Top 20 Minecraft Seeds for Minecraft 1.9 (June 2016)

Pillage some mines for valuable resources in this top 20 Minecraft seeds for June 2016.

Minecraft has an infinite amount of resources. You can spend so much time searching for the right kind of ore that it can turn a once enjoyable gameplay into a dull grindfest. That’s why we give you a collection of seeds with the best resources available in the game, such as gold, diamonds, redstone, and obsidian, with the exact coordinates for you to find them quickly.

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Seed: 829991373169079
Coordinates: 239 71 258
Biomes: Jungle Hills

Spawn at the border of jungle and flower forest biomes separated by a narrow river. At the bank of the river you will notice a jungle temple (324 73 359) with the following loot inside:

  • 5 emeralds
  • 2 iron ingots
  • horse saddle

On the plains nearby you will find lots of sheep and cows. And, a bit further to the north there is a naturally generated pumpkin farm.

Seed: 7283177341281069407
Coordinates: 233 67 -73
Biomes: Savanna, Desert

Spawn at the edge of savanna biome standing close to a desert. The first thing you should check out is the end portal at these coordinates 2063 39 -1268.

Then, travel to 591 65 -902 for a half-buried desert temple with some amazing loot inside:

  • 2 golden apples!!
  • 3 gold ingots
  • 2 iron horse armors
  • Enchanted Book – Projectile Protection I
  • 1 gold horse armor

Also, you might want to visit a couple of desert villages at 885 75 300 and 686 80 -182. One of them has a blacksmith with a precious diamond inside the chest.

Seed: -1369503228219341796
Coordinates: 2 64 203
Biomes: Taiga, Ice Spikes

Spawn in the wild and beautiful flower forest that is adjoined to an ice spikes biome. There are no villages or other structures, but the cave system below is full of valuable resources.

For example, you can find an entire vein of obsidian ore at 31 22 247 and a solid chunk of redstone at 3 13 253. Also, take a walk around and you will find some more for sure, as the ore tends to be slightly scattered around.

Seed: -7430061948295613290
Coordinates: -262 67 129
Biomes: Forest, Ocean

Spawn on top of a small survival island with a lot of trees on the surface. Near the island you will see an ocean monument with 8 gold blocks at these coordinates -125 41 162.

Additionally, below the island in the underground you will find a skeleton spawner at -247 75 108. There is a chest with music disc, a bucket and some gunpowder.

Seed: -5861212376857217909
Coordinates: -29 68 211
Biomes: Forest

Spawn in the gorgeous forest area with a nice NPC village nearby. There is a blacksmith with some fantastic items in his chest:

  • 1 diamond
  • 1 iron horse armor
  • 2 iron swords
  • 1 iron pickaxe
  • 10 obsidian
  • 5 iron ingots

Close to the village there are entrances to two zombie spawners. The one at 64 11 200 contains:

  • Enchanted Book – Infinity
  • music disc
  • beetroot seeds
  • horse saddle

The other spawner at -59 60 104 hold the following loot:

  • Enchanted Book – Respiration I
  • gold horse armor
  • iron horse armor
  • 1 gold ingot

Seed: -7436762304407902753
Coordinates: 23 69 244
Biomes: Plains

You will spawn near a small village consisting of just a few buildings. The background is made of tall extreme hills and a few floating islands.

This area, however, is rich on valuable materials. If you travel to the following coordinates -55 84 419 and start digging, you will end up in an underground cavern some 70 blocks below. There you will find multiple veins of gold, obsidian and emerald ores.

Seed: 5788078740175633114
Coordinates: -46 82 256
Biomes: Jungle Hills

Spawn amidst the jungle hills with a jungle temple nearby at 166 74 266. Inside the temple you will be able to grab:

  • 7 redstones
  • 3 gold ingots
  • 8 iron ingots
  • iron horse armor

If you need more resources, then teleport to 88 67 251 and start digging into the ground. As a result, you will end up at the natural source of redstone and obsidian.

Seed: -749219218990520
Coordinates: 159 67 230
Biomes: Plains, Mesa, Desert

Spawn very close to a medium-sized village without the blacksmith this time. However, the mesa biome right next to it promises for a lot of god materials to be found.

If you need something extra, then hop on to these coordinates 139 70 305 for a zombie spawner below. Just dig some 50 block into the ground and you will end up with:

  • 1 golden apple
  • Enchanted Book – Mending
  • 3 iron ingots
  • diamond horse armor

Seed: -6578274598112203408
Coordinates: -254 72 245
Biomes: Extreme Hills

Minecraft can be really funny sometimes! You will spawn near a village that has its foundation right in the deep ravine making up for some adventurous life.

