I go over 5 of the most wondrous Kingdom Hearts worlds, though I love nearly all of them!

Top 5 Most Wondrous Kingdom Hearts Worlds

I go over 5 of the most wondrous Kingdom Hearts worlds, though I love nearly all of them!

Besides Keyblades, Kingdom Hearts is best known for the worlds they have in the games. These are usually Disney worlds, but there are some original ones as well. 

Each world has its own characters and plot, but they brilliantly weave Sora and company into them. This fusion seems odd at first, but it works so well.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed playing a game that mixes Final Fantasy and other Square Enix games with Disney characters and movies. When I first heard about Kingdom Hearts, I thought it would just be some silly kid's game because Disney. Then, I tried it out and it was actually really cool.

I was always a fan of both, so to be able to play as an original character and explore each of my beloved Disney worlds was more than I could have ever asked for.

The music, plot, and characters are all memorable and important to me. I don't think any game made me feel the emotions that Kingdom Hearts did. I can relate to the themes of friendship and fighting against the darkness, and it really is inspirational to me.

And that's why I'm going over 5 of the best worlds presented in the Kingdom Hearts series, based on setting, gameplay, or costumes.

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5. Port Royal

This Pirates of the Caribbean world blew me away the first time I saw it in Kingdom Hearts II. Since the movies are live action, they took a realistic approach to the graphics and I think they absolutely nailed it.

I know I'm not alone when I say that I greatly enjoy the movie series, and to see the characters look like their on-screen counterparts was more than mildly amusing.

What's more is that they even have quotes directly from the first film! My favorite line is, "Best start believing in ghost stories Miss Turner, you're in one!" When I first heard that in the game, I nearly flipped with happiness. 

You spend your time watching and being involved with the events from the first movie. Fighting alongside Jack Sparrow was too much fun, and I liked the game play element of magic and moonlight being effective against the ghost pirates.

4. Pride Land

Pride Land, or Pride Lands, is based off The Lion King. It was a nice change of pace to see it offer you a unique experience by playing as a lion cub version of Sora. (By the way, I would not be mad if we could get more lion versions of Kingdom Hearts characters -- just putting it out there, Square Enix.)

The Lion King is near the top of my all-time favorite Disney movies, so I took full advantage exploring and interacting with everything I could in this world.

You start off in the world when Simba is already grown and living with Timon and Pumba. You help him out and go through the events that lead to him fighting Scar and becoming king. 

It was also really cool to do it because Simba was available as a summon in the first Kingdom Hearts game, and now you could explore his world.

There was a great grinding spot to level up easily as well, so I spent a lot of time here.

3. Space Paranoids/The Grid

This world is based off Tron, which is the reason I love it so much. The color scheme, lights, and look of Tron always fascinated me, and I was in awe as I saw it come to life in Kingdom Hearts.

Space Paranoids is based off the first Tron movie and has you battling against the MCP.

The Grid, which is based of the Tron: Legacy film, is where I really fell in love with the world. It has all the modernness the film had, complete with the updated looks and characters.

The Grid world has you learning the basics of the movie from two points of views, Sora and Riku. Sora's version has you working with Kevin Flynn, his son Sam, and Quorra to fight CLU and Rinzler. Your mission is to find Tron's (Rinzler's) memories to restore him to his old self.

Riku's version has him working with Sam and his father to find the portal so they can leave the world. He finds out that Quorra is an ISO, which is basically a new life form created by Kevin Flynn.

I highly enjoyed going through this world more than once and seeing two different stories that add up to a complete version. Of course, light cycles were pretty boss, too. Plus, it has one of the coolest looking keyblades in the series, Dual Disc.

2. Halloween Town

This world based off The Nightmare Before Christmas has some of the best costumes in the series. Sora's costume in Halloween Town is probably my favorite out of all of them, and Donald and Goofy blend in as well.

The overall art and setting are on point and live up to what you'd expect from this Tim Burton film. Call me crazy, but the darker nature of this world greatly fascinated me. I always was a sucker for vampires (see what I did there?) and other spooky creatures like that.

In the first game you actually work with Jack Skellington to find a new event for Halloween. He has a heartless and wants to get it to dance with him, so you help by finding ingredients he needs. You eventually fight Oogie Boogie and Jack realizes he can't control the heartless.

I've seen enough cosplays of Halloween Town Sora to know that other people feel the same way I do about The Nightmare Before Christmas. This twisted world is just fun to revisit time and time again.

1. The World That Never Was

This is an original world and is home to Organization XIII, the main antagonists in Kingdom Hearts II. This world provides multiple fun boss battles, Quick Time Events, and an overall detailed setting.

It also was the setting of the teaser cinematic that had Riku fighting Roxas before Kingdom Hearts II came out, which is one of the best scenes in the series, besides the Birth By Sleep teaser.

This is ranked #1 because overall, it is the world that I had the most fun in and was the most interesting. I love the name of the world, it really fits the Nobodies, and has an eerie/interesting feel.

In Kingdom Hearts II, this is where the final battle takes place and there is a cool fight with Roxas while you are there. You eventually battle with Xemnas, which is a long, intense fight where you can even play as Riku!

That's it for my Top 5 Most Wondrous Kingdom Hearts Worlds. Let me know what you think of the list and some of your favorite worlds in the comments!

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