Top 5 Overwatch Heroes for Beginners

If you're new to playing Overwatch and was wondering what the easiest and funnest heroes are? then read some more...

Overwatch is probably one of the most talked about games right now. Every day of every week there are people praising the game, people complaining how overpowered some heroes are *cough* Torb, Mei, Bastion *cough*. And it's absolutely awesome to see Blizzard taking note of all this player feedback and changing the game according to player expectations. 

For some new players, things might seem a little familiar -- but at the same time, have a different feel to them. And it can be a little difficult to decide who is best to play when you're first starting out. So with that, these are the top 5 heroes that are great for beginners. (In no particular order.)

Soldier 76

I'm sure some of you expected this, but what can I say. Soldier 76 is definitely going to be the player that feels most comfortable to all those Counter-Strike/CoD/Battlefield players out there, because he's basically the CoD game in Overwatch

What makes him easy to use is his well-balanced skills -- especially his heal ability. And that's not to mention his ultimate ability that turns his gun to an aimbot with virtually a split-second reload time. (And besides, he's pretty hilarious as Dad 76 too.)


Some of you might disagree with this pick because Reaper has to be close to his enemies to be effective, and getting closer to your enemies increases your chances of being killed. But keep in mind that the closer the Reaper is to his enemies, the harder his guns hit. 

And boy, do his guns hit. If things start to get hairy, just use the 'shift' ability and run away. Easy, right? Reaper is one of those heroes who's easy to play but quite hard to master, like all the other characters of Overwatch.


If you're not that big on shooting, then Overwatch has just the hero for you. In comes Reinhardt -- a giant soldier with an even giant-er hammer that has a decent reach and is capable of killing enemies in 2-3 hits. He is also one of the more important characters in a team fight because of his shield. A Reinhardt shielding a Bastion while the Bastion gets boosted with a Mercy can be one of the most frustrating trios in the game, and it all starts with Reinhardt. 


Despite what some of you may say. Mei is not all that hard to play. In fact, she's considered to be one of the more annoying and overpowered heroes of the game. She has a freeze ray that stops your enemies over time so you can line up your headshot easily. If not, then her gun shoots out ice bolts that deal good damage when they hit (especially those headshots...ouch). 

But what makes her easy to use is her shift ability. Just get close to an enemy of your choosing, engage, shoot, spray, whatever. If that doesn't kill your foe, press 'shift' and become invulnerable while your health regenerates. Simple. 


I had to include a support hero, so Lucio is the obvious choice. But the main key to playing him is that you need to move. A lot. Move around everywhere on the map, but keep your allies healed up. A good Lucio knows when his team needs heals or when his team needs speed. In some cases, it's pretty obvious. You speed up when you want to quickly secure a point and then pop the heal. 

But the truly great Lucios mix and match speed and health to give their team the upper edge. If any enemies get too close, you can right click and you will literally blow them away. 

I wanted to go with Mercy as an easy hero, but her lack of damage (that tiny pistol, really?) would probably turn some people off. 

What are your favorite Overwatch heroes to play? Let me know in the comments!