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MMORPG's are getting too easy and thus the player base is depleting. Here are my top five reasons as to why this is happening!

Top Five Reasons Why The MMORPG Player Base is Depleting

MMORPG's are getting too easy and thus the player base is depleting. Here are my top five reasons as to why this is happening!
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

I would have to say that every year, MMORPG players are normally excited to see that there are two to four new MMOs to try out. As soon as these games get released in open beta, everybody jumps onto the server, maxes out a character's level and then just stops! Which means playerbases are declining.

But why is that? What is the point of doing something like that? Why aren't people continuing to play the games or creating extra characters? Is it something to do with the state of modern MMOs? Let's find out the top five reasons as to why the MMORPG player base is depleting. 

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1. Constant Grinding of Enemies

Yeah, you already know what I am talking about. To be honest, this reason doesn't even need a description. But in case you are not an MMORPG player, let me explain.

In an MMO game, players travel around the world and they receive quests to help level up a character, which usually require that they kill a certain amount of specific type of enemy. At the beginning of an MMO, a player's goal may be to kill five enemies. But near the end of the game, a player's goal would be to kill seventeen of the same enemy. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? 


2. There's no Skill Involved

Have you ever played Mortal Kombat before? Sure you have. Have you ever stayed in the practice arena to learn player's combos? Sure you have. Were you satisfied to play versus other people after learning combos? Right on!

Well, in just about every MMO in the last four to five years, excluding Blade and Soul, players only have to know how to press the number keys on the keyboard to use a skill. And in order to combo, you just need to read what number key on the keyboard comes next! It is probably the most annoying thing in the world, because it requires no thought on how to combo a character. It's just too easy. 

3. Every Quest is Provided With a Location on a Map

Just wow! What is the point of an MMORPG when every quest location is just handed to you? In this current generation of games, there is no real exploration. The fact that your map tells you where the quest is located means that you don't even have to read the story line. All players have to do is skip every story, see what enemies have to die, and then look at the map to find them.

Again, it is way too easy and there is no challenge there. But if that is something you really enjoy, great!

4. There Are No Random Dungeons to Explore Anymore

What is the point of exploring in an open world game anymore? To be honest, there isn't. If you find a dungeon in a current MMO without a quest, then there is something you have done wrong.

Every dungeon nowadays has some sort of quest involved where you have to kill a main boss, kill a certain amount of enemies, or pick up some random item. Again -- what is the point of going out and exploring a map to find rare places to fight in? There isn't. This alone defeats the purpose of an open world MMORPG. 

5. Quests Are Always The Same

This reason is probably one of my biggest pet peeves in every MMORPG! Remember how I said in the first slide that pretty much every MMO starts with a quest to grind through enemy kills? Yeah, that doesn't really change as you progress.

I have played about five different MMOs this past year and every game has the same kind of quests -- kill 17 enemies, collect 10 of these drops, go find this person and get a quest from them, go kill this boss and bring me back there item. Yeah! That is so exciting.

Will there ever be a game where the quests are not like that? Probably not. And do you know why? Well, after taking many video game courses in college, I learned that gamers are now focused more on the graphics of the game and not what the game actually offers. So overall, game developers can make the most easy game in the world, which they are, and people will go nuts if it has amazing graphics.

Things need to change. MMORPG players need a change before it is too late! What is your biggest issue with MMOs? Do I have any of them listed here? If so, which ones?

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