Top 20 Minecraft Seeds for Minecraft 1.9 (March 2016)

A completely new collection of some exciting fresh seeds for the latest Minecraft 1.9 snapshot.

It’s springtime and this is a great opportunity to start a new survival game in the latest Minecraft snapshot. It’s always easier to begin a new adventure at the village and that’s why this time we give you over a dozen of villages of all calibers. In addition, you will find a couple of exciting islands and some secret dungeons to explore.

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Seed: -1961936697
Coordinates: 12 89 15
Biome: Savanna Plateau, Desert

Spawn in a calm and peaceful atmosphere of a savanna biome located next to the desert with two temples.

The coordinates of the first temple are 728 75 24 and it contains 3 gold ingots, Enchanted Books – Fire Aspect II and Luck of the Sea II, 2 iron horse armors, 3 iron ingots, gold horse armor, one emerald, and some gunpowder.

The second temple in this Minecraft seed is buried underground and can be reached via the following coordinates 344 75 -344. The chests of this temple contain a golden apple, 3 emeralds, a saddle, 3 gold horse armors and gunpowder.

Seed: -8473157689949562725
Coordinates: 6 68 9
Biome: Ice Plains, Plains

Spawn at the ice plains biome close to a couple of villages south of the spawn point. The first can be found at 1684 75 -1244 and it has a blacksmith with a chest containing some iron ingots and apples.

The other one is located in a picturesque area with some unusual mountain formations in the background. This second village has no smithy, but it is like a small Venice positioned on the surface of the water. Its coordinates are -188 75 1236.

Seed: -348214099181320
Coordinates: -129 65 -212
Biome: Plains, Desert

You will spawn in the plains biome with a flower forest and a lake nearby. There is a desert biome not far away with a village and a temple. Teleport to these coordinates -289 80 -362 for the village with NPCs and a blacksmith. The chest at the smithy’s shop includes 2 gold ingots, 6 obsidian stones, a horse saddle, iron armor and some bread.

The temple in this Minecraft seed can be located at -244 70 -148 with treasure chests that hold 9 gold ingots, Enchanted Book - Flame, gunpowder, iron horse armor, and one emerald.

Seed: -1077592244
Coordinates: 259 65 158
Biome: Plains

Spawn close to a relatively large village, although without a blacksmith. However, you will find a desert temple with some goodies inside just mere 200 blocks north of the settlement at the following coordinates 276 65 228. The loot in the chests consists of one golden apple, iron horse armor, a saddle, gunpowder, 7 iron ingots, and an emerald.

Seed: 1163647591148988770
Coordinates: 253 72 26
Biome: Ice Plains

Welcome to the igloo heaven! You will spawn in the ice plains biome - a real kingdom of igloos that contains over a dozen of these cute little structures. Each has a secret room underneath with a chest and NPCs.

The first one is located at 35 73 -818 and has a chest with 3 gold nuggets, golden apple, coal and some ordinary apples. Also, there is an entrance into the dungeon right inside the room.

Here are the coordinates to the rest of the igloos in this ice plains biome seed: 803 64 -989, 726 65 -1308, 179 64 1015, -660 63 275, -764 65 589, -1388 64 1521, -1410 68 826, -1682 63 -961, -1794 71 -1367, -1794 68 -1781, -2556 68 -982.

Seed: -2401854256216033072
Coordinates: 191 71 92
Biome: Plains, Desert

Spawn right in the desert village facing the plains biome. There are twelve fields with all sorts of crops, but no smithy. To the northwest, there is a Bryce mesa biome, if you like that type of area. Also, you can teleport to the following coordinates 53 17 -32, if you like to explore dungeons.

Seed: 2492158065586737350
Coordinates: 142 76 -7
Biome: Forest

Spawn on one of many small islands positioned really close to each other in this survival seed. This is a great Minecraft seed for those who enjoy exploring and building. Some islands are flat while others consist of tall hills. By the way, you may spawn near one such island under the water. It’s a really cool seed, so check it out!

Seed: -1785371823579027005
Coordinates: 97 69 241
Biome: Taiga

Spawn amidst a redwood taiga biome. There is a ravine close by at the following coordinates 120 45 179. But the real value of this seed is the village at 259 64 133 located in the most beautiful place with a mountain and a waterfall in the background. This is an ideal survival seed for beginners.

Seed: -4591105004233213378
Coordinates: 72 67 251
Biome: Plains

Double village seed incoming! You will spawn near a village with blacksmith in this plains biome seed. His chest contains a horse saddle, iron armor and golden horse armor. The other settlement is located in the desert biome at the following coordinates 277 75 590. This one also has a smithy with an iron and diamond horse armors, and a pickaxe.

