Top Ten Minecraft 1.12.2 Spawn Point Seeds for December 2017

Whether you're looking for jungles or tundra, deserts or mushrooms islands, these top 10 spawn seeds for December 2017 have you covered -- and provide some of the best Minecraft has to offer.

Whether you're looking for jungles or tundra, deserts or mushrooms islands, these top 10 spawn seeds for December 2017 have you covered -- and provide some of the best Minecraft has to offer.
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There are two types of Minecraft players: those who hit the ground running and those who destroy and create new worlds due to boring spawn points. In either scenario, the initial starting coordinates in Minecraft are critical to the player’s success and enjoyment of the game.

We’ve collected some of the best -- and rarest -- spawn point locations for you and your friends to enjoy, from Mushroom Island to Igloos. Some of these Minecraft seeds have villages with blacksmiths, while others have hidden monuments and deep caves filled with amazing treasure. With update 1.13 on the horizon, here are the top 10 Minecraft: Java Edition spawn point seeds for December 2017.

Spawn Near Three Water Temples

Seed: -3283950059235567169
Biomes: Beach, Deep Ocean

Survival island! Team up with your friends or brave the world alone as you spawn on a tiny island in the deep ocean. With no trees immediately available, you can head west from the spawn point to encounter larger islands with additional resources, or go east toward the jungle biome where you’ll find cows, pigs, and iron and coal deposits beneath the trees.

When you’re ready, dive into one of the three nearby ocean monuments to defeat the elder guardian. Here are their coordinates:

  1. (-150, -215)
  2. (-284, 248)
  3. (167, -402)

Spawn Near an Abandoned Mine Shaft

Seed: -3817467640642269151
Biomes: Forest, Ice Plains

Heigh-Ho! Spawn in a densely forested area with access to pigs, chickens, and sheep. Gather some resources before heading north toward the ice plains, where you’ll discover an unassuming cave hidden beneath the trees (coordinates: 56, 102). Take advantage of the coal and iron deposits at the cave’s entrance, as venturing further will reveal a massive abandoned mine shaft filled with lapis lazuli ore, redstone ore, and gold.

You may want to consider setting up camp with a bed crafted from the wool and wood provided at the spawn point in case of defeat.

Treasure chests can be found at the following coordinates:

  • 82, 132
  • 87, 100
  • 101, 92
  • 105, 135

Spawn Near a Village with a Dungeon

Seed: 8327359431265809414
Biomes: Beach, Plains

Spawn adjacent to a plains village equipped with farms, furnaces, and a dungeon! Scale the gorge or break the dirt to reach the monster spawner and claim the ultimate prize: Music Disc: C418 – Cat. (If you’re not a cat person, Music Disc: C418 – 13 drops, too.) Players can also take advantage of the dungeon’s stockpile of gunpowder, redstone, bones, and a bucket, which can be used to harvest the nearby lava.  

Note: The plains village is swarming with Zombie Villagers that will need to be dealt with. Need a weapon? Raid the nearby desert temple (coordinates: 10, 171) for materials to craft an iron sword or pickaxe.

When you’re ready to skip town, the village’s treasure chest contains bread, apples, diamond horse armor, oak saplings, and obsidian. Don't forget the crafting table!

Spawn Near a Jungle Temple

Seed: -2343509045483649622
Biomes: Plains, Jungle

Look for the bare necessities! Spawn on the coastline of the plains biome where you can find an abundance of sheep and wood. (The nearby hills provide a few coal deposits that can be used to make torches.) After a day’s worth of foraging, head north toward the plains village (coordinates: 307, -156) to locate a crafting table and additional resources.

When you’re ready, brave the jungle temple (coordinates: -167, 311) by going northwest toward the jungle biome. Jungle temples often contain two chests, so be sure to disable the tripwires before proceeding.

Note: Jungle biomes can be difficult to navigate, but the stone temples unique to this region provide a basic introduction to Minecraft’s redstone mechanics. Consider implementing the temple’s redstone in your own stronghold!

Spawn Near a Savanna Plateau

Seed: 1700472095922974599
Biomes: Savanna M

Monsters, begone! In this Minecraft seed, you'll spawn near the massive rock structure shown in the screenshot above and take to the skies by riding the natural waterfall to the plateau. Once you get there, you can make use of the acacia trees to build a shelter and start your new village -- if that's your type of thing.

Players can also raid the nearby desert temple (coordinates: 791, -260) for starting materials, or they can take advantage of the village (coordinates: 1179, 135) farther in the desert biome to get some much-needed supplies and building materials.

Spawn Near Mushroom Island

Seed: 3225594858440350777
Biomes: Savanna, Mushroom Island

If you’ve ever dreamed of heading through the looking glass, look no further. Mushroom Island is one of Minecraft’s rarer biomes, filled with giant mushrooms and mushroom-covered cows.

Spawn along the Savanna coastline and construct a boat from the nearby acacia trees before setting sail westward to your destination (coordinates -677, 190). While the island is a bit far from the mainland, you can take advantage of the several land points along the way to erect light towers that can guide you back to the mainland.

Note: Mushrooms are great for making stews, but if you have a wooden bowl, you can harvest mushroom stew by milking the mooshroom. 

Spawn Near an Igloo

Seed: 8000755799485163166
Biomes: Taiga, Cold Taiga

In this Minecraft seed, you'll spawn on the Taiga coast and want to head south across the ocean to discover an igloo (coordinates: 125, 43), stocked with a bed, crafting table, furnace, and secret entrance to an underground room (often referred to as the “basement”). Discover the process for curing a Zombie Villager!

You can also take advantage of the cave adjacent to the laboratory by breaking through the wall or descending the open shaft to gather iron and coal. 

Spawn Near a Village with Three Biomes

Seed: 2594331599058199042
Biomes: Plains, Savanna, Desert

Spawn next to a plains village abutting not one, but two biomes! Players can make use of the village’s farms, communal well, furnace, and treasure chest containing bread, four iron ingots, and a saddle before venturing into the wild.

Heated in the desert? Locate the wells as you head east toward the nearby desert temple (coordinates: 250, 266).

Spawn Near a Desert Temple

Seed: 160899062504171455
Biomes: Plains, Desert

Channel your inner Indy as you spawn next to a desert temple filled with iron ingots, gunpowder, a gold saddle, and a golden apple!

Head over to the nearby desert village (coordinates: 251, 126) and use the farms and furnace to begin advancing. Loot the treasure chest to score an iron chestplate, iron leggings, and two gold ingots before journeying into the unknown.

Seed with a Woodland Mansion

Seed: -3408904106983115626
Biomes: Roofed Forest

Ready for a challenge? Spawn in a densely forested area and head west toward the nearest woodland mansion (coordinates: -4581, -915).

The road is long, so rest at the villages along the way so you can craft and restock on supplies. Villages can be found at the following coordinates:

  1. -2994, -853
  2. -3459, -836

Need a caravan? Scale one of the nearby hills from the spawn point to encourage some llamas to assist you on your journey. Beware! The woodland mansion is crawling with enemies… literally. Don't enter unprepared.


Once you've had a chance to check out all these Minecraft seeds for December 2017, let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite.