Doom. Super Mario Bros. Mortal Kombat. What are the worst game-to-movie adaptations?

Top 5 Worst Game to Film Adaptations

Doom. Super Mario Bros. Mortal Kombat. What are the worst game-to-movie adaptations?
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Over the years, we’ve had some disastrous game-to-movie adaptations. But what are the worst? You may be thinking all of them, and you wouldn’t be far off! But considering the franchise as a whole, which have been the most damaging?  

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  1. Resident Evil

The game was a huge success and has turned into a mass franchise. The films unfortunately haven’t followed suit. Resident Evil and then Resident Evil: Apocalypse weren’t half bad. But then after that, things just got embarrassing. Based on the famous zombie outbreak caused by Umbrella, it is hard to believe that we have had five films produced! No doubt another one will come churning out soon.

  1. Silent Hill

The game was originally released in 1991 by Konami and was a Japanese horror. Since then two movies have spawned and unlike the game, have given no justice to the original terror and quality. Understanding just what the hell is going on in the first Silent Hill film is a challenge, however, some of the creeps and scares make up for it. Despite Silent Hill: Revelation having a strong cast that was just as painstakingly bad. The game hasn’t been able to last the ages and was cancelled last year.

  1. Hitman

Possibly a controversial choice, but the original Hitman film just seemed to lack so much of the character and intensity that the game has. Starring Timothy Olyphant, it simply has too much of an “origin story”. However, I do feel as though Olyphant captures what a Hitman would be like, even though he perhaps doesn’t stick to the similarities of the games character. The action that goes along with it is all good and proper but lacks real likenesses to the game. Hitman: Agent 47 isn’t even a sequel, but a reboot and it doesn’t really do that. However, Hitman is the game which has had the most outlays because of it, and even got a casino game.

  1. Far Cry

In my opinion, the best game on the list. But once again a film simply is not doing it any justice. With the recent release of Far Cry: Primal, we can at least appreciate that the movie didn’t do any harm to the gaming franchise. Director Uwe Boller (Who must give up game-to-movie adaptations) made this film far too much about the human mutants running around and ruined a natural, compelling story.

  1. Max Payne

It held so much promise. With Mark Wahlberg at the helm, it could have been heading in the right direction. He seemed like the perfect actor to take on the role of a gritty detective fighting for the revenge of his family and would certainly have suited the distinct action of the film. Instead, we got drug addled hallucinations of Norse warriors with a plot that only really made sense halfway through!

The list could go on, with some game-to-movie adaptations just about making it as a half descent film. Prince of Persia springs to mind. But let us hope that eventually we get a top quality one. Our hope rests on Assassin’s Creed.

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