Seed: 3959032652101600309
Coordinates: -190 63 264
Biome: Plains

Spawn close to a swamp with a witch hut that can be easily found at these coordinates -256 67 263. However, the main place of interest is located at -326 58 272 – there you will find a zombie spawner with a couple of chests. They include 2 redstones, gold horse armor, gunpowder, Enchanted Book – Luck of the Sea II, coal, horse saddle, and some melon seeds.

Seed: 612024799770329
Coordinates: -179 67 -335
Biome: Mesa

Spawn at the edge of the mesa biome. There is a small patch of lush flower forest nearby. If you don’t feel like starting your survival game on mesa from the get go, you can set up your base in the forest and explore the mesa for all the necessary resources.

Seed: -41848315
Coordinates: 1 84 9
Biome: Savanna Plateau, Plains

Spawn in the middle of this savanna plateau biome seed. Teleport to the following coordinates -224 73 709, where you will find a village with NPCs and an entrance to the skeleton spawner. Very close to the village there is a desert with a temple at the following coordinates -266 70 575. The chests inside hold 3 golden apples, 3 iron ingots, gold horse armor, Enchanted Book - Mending, gunpowder, and 2 saddles.

Seed: -9089409167323528152
Coordinates: -182 65 -79
Biome: Jungle

Spawn on the beach of a jungle island. This is an excellent medium sized patch of land in the middle of an ocean and it’s an especially great choice for those who like jungle biomes. It has a very neat form and looks like a long lost paradise. It has a lagoon and a small pond in the very center, but there’s also enough place for building around.

Seed: 6705423713563488490
Coordinates: -248 66 161
Biome: Desert

Spawn near a desert village and a temple that are very close to each other in this Minecraft seed. There is a blacksmith in the village, but his loot is not very exciting: only a pair of iron leggings and a few obsidian stones. However, the chests in the desert temple are much better: they contain 5 gold ingots, gunpowder, 2 golden apples, Enchanted Books - Looting III, Infinity, Fire Protection III, Fortune II, one gold horse armor, and 4 emeralds.

Seed: 2493501760974365592
Coordinates: 0 64 258
Biome: Forest

Spawn inside a typical forest biome with a small village nearby. If you don’t want to look for the village, just jump to these coordinates 260 64 552. In the case you need some valuable resources, don’t hold back and teleport to -31 11 110, there you will find a whole patch of diamond ore. Another set of valuables is located at 667 12 12 in the dungeon full of obsidian, redstone and some more diamonds.

Seed: 171769976
Coordinates: 3 65 216
Biome: Plains

Spawn in a swampy plains area with the smallest village close by. It consists of only two houses and a water-well. But it has enough NPCs to trade with, such as a librarian and several farmers. This is a great survival seed for developing your building skills, so you can start expanding this tiny settlement into something really cool.

Seed: -1384088215175059930
Coordinates: 251 75 191
Biome: Forest

You will spawn in the forest biome right next to a desert and plains biome. There is a village at 340 69 319 with a zombie spawner underneath it. There is also a blacksmith with a nice chest containing one iron horse armor, 5 obsidian stones, 4 iron ingots and a pair of iron leggings. The desert temple at 362 69 546 includes chests with gunpowder, saddle, iron horse armor, 4 iron ingots, 2 diamond horse armors, and a  golden apple.

Seed: 31415926535
Coordinates: -7 78 243
Biome: Forest

Spawn in the forest with a village nearby and an abandoned mineshaft underneath it. There are a lot of valuable resources in this forest biome seed, such as emeralds and golden ore. Then, go back to the surface and check out the blacksmith’s chest in the village for some iron ingots, saplings, iron chest plate, and apples.

Seed: -1888756815
Coordinates: 26 72 456
Biome: Desert

What is that!? Spawn on top of an island in the shape of a frog. It’s just a really cool looking survival island that is located not far away from the desert biome. On the coastline of the mainland, you will find a desert temple or you can just teleport to these coordinates -148 67 686. Inside the chests, you will discover a gold horse armor, gunpowder, Enchanted Book - Flame, 3 gold ingots, and 2 iron ingots.

Seed: -58612657
Coordinates: 88 70 236
Biome: Plains

Spawn in the plains area with two rather big villages. One of them is located at -285 71 565 and has a blacksmith with 4 gold ingots and 4 iron ingots in his chest. The other can be found at 300 71 33, but there is no blacksmith - only fields with corns and a lot of horses around.

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