From Skellige's Most Wanted to the Battle of Kaer Morhen, we take a look at all the plots from The Witcher 3 that need to get worked into the second season of Netflix's The Witcher series!

Witcher Quests That Need To Be Netflix Witcher Plot Lines

From Skellige's Most Wanted to the Battle of Kaer Morhen, we take a look at all the plots from The Witcher 3 that need to get worked into the second season of Netflix's The Witcher series!

While the agonizing wait continues until we can finally toss a coin to our Witcher again with new episodes, we've got plenty of time to speculate about what's to come with Netflix's smash hit.

The TV show follows the original books more closely than any of CD Projekt Red's games, but that may change soon. Season 1 essentially ends where The Witcher 3 starts, indicating we may see more video game plots soon.

A small trickle of news has already arrived, with confirmations about seven new characters joining the cast of The Witcher Season 2 expanding out the possibilities for potential story lines.

That latest batch of confirmations didn't include the one name we're all waiting on, though it's still possible Vesemir will be played by veteran video game and animated series voice actor Mark Hamill.

It's always possible Netflix is drawing inspiration from the Child's Play announcement and waiting to reveal Hamill's involvement until the last possible second to up the hype machine.

Whether Vesemir makes the cut or not, there's still plenty of high octane quests from the series that deserve a spot on the show. After recently replaying The Witcher 3, we're taking a look back at the top Witcher quests that need to be in the Netflix show.

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The Battle Of Kaer Morhen

Since most of the existing main characters and the new characters confirmed to appear in Season 2 are involved, this quest seems like a pretty obvious choice.

The Witcher's Vesmeir, Eskel, and Lambert all play roles in the video game version of the battle, which makes it ripe for interactions between them and Geralt in the heat of combat.

The only real questions are if we will get this far in the story during the season, and if it will end on a major conflict like with the Battle of Sodden Hill in the previous season.

The Final Trial

A Lambert-focused quest, there's actually some really interesting possibilities for character development in a minor side section of this story. 

Geralt's reaction to the starving hirikka in the first season and his disdain for harming dangerous creatures who should have just been left alone in the first place could play a front and center role.

The sub-plot of dealing with the Foglets if Geralt chooses to ignore Lambert's advice during the quest seems like an obvious plot device to make it into the Witcher show.

Comic Relief Quests

Jaskier breaks up the heavier elements of the story with his bumbling silliness in Season 1, but there's more comedy to mine from the games than you might realize at first.

Of Dairy & Darkness, where Geralt literally gets a sword named after cheese, and The Tower Outta Nowheres are excellent sources for some unexpected levity.

The latter has some interesting applications in a live action medium as Geralt and the crew deal with deadly traps, only to discover the master of the tower isn't particularly malicious and actually needs help to deactivate them.

Both quests also made it into our list of the best Witcher game quests to convert into a Dungeons & Dragons Witcher campaign.

No Place Like Home

Since portions of this quest connect directly into the magic-affected romance between Geralt and Yennefer from The Last Wish, it seems like a good bet we may see some part of this plot pop up in Season 2.

Unfortunately, the core of the quest involves Uma (the Ugliest Man Alive), and we haven't seen any indication yet that he will appear in the season at all.

Whether that section of the quest appears at all, its the ending of No Place Like Home that really needs to be strongly considered here. All of those beefcake Witchers getting drunk and wearing Yennefer's dresses is really something.

To Bait A Forktail

As an adaptation of a sprawling storyline, obviously the Netflix show doesn't always directly follow the stories or games. Sometimes characters get mashed together, or different characters end up having similar interactions from the stories.

We know Eskel will appear in Season 2, but aren't sure of what capacity he'll appear yet. If they go for the buddy or rival angle though, To Bait A Forktail would be a great introduction for this character with a dragon chase and then a wild foot race.

Skellige's Most Wanted

This quest so perfectly fits the show's themes of the humans being the real monsters that its an obvious fit to be adapted. Here the hunter becomes the hunted, as monstrous creatures try to lure Geralt to his death, and then eventually put him on trial for murder.

Considering that it directly connects to the events in the Rare Creatures episode and it deals with Vereena, who has been confirmed to appear in Season 2, it seems like this quest basically has to appear in the show one way or another.

Bald Mountain

If we get to see Ciri in action after undergoing Witcher training in season 2, this quest would be an excellent place for the TV crew to seek inspiration.

Ciri battling hags would be a sight to behold, but there's another compelling reason we should see some bits from Bald Mountain make the jump to streaming.

The absurd moment where its declared that Geralt is "too old and ugly" to meet the ladies seems like a perfect opportunity for Henry Cavill to drop one of his signature catch phrases and work those facial muscles!

While these quests we picked are total guesses, we do already have an idea of some of the plots coming to the second season.

Elf sorceress Francesca is confirmed to appear in the upcoming season, but she has yet to actually make a direct appearance in any of the video games (other than on Gwent cards). 

Nivellen's Beauty & The Beast style plot line from the story A Grain Of Truth didn't appear in the games, but we know it will take place in The Witcher Season 2.

What stories from the Andrzej Sapkowski stories or CD Projekt Red game franchise are you hoping to see in the second season of The Witcher when it arrives in 2021? Sound off in the comments below!

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