Top 5 Most Creative DOOM SnapMaps

I show 5 of the most creative SnapMaps I've seen in DOOM so far!

The new DOOM has a feature called SnapMap, where players can create their own maps and upload them for others to play. Of course not all are gold -- Mario Maker showed me that -- but there are some really creative ones out there.

Fancy playing through a puzzle and figuring out how to reach the next room? There's a SnapMap for that. Want to fight through a map of enemies and raid bosses with different mechanics? There's a SnapMap for that. You want to take your time to grow some crops, raise demons, and battle your way to the end of a mine? You guessed it, there's a SnapMap for that as well.

I'm going to showcase the 5 most creative maps I've seen on SnapMap on Xbox One and why they are so great!

#5: Puzzle Room Escape

If you like puzzles, the Puzzle Room Escape is a great one to test your skills. There are multiple rooms that involve completing some sort of challenge, like the above video where I had to light up all the panels.

This is a solo map, so you can't get friends to help you.

You need to get power sources at times and out them in the right locations to unlock certain rooms or power up certain objects or terminals. It was a fun challenge to figure out how to pass each puzzle.

#4: Demon Battle League

If you're into pitting teams of demons against each other, this map is for you.

You can play solo or against 1 other person in a timed arena fight. You can spawn 3 tiers of demons, with High Spawn being the strongest and most expensive.

Money is gained by fighting and defeating enemy demons, which you use to spawn more. When time is out, the tam with the highest score, wins.

This is a more passive map, but if you enjoy monster battles similar to Pokemon, it is worth a try.

#3: Music Maker 9000

Create your own songs with the Music Maker 9000! This map has a drum sequencer that lets you select multiple beats and how fast you want the tempo to go.

There is also a piano and yes, even cowbell. You can do this map solo, but it best played with a group of people since you can't play multiple notes on the piano by yourself.

Who knew that you could do so much with music in DOOM?

#2: Trials of Omen

This was one of my favorites maps because it offered multiple fights. You go through the map killing demons like normal, then each room has a particular boss to kill. They each have mechanics that you have to deal with to beat them.

The above video in particular has laser walls that constantly move and enemies that spawn that you must kill to get the boss back.

Overall, it was great to see what boss was next and how I needed to go about killing them.

#1: Harvest DOOM

This was my first and favorite experience in SnapMap so far.

It amazed me how brilliantly thought out this map was and I quickly got addicted to watering those "crops" and building my plots.

There are 3 types: spring, summer, and fall -- and you can use those crops to buy things like more health and weapons. There are also demons you can raise, though it is more of just a means of getting an item to progress further into the mine.

Speaking of that, you can unlock the mines to go fight demons. Once you reach the end, you win. It gets tough and there is no healing, so you'll have to go back home to sleep if you want to recover health.

I hope you enjoyed my selection of SnapMaps from DOOM. Let me know of some of your favorites!