Taking a look at some of this hilarious YouTuber's greatest hits.

You Laugh, You Lose: 10 Dunkey Videos That Will Crack You Up

Taking a look at some of this hilarious YouTuber's greatest hits.

If you've seen any videos by YouTube comedian and gamer Videogamedunkey, you're probably familiar with his unconventional style. His whole channel features heavily edited gameplay footage -- and even scripted moments -- to maximize comedic potential.

In any other hands, this format would be extremely difficult to master without feeling forced or campy. But Dunkey makes it seem effortless, as he regularly puts out some of the funniest Let's Play videos out there. With so much amazing content available, we've compiled this list of some of the best highlights you'll find on his hilarious channel.

Recommended Videos

Dunk Souls

I'm cheating a bit here by including multiple videos under one entry (partially because I love these games). But if you love fail montages and rage, the "Dunk Souls" series should provide endless entertainment. These videos have spawned countless jokes in the Souls community -- from beating bosses by "killing them in one hit" to responding to a particularly humiliating failure with the words, "Thank you, Dark Souls".

And while the plunging attack might be the most reliable move in the game, these videos are some of the most reliable sources of laughs on Dunky's channel.


Gaming videos aren't the only type of video Dunkey makes, as he occasionally tries his hand at more general satire. This is one such video, which makes fun of the drama between YouTubers leafyishere, h3h3Productions, and Pyrocynical in early 2016 by giving increasingly ridiculous reasons for a supposed dislike of JonTron -- including but not limited to uncovering a "conspiracy" involving the man we know as JonTron being a paid actor by the name of Timothy Brentwood.

The video also became far more relevant recently than even Dunkey likely expected, thanks to JonTron's recent controversial statements on race and immigration.


Not all (arguably barely any) of Dunkey's videos have to make sense. In "Bubberducky," he gives what seems to be a short advertisement for a simple duck-related game, featuring a catchy theme and "selling points" that are rife with hysterical mood whiplash.

It's primarily Dunkey's delivery and comedic timing that sells the "joke," if it can be called that. The video is under a minute long, but you'll almost certainly be giggling for its entire duration.

Ultimate Skyrim

How do you make a fairly straightforward game like Skyrim more interesting? If you're Dunkey, the answer is to turn on as many absurd mods as physically possible and let utter chaos ensue. 

This is currently Dunkey's most popular video, with over fourteen million views, and it's not hard to see why. Highlights include dragons being replaced with Thomas the Tank Engine and Tails (among other things), as well as Dunkey's horse being Tommy Wiseau, who constantly spouts quotes from his magnum opus The Room.

New League Video

Once upon a time, the focus of Dunkey's channel was videos about  League of Legends. However, he stopped making them in September 2015. On April Fool's Day of the following year, he posted this video-- which was a video not of the League people were likely expecting, but rather of Rocket League. 

The real joke, though, might be that the video is fantastic anyway. It also happens to be a multiplayer video that includes another popular YouTuber, Cr1TiKaLDunkey's usual single player style is always great for laughs, but the banter he has with his friends is hilarious as well.

Extreme Mario Maker

This video starts out as a compilation of levels (of varying degrees of quality) designed by other people in Super Mario Maker. His reactions to many are amusing, particularly the first, which is a stage by Ross of the Game Grumps. However, partway through the video he encounters a stage so long and difficult that it takes up the entire remaining running time as Dunkey becomes determined to beat it, even as the obstacles it throws at him get more and more absurd. (His reaction to Bowser showing up is a sight to behold.)


This is another satire video which rips into an aspect of the internet we've all suffered through -- captcha. The jokes come thick and fast, with Dunkey lampooning standard text captchas, ones with pictures, and audio-based captchas that say some... pretty disturbing things.

My personal favorite gag (of course) is the Dark Souls captcha. He insinuates that his main objection is not the absurdity of a captcha forcing him to play all of Dark Souls, but rather that it forces him to use the game's notoriously bad keyboard controls. I'm quite thankful that I've never come across that one.


You would expect it to be difficult to make a video capturing an entire playthrough of an RPG like Undertale in just about 20 minutes. Dunkey pulls it off, though, and his commentary complements the game's quirky sense of humor perfectly. Especially priceless is his reaction to the final boss. It should be noted that this video does contain some major spoilers for Undertale -- but if you've played the game (or seen a playthrough), watching Dunkey experience it is a joy.

Jampack Vol. 1

This video is something a little different that Dunkey has tried doing lately. It's essentially a compilation of gameplay (and gags) from a variety of different games, as he wasn't able to make a full video out of any single one of them. As a result, there's a wide range of humor in here, so there will almost certainly be something for everyone. As a bonus, every game's intro screen has a joke about the game in text form.

YouTuber Simulator

It can be difficult to make "simulator" games interesting to watch, but Dunkey manages it by turning this game into a hilariously meta satire of his own YouTube career (and of YouTube itself), complete with having his breakout video be of a game called League of Giants, and subsequently quitting said game to the disappointment of his fans. One aspect that really sells the comedy is that every video he makes in the game, he actually makes and inserts into the real video. Not only that, but this video has probably one of the best punchlines of any of his videos. It truly is a masterpiece.


That wraps up our list! What are some of your favorite Dunkey videos? Let us know in the comments. And be sure to stay tuned for more awesome content from GameSkinny!

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