Not all multiplayer video games are sunshine and rainbows. Here are 7 games that are guaranteed to test the limits of your relationships!

Top 7 Games That Can Totally Destroy Your Relationship

Not all multiplayer video games are sunshine and rainbows. Here are 7 games that are guaranteed to test the limits of your relationships!

We know them. Those games that are advertised as cooperative games or "fun multiplayer experiences for family and friends." We know better than to believe that those games will leave us on good terms with our friends, family, or significant others, and yet we play them anyway!

However, there are certain games out there that can really test your romantic relationships in particular. These games may simply test you where you don't want to be tested, or will get you to question whether or not your partner is truly "the one." So whether you're here to see what everyone else is suffering through, trying to test your own partner for reasons unimaginable, or simply in a mutually sadistic relationship, here are the Top 7 Games That Can Totally Destroy Your Relationship!

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#7: Massively Multiplayer Online Games

While you would think that these games would actually be something you could bond over, they can have the opposite effect if you're the only one playing them. This goes doubly for the ladies, and the men pretending to be them. Why?

Well let's just say it's only a matter of time before your overprotective partner (or perhaps your partner who decided to join you online) finds out about your hot steamy affair with HamQueen69 or SuperSlayerX. That's right. We know who you are.

#6: Portal 2

Working together to solve puzzles seems like a simple enough way to pass the time, right? Wrong.

In Portal 2's co-op mode, players must navigate precision puzzles with the aid of their partners. The problem with this is primarily communication. However, some partners are not nearly as kind as others.

Should you dare to wade the waters of Portal 2's co-op mode, pray that your partner has the patience to deal with your occasional practical joke of sending them head first into an acid bath.

#5: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

The premise of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is simple. Give one player a bomb, and give the other one a set of instructions on how to disarm each bomb the first player can encounter based on descriptions. Seems simple enough, right?


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes will test the fortitude of your relationship. With a set timer ready to go off at even the slightest error, you and your partner will have your communication skills pushed to their limit. Expect cursing, swearing, and unintelligible shouting when you play this game. Only the strongest of relationships will escape this game unscathed.

#4: Mario Kart (Series)

While the Super Mario franchise is mostly presented as a light-hearted and fun atmosphere for gamers to get immersed in, the multiplayer games starring the Italian Superhero Plumber are anything but. Mario Kart is a prime example of this as the kart racing series is known for inducing the most heated of temper tantrums in even the most mature gamers.

If you really want to ruin your relationship, just stroll down to 4th place or lower, grab a blue shell, and reap what you sow.

You have been warned.

#3: Mario Party (Series)

It just wouldn't be a relationship ruining list without good ol' Mario Party. While Monopoly may have the paper and plastic throne, Mario Party secures the title of the video game most likely to cause emotional distress. Why? Because unlike any other multiplayer game out there, Mario Party is one of the few that will ask you if you are sure that you want to ruin the day of your opponent.

Should you choose to steal a star from the light of your life, you may be seeing more than enough stars during your next argument.

#2: Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (Series)

This is certainly one of those games you will have a hard time explaining to your partner. Regardless of whether you are male, female, heterosexual, homosexual, or somewhere in between, chances are your significant other won't exactly appreciate finding this game in your library.

As if Dead or Alive wasn't bad enough with its overzealously bouncing titties, DOAXBV glorifies this in its glorious bikini-clad beach volleyball glory. This is more than likely one of the games you want to hide or rinse your hands clean of before you ask your partner to choose a game to play from your pile.

#1: Fire Emblem: Fates

Nothing hurts like betrayal, and there is more than enough of this to be found in Fire Emblem: Fates. If it wasn't bad enough that you found out that your significant other has a new waifu/husbando in the latest Nintendo strategy RPG, you also find out that they have joined the ranks of those Hoshidan dogs!

Such treachery will destroy even the most tightly-knit relationships. No heart can forgive one who decides to put their blood before love! But now is not the time for words. They must be shown the error of their ways.

For the glory of Nohr!

What games would you have added to this list? Are there any games that have tested any of your relationships in the past? Leave your ideas in the comments section below!

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