Besides the unusual settlement, you can locate a skeleton spawner at -389 62 -1 with the following loot:

  • diamond horse armor
  • Enchanted Book – Sharpness II

Another spawner’s coordinates are -358 87 39 (this is where you need to dig down) containing:

  • music disc
  • horse saddle

Seed: -7178438308199395623
Coordinates: -145 76 252
Biomes: Jungle, Desert

Spawn in the jungle forest surrounded by desert. Very close to the spawn point you will discover a jungle temple at -216 79 246 holding:

  • 18 gold ingots
  • 1 iron ingot

Then, you can teleport to -274 17 420 inside an abandoned mineshaft. There is a chest you can with the following loot inside:

  • Enchanted Book – Protection II
  • pumpkin seeds

If you need resources, then travel to -292 13 293 for a solid amount of redstone, gold, and diamond ores.

Seed: 4623890406166872666
Coordinates: 82 64 263
Biomes: Plains

There is a cute little village right at spawn, which is actually even hard to call a village. However, there is a blacksmith’s shop with the basic set of tools to help you get started:

  • 5 iron ingots
  • iron boots
  • iron leggings
  • oak spalings

With all the new equipment you can now travel to 49 64 84 and dig down just mere 30 blocks. You will end up at the spider spawner with a couple of treasure chests containing:

  • golden apple
  • 5 iron ingots
  • horse saddle

Seed: -7261691309120837834
Coordinates: -36 75 252
Biomes: Forest, Ocean

Spawn on the surface of a survival island that looks like a big fish, a whale maybe. There isn’t much except some trees and a vein of redstone ore at the following coordinates 78 11 198.

You can try to create this world in an amplified mode, which will turn this small island into a tall mountain standing in the middle of the ocean.

Seed: 2743016057427739910
Coordinates: 180 73 259
Biomes: Plains

Spawn in the plains biome with a small village right next to where you appear. This blacksmith is not very rich, unfortunately, but you will have an iron sword that would be useful for your next destination.

Go to 200 73 363 and keep digging until you reach a skeleton spawner. Now, this is where you will find some interesting items, such as:

  • 3 redstones
  • gold horse armor
  • melon seeds

Seed: 4481588592893947256
Coordinates: -30 68 50
Biomes: Forest, Ocean

You wall spawn near a very small survival island, but with a huge cave entrance that leads to some deep and complex dungeon system.

While exploring the dungeon you will eventually find a zombie spawner at -36 13 7 with a couple of chests containing:

  • 1 gold ingot
  • Enchanted Book – Fortune II
  • pumpkin seeds
  • gold horse armor
  • music disc

If you need some redstones, then go to -197 13 -168 within the same cavern.

Seed: 6799063591307745400
Coordinates: 49 64 3
Biomes: Savanna, Desert

It’s time to farm some zombies! There is a perfect area in this seed at the following coordinates -12 64 -36. There you will find a zombie spawner that is completely open from the top and filled with sand that is easy to break.

Use the same dungeon exit to find another zombie spawner, although s closed one this time at -25 47 24.

Another great spot to check out for you is located at -6 11 138 – it’s a source of diamond and redstone ores.

Seed: -1303247364
Coordinates: 242 64 227
Biomes: Plains, Desert

Spawn in the typical plains area with some sheep hanging around. First thing, go to 746 65 237 for a desert temple with an incredible amount of loot:

  • 1 golden apple
  • 1 diamond
  • iron horse armor
  • 11 gold ingots
  • diamond horse armor
  • Enchanted Book – Unbreaking II

Then, hop on to 727 41 119 for a zombie spawner with some decent loot as well:

  • iron horse armor
  • 2 music discs
  • pumpkin seeds

Seed: -8369055121777369063
Coordinates: 118 65 250
Biomes: Forest, Mesa

Spawn near another village with mesa biome nearby. This village has a blacksmith that can offer you a few useful items, such as:

  • 3 iron ingots
  • iron sword
  • horse saddle

There are two spider spawners located very close to each other. One is positioned at 229 68 180 and another one at 248 68 183 just some 30 blocks below the ground. Inside their chests you will find:

  • music disc
  • melon seeds
  • horse saddle

Seed: -4049474981746480324
Coordinates: 235 70 245
Biomes: Forest

This seed is a great starting world for survival game in Minecraft. You can start building a house under the overhang in the middle of the forest.

However, the main focus of this seed is two great sources of obsidian and gold. One of them is located at -205 26 289, and another can be found at -592 22 -9.

Seed: 3862000904859810319
Coordinates: 48 77 -17
Biomes: Savanna

You can start building your own sand village at this Minecraft seed with a water well. If you need redstone ore, you can find a lot at the following two spots: -132 12 -58 and -246 12 -228.

Also, you can obtain an Enchanted Book – Protection II at the zombie spawner by teleporting to these coordinates -259 24 -387.

Seed: 772878598877031915
Coordinates: 97 63 -264
Biomes: Swampland

Spawn at the very edge of a massive swampland with some nice scenery and plants of sugarcane all around.

This Minecraft seed is significant for its huge abandoned mineshaft that covers almost the entire swampland territory, but underground. In order to get there travel to these coordinates 131 64 -296 and dig a little bit.

Also, you can find a treasure chest inside the mineshaft at 146 40 -310 with beetroot and melon seeds inside.

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