Coordinates: 30 70 127
Biome: Plains

Spawn close to a huge naturally generated village in the plains biome. Unfortunately, there is no blacksmith or church, but you will find a lot of farms with potatoes and wheat, and two libraries. The location is surrounded by a few other biomes, such as extreme hills, taiga, forest and jungle.

Seed: 6270421024860665255
Coordinates: -172 82 175
Biome: Mesa

This one is weird. You will spawn in a savanna biome, but you actually want to go north or just teleport to these coordinates -172 82 175. You will find yourself near a mesa biome that has a strange looking desert temple. The chests are pretty good and contain plenty of gold and iron ingots.

Seed: 2418759968121918267
Coordinates: -164 69 188
Biome: Desert, Forest

Spawn at the edge of three biomes creating a most unusual sight. The desert biome has a small village with a few fields and a couple of small buildings. The forest part is full of wolves and trees. The most interesting area is the adjoined mushroom island. This is an extremely rare location that combines all three biomes positioned so close to each other.

Seed: 4720865751441318749
Coordinates: 221 71 263
Biome: Plains

Spawn near a relatively big village with a blacksmith, farms and animals. The smithy’s chest is not too rich, but will offer you some iron ingots, oak saplings and a pickaxe, which is very useful. To the west of the village you will find a wide swampland, and to the north of the spawn there is an ice plains biome with a couple of igloos.

Seed: -7115476911519777419
Coordinates: 240 75 244
Biome: Savanna, Ice Plains

Spawn at an empty flat area with no particular value. However, if you travel to the following coordinates 3652 75 1316, you will find yourself on a small patch of savanna biome with a cute little village completely surrounded by ice plains and ice spikes. This village has no smithy, but instead there are two libraries for you to raid.

Seed: -32987425632
Coordinates: -26 65 260
Biome: Desert

Spawn right next to a desert village and a temple. The settlement consists of ten houses, a library and farms with wheat, potatoes and carrots. The chests in the temple nearby are some of the best in the game and include diamonds, emeralds, gold ingots and a horse saddle. If you dig right under the temple, you will find yourself in an abandoned mineshaft with some more diamonds.

Seed: 96063716
Coordinates: -640 72 60
Biome: Mushroom Island

You will spawn at the edge of a huge survival island on a small patch of the forest biome. The rest of the island consists of mushrooms and extreme hills. The hills have a few cave entrances in them that contain a lot of mining resources, such as coal and iron ore. And, as usual with mushroom biomes, you will find lots of cows scattered around.

Seed: -293224826722673
Coordinates: -176 73 239
Biome: Extreme Hills

Spawn at the foot of some amazing mountains in an extreme hills biome that has a lot to offer. Very close to the spawn point (at the coordinates mentioned above) you will find a double skeleton spawner. To the south there is a swampland with a witch hut and a small village nearby. To the east of the spawn location you will find a desert temple that is almost completely buried, but totally visible.

Seed: 998538147
Coordinates: 220 64 238
Biome: Plains, Mesa

Spawn right next to a desert temple that is not actually in the desert. It is surrounded by two other biomes: mesa and plains. Another distinct feature is that this temple is located on the surface of the river. But the coolest thing about this seed is the loot inside the temple’s chests, which include plenty of diamonds.

Seed: -5166108067073516193
Coordinates: -222 71 -145
Biome: Plains

Spawn at the edge of a relatively shallow ravine and a really nice and big village close by. There is a blacksmith in the village with some iron ingots, apples and oak saplings in his chest. There are also some resources right at the cave entrances at the bottom of the ravine, such as iron and especially coal.

Seed: -969535336
Coordinates: 1 75 110
Biome: Savanna

This one is huge! You will spawn on the shore of a massive survival island that is almost completely flat. Usually big islands have some sort of hills and mountains, but not this one. A place like this is perfect for building a huge mansion, as there is enough room. Just get rid of all those trees and you’re ready to go.

Seed: 6671894640346020928
Coordinates: 113 76 238
Biome: Desert

Do you like zombies? Spawn near a desert village with a blacksmith who has a chest with gold ingots and an iron sword that will be really useful in this seed. Why? Because right next to the village there is a patch of forest biome with a hole in the ground, which is a zombie spawner!

Seed: -1480351183376464763
Coordinates: 235 70 256
Biome: Plains

Spawn in a seemingly peaceful area with just one hut nearby. What could it be? Well, it’s a library and there is a librarian inside. You should definitely visit this lonely stranger because he has something special for you – Thorns III book, which is a very rare and powerful enchantment in Minecraft. Go get it!

Seed: 8614262653530851772
Coordinates: 120 70 262
Biome: Plains

Spawn in the middle of a flat field located in the plains biome. It’s not perfectly flat, as it has a few cracks in the ground here and there, but it is still a great place for building a house or even a whole settlement. The best spot would at 30 64 404, so check it out.

Seed: -9071243202608864395
Coordinates: -2 72 13
Biome: Ice Plains

You will spawn at another flat area, this time it’s a snow biome, which is generally great for building. Usually you won’t find a naturally generated village in the ice plains biome, except of a few igloos here and there. This is the reason that building an artificial settlement with NPCs in the snowy surroundings should be very exciting and challenging. Try it out!

Seed: 7692505625803617061
Coordinates: 225 68 236
Biome: Plains

If you like the combination of plains and extreme hills, then this area is made for you. It has a perfect flat area that is big enough for the whole village with farms and is surrounded by tall snowy mountains and forests. This is a very beautiful seed with really chill atmosphere.

Seed: -5682308706488683870
Coordinates: 1 65 211
Biome: Plains, Desert

Spawn at the intersection of several biomes, such as plains, desert and savanna. This area is very suitable for building a house or a few. There is also a giant ravine nearby ready to be explored and raided. There are more than enough resources for building.

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