Get ready for some scary stuff in this selection of the creepiest Minecraft 1.11 seeds!

Top 7 Creepiest Seeds for Minecraft 1.11

Get ready for some scary stuff in this selection of the creepiest Minecraft 1.11 seeds!
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Yes, Minecraft can be really creepy at times! Those who play enough know that there’s danger lurking in the most unexpected spots -- whether it's hostile mobs spawning out of nowhere, or just plain bizarre places where it’s easy to lose track of time and destination.

But, if you are one of those bravehearts who likes to explore Minecraft’s scariest locations, then this selection of creepy seeds is made for you. Just don’t forget to turn off the lights and play the game at night -- the effect will be much stronger.

Also, use your headphones, and turn on all the sound effects, as at times sounds can be more scary than images.

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Seed: -8543006494135094732

Coordinates: 94 70 199
Biomes: Plains, Savanna

Spawn in a village of burning zombies! Don’t let them get out into the sun, or they will burn to their deaths. You will see entire families of zombies inside the buildings with little zombie children -- and as soon as they expose themselves, the sun sets them on fire right away.

If you manage to make your way through all the burning mobs, get inside the blacksmith’s hut and grab a diamond that hides inside a chest.

Seed: -6077132071373275023

Coordinates: -221 64 202
Biomes: Taiga, Plains

Spawn in this creepy Minecraft seed with wolves near the taiga village. The beasts will be hiding behind one of the houses, carefully watching the pigs as they stroll nearby.

There are eight wolves in total, some of which are checking the other corners of the village. This all looks like they’re trying to besiege the poor villagers and their domestic animals, so be careful!

Seed: 1459935170646539010

Coordinates: -22 40 -55
Biomes: Mesa

You will spawn amidst a huge mesa biome that is pierced with tunnels and cave systems. In one of the caves (see the coordinates above), you will meet a most unusual and very dangerous guest -- a big slime that usually spawns in the swampy areas.

It is accompanied by a whole group of other hostile mobs, such as skeletons, bats, and zombies. Prepare for a long fight. And if you manage to kill the big slime, you’ll get tons of XP points.

Seed: -7261691309120837834

Coordinates: -47 147 246
Biomes: Ocean, Forest

This one is for those who are afraid of the heights! Spawn on top of the steepest island hill you’ve ever seen. One step beyond and you’re dead. The hill is a lone island that is about 150 blocks tall, and reaches well over the clouds in the sky.

However, there is one condition you need to be able to spawn there -- you need to choose the Amplified feature in the world options of your Minecraft client.

Seed: 1840648021602

Coordinates: 109 70 307
Biomes: Taiga, Forest

Don’t you just love to see an overhang in the taiga biome, where you could build a comfortable house for yourself? But beware of this one, because beneath the shady overhang hide vicious creatures: spiders, creepers, and skeletons.

There is another danger lurking in the passage -- a lava fall that could easily damage your house, animals, or yourself. If you are brave enough, you can clear the place and still make your settlement grow.

Seed: -1702899016946399784

Coordinates: 798 38 -62
Biomes: Extreme Hills, Plains

You will spawn near a beautiful flower forest, but underneath the hills there is something strange going on. The abandoned mineshaft leads to the bridge that ends abruptly, which can bring only one result -- a certain death, if you aren’t careful.

Also, the spiderweb spawns in that spot hanging in the air, which is for sure not a good sign.

Seed: -540723518221348

Coordinates: 122 69 256
Biomes: Desert, Forest

Everybody knows that one of the scariest mobs in Minecraft is Enderman. It is not easy to spot one, since it spawns only at night, and it has the ability to teleport.

The best way to meet an Enderman is to spawn in a flat area, such as this desert Minecraft seed. Just wait until the sun sets, and walk around. Soon enough you will meet one of those creepy “gentlemen”.


What else scares you the most in Minecraft? Share your stories in the comments section. And for even more awesome seeds, check out this year's ultimate list of the best seeds for Minecraft.

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