Ultimate Fallout 4 Mods for PS4 (Summer 2017)

Personal jet packs, revamped settlement building, spawning any object or NPC... modding really opens up the possibilities in Fallout 4!

There's no two ways to put this: the PS4 is the the red-headed step child of the modding community.

Sony simply doesn't want to open its console up to potential exploits by letting modders add in their own assets to games like Fallout 4 or Skyrim, meaning the mod possibilities are significantly reduced from PC or Xbox One.

Now that there's been enough time for a decent library of mods to build up, however, gamers have dreamed up some very clever ways to overcome those restrictions and still let you have a fun time tromping across the Commonwealth -- more so than with vanilla Fallout 4.

With nearly 2,000 distinct mods now available on PS4, it seems beyond time for a new look at the best of the best currently up for grabs!

Portable Nuka Cola Jet Pack

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While some suits of power armor can be modified at a workbench to add a power core hungry jet pack ability, it isn't really a reliable way to fly around the Commonwealth.

This mod takes care of that problem by adding a portable jetpack that doesn't take up nearly as much weight -- or require that you be in a suit of power armor. 

This is one of those instances where Sony's restrictions on outside assets causes some issues, as the modder had to use an existing outfit, and the flame effect comes out of a weird location. But that's more than forgiven now that we have the ability to freely fly across the whole Fallout 4 game world.

Silent Protagonist

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Oh, my god yes: if you only install one PS4 Fallout 4 mod, this is the one to get. The Sole Survivor's constant chattering during any given conversation or while exploring the Commonwealth is enough to drive any vault dweller mad!

I lost track of the number of times I had to hear "blah, blah, blah" when skipping a line of dialog. And with this mod, I will never, ever again have to listen to that nonsense.

Many players also felt the fully voiced dialog for the main character was one of the biggest downsides of this entry in the Fallout series. And while it doesn't fix the annoyingly limited dialog choices, it does cull the vapid voiced protagonist issue.

Eli's Tweaks And Fixes

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Unlike most other mods, this mod doesn't make huge changes to settlements or enemies or give you overpowered weapons. Instead, it modifies a whole bunch of little issues to make Fallout 4 an all-around better experience.

For instance, Bobbleheads are renamed so they all show up in order next to each other in your Pip-Boy, rather than being scattered around based on what attribute they modify.

The weight of certain items has been balanced out better, too, and it also makes some tweaks to ease up a few of the more frustrating elements of settlement building, like lack of water and power.

Unlocked Settlement Objects

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Despite being a major selling point of the game and a core mechanic meant to set it apart from previous series entries, the settlement building in Fallout 4 is actually pretty limited.

Modders have handily resolved that issue, however, and on the PS4, this is one of three major mods you want installed for maximum settlement control -- along with Scrap That Settlement and Placeable NPCs.

This mod makes nearly every object in the game available for placement in a settlement, whether it was originally intended to be used or not. Basically, if there's an art asset in the game, it can now be used in your settlement -- including full, already-complete buildings.

Scrap That Settlement!

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Almost everything -- except for a handful of objects that are part of the landscape -- can now be scrapped. Not only does this mean you'll have more parts for building things, but you can create a much cleaner, less cluttered settlement. This is incredibly useful just for aesthetics alone, even if you don't care about building up thriving settlements.

Placeable NPCs

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If you really want to take full control of building settlements, this mod is a must: download it straight away. This mod gives you the ability to spawn and place 450 different NPCs from across the entire game -- and set them as friendly.

In other words, you can have Deathclaws patrolling your settlement, or if you want a specific item but can't find the vendor or merchant, you can just spawn the correct one right there in the middle of your settlement.

You can also create themed settlements incredibly easy this way. Want a robotic town filled with Codsworths? Have at it! How about a metropolis filled to the brim with Diamond City security guards who defected to your side? No problem, just place the right NPCs!


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There are several different cheating mods floating around out there that let you gain access to every item in the game. This is one of the simpler cheat mods, as it lets you craft nearly everything with no material or perk requirements at any chem station. Have a specific item you want to place or weapon you want to try out? Just head to a chem station and whip one up!

A Cannibal In Concord

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If you loved all those famous mods that turn shooters into investigative horror games, you will be right at home with A Cannibal In Concord, which is based on real life child serial killer Albert Fish.

The mod only adds a small area, but a whole lot is done with that one main room, requiring you to think through each problem to find the next clue and reach the conclusion.

Simple Camping

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Unfortunately, the PS4 mod restrictions make this a pale shadow of what's offered on the PC or Xbox One. But if you want to add a new element to the game that's true to the apocalyptic survival aspect, this is still a fun little mod to try out.

With this mod installed, you can now craft and deploy camping objects like a tent, campfire, and sleeping bag, all of which can be used while resting.

Quick Hack And Pick

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Tired of hacking the hundredth or so computer terminal, or has finding that sweet spot gotten old on the umpteenth locked safe?

To speed up the game and cull out some of the more monotonous elements, this mod makes it so that every terminal only has a one-word password option available (the correct one, obviously), while every lock has its sweet spot expanded to the entire circle.

Hacking and lock picking become half-second diversions from that point on.

Stronger Dogmeat

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The faithful hound Dogmeat trotting alongside the Sole Survivor is an iconic piece of Fallout 4 imagery... but it's also total nonsense. Dogmeat is useless, and actually taking him as your companion is a laughably bad idea. Until installing this mod, that is!

Here you can make Dogmeat a combat force to be reckoned with, running through lobbed grenades toward super mutants with chain guns and having your canine friend still come out OK on the other side.

Legendary Modifications

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Perfect for those who just never seem to get that legendary drop they are after, this mod lets you add legendary abilities to existing weapons.

It works just like making any other modification at the weapon or armor benches in your settlement, so go ahead and start adding qualities like Wounding, Crippling, or Two-Shot to your favorite gun!

Zombie Walkers

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After you've played for dozens or hundreds of hours, sometimes a change of atmosphere is exactly what the doctor ordered for a satisfying Fallout experience. For a bit of a horror twist, this is a fun little mod to try out.

Once again, this version of the zombie mod is a lesser rendition of the real deal due to Sony's mod content restrictions, but it does still significantly alter the feral ghouls to be more like a shambling horde of zombies, with headshots dealing much more damage than normal.

More Map Markers

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Simply placing more map markers to let you know where important events can be found (or fast traveled to and from) can make a huge change in how much you enjoy Fallout 4.

This mod adds a ton of additional markers that pinpoint merchants, landmarks, unmarked dungeons, and other places of interest in the Commonwealth, all added in manually 1 by 1. Note that it doesn't automatically unlock these locations, so there are no spoilers and you still have to explore the world map.

What's your current must-have Fallout 4 mod? Let us know in the comments section!

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