Can't locate that Duck Hunt merch that you've been looking for? Ponder no more: here are 5 websites that are sure to help you locate that gamer gear that you've been wanting!

Window Shopping: 5 Gamer Gear Websites That Probably Aren’t on Your Radar

Can't locate that Duck Hunt merch that you've been looking for? Ponder no more: here are 5 websites that are sure to help you locate that gamer gear that you've been wanting!
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The only thing more difficult than finding gaming merchandise is finding a place that sells gaming merchandise.

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And although I know you have your classic shopping places like GameStop or Wal-Mart, there have got to be other (and better) places to shop for gamer gear. And by-gosh it took awhile, but we think you’re going to like what we’ve found.

Now, put down your customized controller because here are 5 Gamer Gear Websites That Probably Aren’t on Your Radar.


Etsy has been around for a long time, and many of you have probably travelled here once or twice for a piece of jewelry or a purse.

But what you might not have known is that Etsy also has a ton of stuff for gamers. Have you ever had the need for a plush NES controller? Well, they’ve got it. What about a Legend of Zelda costume? They’ve got that too! They even have replica Dark Souls Artorias Sword keychain Keyring sets. How amazeballs is that? 

My point is this: you want it, Etsy probably has it. And if they don’t, there are tons of creative minds on the website who might be able to make it.


If Etsy is arts, crafts, and mugs, that makes GameGavel nothing but games. It’s an auction website where people can bid, buy, or sell video games. They have games (and some consoles) available for just about every system ever created — going back to the Atari (and possibly further). 

The appeal of GameGavel is that if all you’re looking for is games, and not necessarily other forms of game merchandise, then it’s perfect for you.

They do sell some collectibles, strategy guides, and toys, and they also offer things like repair services. But for the most part it’s games, games, games.

But hey, it’s still pretty cool, because in your heart of hearts you’ve always wanted to hold a paddle and say “Twenty-five over here, good sir” (even if it is in the comfort of your own home).


I have to say, out of all of these sites listed here, Gamerabilia has to be my favorite. Why, you ask? Because it has all things gamer related. It is the home of video game memorabilia (It says so on their website. Wink, wink).

They have everything from Super Mario Bros. Lighting to Pokémon t-shirts and Mass Effect: Andromeda Statues.

They represent a ton of brands as well. From Angry Birds and Dark Souls to Uncharted and Worms, they have over 30 types of game merchandising from several different genres. The only downside is that they are based in the UK, so if you live anywhere but there, shipping could take awhile (1-2 weeks if you’re in the States, and longer than that if the weather is bad).

But otherwise, if you’re willing to wait, that Tetris Animated Alarm Clock could be all yours!


Jinx is a weird website (I’ll explain why later) and, from what I can tell, mostly traffics in T-shirts, hoodies, and hats.

If you’re a gamer who wants to represent, but also wants your items to have a practical approach, then Jinx is the website for you. Now, while their list of brands is not as comprehensive as Gamerabilia’s, it’s still pretty good, especially if you’re a PC gamer. With brands like World of Warcraft, Minecraft, The Witcher: Wild Hunt, Hearthstone, and Portal 2, you can’t go wrong.


But be warned, it’s not the best organized site. If you’re looking for something specific, the best way to go about finding it is to click on the brand that you want. That way, you don’t waste time sifting through things that don’t interest you.


Last on this list is Redbubble. Like Etsy, they sell a ton of stuff, from clothing and prints to decor, stationary, and mugs. The difference between the two sites is that Redbubble is not as well known.

I want to change that.

At the current moment, if you search Redbubble for “video games” 32,331 results show up, which is quite a bit. It is my belief that if you cannot find what you’re looking for on the previous four websites on this list, you can probably find it on Redbubble.

Or, if you prefer, start your search with Redbubble because you never know which site will be cheaper.

Happy Hunting!

Iwehope that this article helps you fulfill all your gaming needs, whether you’re hunting for merch or the games themselves.

And, if you get carried away and need someone to take your gamer gear off your hands, just let us know in the comment section below. We could use some free stuff in our lives, after all. 

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